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Thread: Unreal 2 Editing Docs Link

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    Unreal 2 Editing Docs Link

    Ok, I saw that they're offering Unreal 2 editor documentation as a download on the Unreal 2 "offical site", but I can get the download to start! Anyone know were there are any working links?

    Just in case you wanna look to check the accurace of my statments -

    It's (or at least was) the first heading under news on the main page.

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    Yup, fubar. It does look kind of greyed out, though....

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    Other than objectives and AI stuff, how different can it be from 2k3? I don't have Unreal 2, so I don't know.

    I would venture to guess that the documentation is identical, for the most part, and the non-UT stuff should be pretty easy to sort out.

    Once you get BSP and decorations, pathfinding and lighting... Is there anything else other than setting up actual missions and the like? I'm just assuming that the differences between Unreal 2 and UT2k3 are about the same as between Unreal and UT. In other words, the same, but with gameplay-specific differences that are more convoluted in UT than Unreal.

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    Dialog engine. They also developed their own HUD code.

    I assume you've paid a visit to Matthias Worch's site? He was on the Legend team and managed to find time to write a few tutorials.

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    Yeah, the dialogue stuff is what I meant by mission set-up... I didn't know how to call it. But isn't that sort of a mix of Matinee and Deus Ex's ConEdit stuff?

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    I spent some time trying to figure out how the dialogue worked. I've no idea how they did it with Deus Ex, but Legend wrote native routines to read conversation text files from disk. You can either edit them manually or use their little conversation editor, probably a bit like ConEdit I guess.
    Matinee controls the camera during the usually naff scripted cutscenes, but you have limited dialogue, interactive in game. Actually, dialogue can be controlled by their proprietary scripting system too.

    There's also the Golem system too, which I can't understand. Why bother developing another animation system when there's one there already? I'm sure they had their reasons, but it seemed like a lot of effort...

    Hmm, I was actually planning to do something with Unreal 2. I thought I might use dialog a bit more and add a bit more adventury stuff, but I got distracted as usual. Still, it's already been said Unreal 2 was a missed opportunity...

    Incidentally, I've got that legend documentation on my hard drive, but I don't really think I'm entitled to distrubute it. I've no idea what the status is, with Legend no longer really existing as such.

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