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Thread: Terra Nova in win 2k - do i have the slightest chance?

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    Terra Nova in win 2k - do i have the slightest chance?

    Evening all - im new to this forum so be gentle. I have been trying to get terra nova running on my win98 pIII for ages and couldnt do it. I managed to get it installed in windows but couldnt run it cos my cd-rom drive wouldnt configure in dos. I finally found this forum and lots of helpful advice on how to trick terra nova into thinking windows isnt running. Unfortunately ive recently upgraded to win2k which no longer lets me install. When i load the install file it asks me if i want to build a univbe driver as usual. However, whatever i choose i get a message saying 'installer cannot run because your machine has no 640x480 mode.' This happens even if i switch my desktop resolution to 640x480. How do i get the installer running. Thanx for any help


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    k ive managed to get the game installed and now trying to run it - i get the message saying 'Starting Terra Nova version v1.08' but then get 'ERROR: GfxSetModeAndStuff: gr_set_mode() failed! Crash Code: 4294967295'

    Please someone help

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    You may be out of luck with Win2000

    I remember someone else trying to get TN going under 2000, and I don't think they ever managed it... Win2000 just doesn't seem to support DOS applications very thoroughly :/

    You can check the thread linked to at the top of the TN forum contents page, but I'm not sure whether any of it will help in this instance. Please be sure to let us know if you find a way, though!!

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    k cheers

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