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Thread: No luck with xp install

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    No luck with xp install

    Hi guys, great to see a whole lot of sfc fans. Played the demo when it came out and was hooked! Never did get round to purchasing the full version but last night i downloaded the iso file, made a cd and promptly copied the contents to c:\tn
    However, i have windows xp and even after making an install.exe shortcut with vdmsound i cant install the game.
    What are the options i need to choose on vdsm that perhaps i'm not choosing?
    I have a p4 1g Ram and ATI Radeon 9700 pro 128mb vid card.

    When i click the install it takes me to the dos prompt where it asks if i want to install univbe driver and i choose NO and then the screen goes blank. My windows doesnt crash thank god but it goes blank and then i'm back at desktop

    ANy suggestions?

    ps. I have version (VDMSound 2.0.4)

    p.s.s when i go to start -> Run: cmd
    and then i go to C:\tn\ and i
    execute install in Dos, the screen just goes black and stays like that. Doesnt go to desktop.

    Gah, whyyyy?!

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    WinXP is a real hit and miss affair with TN, but some people get it working. Look through the sticky thread / search the forum, and see how you go. Good luck!

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