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Thread: Return of the Terra Nova FTP

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    Return of the Terra Nova FTP

    Hi all.

    I've returned from summer vacation, plugged in my server, and re-launched the Terra Nova ftp. Head over to and browse to the Terra Nova directory.

    You will need CDR-Win from Golden Hawk Technology to burn a CD (or you can use fireburner, or any other program capable of burning a CD from a .cue file).

    Also, a program called binchunker is stored in the root directory. You can use this to convert the .cue to a .iso


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    Hi, while trying to get hold a Terra Nova download site, I came across your message of it being available through FTP, but I tried the link and... nothing, no server!

    Do you have a newer link? And is it possible for you to deliver TN in another format?


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    Hmm, I don't see a server either.

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