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Thread: TN couldn't run

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    TN couldn't run

    Hi every one,
    When I look around internet, I know this great game from the underdogs, they highly recomended this game 10 to 9.99, and ohter gaming internet site, such as, gamespot they would be introducing this game 'superb'.

    yeah, terra nova is old dos based game, but I don't care about using which OS (dos or windows95,98) the most important thing is terra nova is the highly recommended game and still have the many fans in TTLG forum.

    So, I try to play this game many times, but I couldn't. I looked posting message about installing problem, freezing problem. I understood. I downloaded official demo and rip version from the underdogs and I installed successfully, my soundcard detect config well, sound and music test is o.k always.

    But, When I run TNDEMO.bat, monitor screen is black and system freezing. Of course I run this game under pure dos session, MS-DOS ver 6.22. I try to enable option +BADLINMODES (e.g. TNDEMO +BADLINMODES). Strangely, odd character or font will appear in monitor screen. No music and No movie and system hang.

    Both terra nova demo and full version game(rip) will appear same result. I couldn't see error message and code. Until now, I had system shock and played well without any problem.
    please help to fix this problem, I looking forward to reply or solution...

    my system specs are
    P3-700, 256MB RAM,
    SB LIVE VALUE( SB16 emulation runs perfectly! )
    VIPER 2 (savage 2000) video card
    VIEWSONIC PT775 monitor

    Usually, desktop is set to 32bit, 1024 x 768 resolution 100Mhz freguency

    Terra nova is too great game to give up easily ^^;;


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    Originally posted by freeman:
    <STRONG>my system specs are
    P3-700, 256MB RAM,
    SB LIVE VALUE( SB16 emulation runs perfectly! )
    VIPER 2 (savage 2000) video card
    VIEWSONIC PT775 monitor
    The main suspect would be the video card, I would think. You probably read about the VESA fix required for Voodoo 3 cards, so possibly there's something similar going on with the Viper 2...

    (hey, does anyone know whether System Shock works on a Voodoo 3 without the vesafix TSR?? It would be good to know if there are other cases of shock working and TN failing in this manner.)

    I imagine you already have them, but the latest Viper 2 drivers seem to be at:

    But they're over a year old.

    There are some more recent generic Savage 200 drivers:

    or here:

    Let us know if these help at all...

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    Hi Shadowcat,

    I am really happy to inform you of running TN without any problem. After all, I did it!!! Thank you for your kind and soonest reply. When I received your message, and read former posting message as you mentioned voodoo chipset vesafix tsr utility issue.

    I try and try to run TN demo under only dos session, but all the same results again. Besdides, I try to run Univbe program, such as, Scitech Disply Doctor SDD6.53, unfortunately, they couldn't help me. the program doesn't support my viper2 card.
    With a sigh, Why not I run this great game, I try to forget all the TN stuff and decide to delete them in my HDD. Suddenly, I am supposed to run TN under windows dos box session, not pure dos. Until now, I couldn't try, cause I think this game dos based game.

    You're right, shadowcat. the difficult puzzle key is in vesa fix tsr file. When I run TN in windows dos box session without vesafix, the monitor screen changed black and freezing.
    firstly, I have to type vesafix in command line and type TNDEMO or TN, then runs perfectly. Both demo and full(rip) version works fine!!

    In addition to, option (+badlinmodes) doesn't need to in my pc, the option only gabbled the screen in main menu screen.

    summurizing solutions are,

    In windows dos box session,

    step 1 C:\>TNOVA\ VESAFIX
    step 2 C:\>TNOVA\ TN

    then, music and movie is runs well ^^ nice cutscene!! and in fashoined main menu and graphic up-to-date sfx effects and very atmosphere. I prefer terra nova to even tribes 2. I think tribes
    is good and innovative game , but lack of something.
    LG studios did great job once again sice system shock. What a extraordinary stuff!!

    Once again, I'm much obliged to all the ttlg staff and TN fans, especially, shadowscat. I hope to buy retail package TN soon. I knew CDACESS sell TN in jewel package ^^;;
    Anyone who know places to sell retail package in US? or who upload cd iso file for me in ftp site again? please I would be appreciated.

    All the best,


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    > I am really happy to inform you of running TN
    > without any problem. After all, I did it!!!

    Wonderful news!!!

    > Thank you for your kind and soonest reply.

    My pleasure! (And thank you for providing so much information -- it made it much easier to guess what the problem was likely to be.)

    I have a question for you... Did you use the same 'vesafix' TSR program that was mentioned in the discussion about the Voodoo 3 ??

    If so, I had no idea that it could be used with a non-Voodoo graphics card!!

    If it was a different program, please let us know where you got it from

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    Hi Shadowcat,

    I would appreciate to you about sincere cooperation and reply.

    Yeah, I used same vesafix tsr program that was metioned in the discussion (vesafix for 3dfx banshee, written by mok). I wonder my viper2 (savage 2000) works due to this program. but, It works
    great. Oh, I didn't mention my pc specs in detail, I have Diamond monster 3d II(voodoo2),too. I usually use viper2 + monster 3d II configration. Hmm...Do I run TN due to monster card?

    O.K. I decide to try test whether my add-on monster card affects on playing TN. At once, I turn off pc and poped out monster, and then in windows dos box session, I type vesafix and TN!
    Bingo!! Intro Looking Glass logo and movie plays!! terra Nova runs perfectly Hehehe...

    It is proved that viper2 videocard is compatible with mok's 3dfx banshee vesafix tsr. thanks to mok, vesafix tsr program is great and invaluable patch! What about ATI video cards?
    they run TN without glitches well?

    Although viper2 contains many driver bugs and unstable D3D acts, I love this card Cause powerful openGL characteristic and mpeg and movie play ability. Especially, prevent viper mania from leaving world of plentiful, vivid 2D colors

    Well, I have a guestion for you ^^ In TN main menu config( sound, graphic, etc), they can't save new configuration. Whenever I launch TN they changed default setting. I always set to max option 320x400, excellent detail, etc. Is it reported bugs in discussion before?

    Unfortunately. I couldn't see mid term cutscene, cause ripped full version. Oh no....

    All the Best,

    Thanks Shadowcat,


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    Registered: Aug 2006
    VESAFIX works on my GeForce FX 5950 too. gets rid of the corrupted (rainbow) palette problem.

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