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Thread: Terra Nova

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    Terra Nova

    Hi to all!
    That's incredible, i bought this game in 1996 during an holiday in England and now, August 2001, surfing in the web, I've found you, that are playing this game yet.
    I decide to reinstall TN after discover the vesa-fix patch for Voodoo3 and it's remain one of the best game i've ever played!!!
    Wonderful! Incredible!

    But while gameplay is very OK, graphic is too poor.
    Is there a way of play in HI-RES...i hope a day someone make a 3dfx mipmapping patch for TN... is it only a dream?

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    Yes, Terra Nova is definately an awesome game - Unfortunately, the highest video res is 320x400. I doubt that we'll ever see any form of hardware video patch 'tho.

    Rich Nagel

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