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Thread: Unreal Editing Links Reference

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    Unreal Editing Links Reference

    Links to Useful Unreal Editing stuff below. If you'd like me to add something to this list, please send me a PM.

    A lot of this stuff is both first gen (Unreal, Rune, UT, Deus Ex) and Second gen (UT2K3/4, Unreal II, T3 etc.) Unreal engine related.

    Misc Content Creation

    Epic's Unreal Technology Announcements Page - Has some really old tech how-to stuff related to Unreal I, and Unreal Tournament.
    Epic's Unreal Developer Network - This has a large free section available to the mod community (That's you).
    Unreal University - Goto North Carolina State University and learn all about Unreal. (And kissing - maybe)
    Fordy - The site of Andy Ford - has a huge amount of tutorials related to Unreal engine stuff and 3Dsmax etc.
    Thievery UT - Thievery UT site. Has a large section on how to build maps for Thievery. (An MP Thief like add-on for UT)
    Unreal Wiki - Unreal Wiki Knowledge base. Huge amount of stuff about the engine, how to build stuff and Unrealscript.
    Unrealized - One of the oldest Unreal Editing sites, lots of editing tutorials. - Does exactly what it says on the tin.
    Lunaran's Mapping Encyclopedia - Some good generic material concerning how to go about level design. - Loads of level design goodness (Not just Unreal based stuff)
    Max2UED - How to get stuff from 3DSMax to an Unreal Friendly (Warfare Engine+) Static Mesh format.
    UT2K3 Console Commands Reference - A complete list of console commands (UT2K3, some work in other Unreal Games). Very useful when you're debugging/Testing your levels.
    Machinima Tutorial - How to create machinima movies using the Unreal Engine. - Has some rather nice 3DSMax tutorials.
    3D Buzz Video Tutorials - 3D Modelling/UnrealEd Video Tutorials. If you've got the bandwidth, this is sweet.
    - Cel Shading with the Unreal Engine (as seen in XIII)
    Mapping with UVW Unwrap in 3dsMax - What it says.
    3D Links - A site with lots of (you guessed it) 3D Links.
    Suurland - Contains lots of blueprints to build 3D models of cars/boats/tanks from.
    Misc Editing Tools - Misc tools for UT
    UED 3.0 Tutorial - Mapping tutorial covering basic concepts of building, pathnoding, lighting.
    UT2K3 Character Source - FilePlanet hosted source art and model information for UT2k3 models.
    Actor X Plugin - Direct link to UDN's archive of .psk / .psa exporters for Maya and Max.
    UT2K4 Onslaught Mapping Tutorial - Written by the people responsible for the game type, Psyonix. An essential read if you're making UT2K4 onslaught maps.
    Team Phalanx Design - Check out the tutorials section for some really useful stuff regarding the Unreal Engine written by Hourences.
    Unreal Tournament 2004 Mod Author Support Site Epic approved UT2K4 links & tutorials

    UnrealScript Specific

    CHiMERiC - UnrealScript site (archived). No longer updated, but lots of UScript tutorials.
    Ambient Player Lights - Tutorial for creating an ambient light for the PlayerController class.
    Unreal Development Environment - This is version 3005 of the Unreal development environment. The UDE is based upon WoTgreal, the popular third-party Unreal scripting tool, and provides an excellent UnrealScript coding environment.
    UT2004 UnrealScript Source v3186 - The .UC UnrealScript source files for version 3186 (original retail version) of Unreal Tournament 2004.
    UT2004 Editing/Coding Optimization Guide - A useful text document to help Unreal Tournament 2004 mappers and modders optimize their code. Compiled by Epic Games

    Texture/Photo Resources & Reference

    hfx - Free texture sets. Designed for Q3, but as they're TGA you can easily get them in your game o'choice.
    Great Buildings - A good site to research different types of architecture if you're trying to model a particular style.
    cgnetworks - Not an Unreal related site, but just go and oggle if you're wanting 3DSMax/Maya inspiration.
    TurboSquid - Free textures (you need to register).
    Terragen - Excellent application for skybox texturing.
    Caustic Generator - Freeware app perfect for when you need projectors to throw water shimmer around.
    nVidia Texture Tools - Includes .dds readers for Photoshop and 3dsMax.

    Map Resources - Download examples of what (and what not) to do.

    Unreal Playground - Maps for UT, UT2003, UT2004
    NaliCity - Maps for Unreal, UT, UT2003, UT2004
    CliffyB's Ownage - Cliff Bleszinski's Pic of the best user maps for UT & UT2003.
    Sparky's Pwnage - Sparky from BeyondUnreal's pick of the best maps. And pretty good taste he's got too.

    I'm sure jer has lots more DX related ones....don't you?

    Thanks to additional Contributors: Scumble, GBM, Wuggles
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    <font size="-2"><b>Deus Ex</b>

    <a href="">Basic Mapping</a> - Basic UT Engine Editing with some deus ex specifics.
    <a href="">Advanced Mapping</a> - Deus Ex Specific features of UnrealEd + the Unreal Engine
    <a href="">Basic Coding</a> - Some basic coding examples for Deus Ex
    <a href="">ConEdit</a> - The definitive guides to Deus Ex's ConEdit. Personally recommended. </a></font>

    Chut up you.
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    I second the 3Dbuzz chit, meng. Now that I finally own Unreal II I'm gonna get all single-player fan mission busy wid it. Ulukai is gonna get mighty sick of me soon.

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    Ulukai, the UDN zip file is no longer there.

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    Ok, thanks Scumble, I've removed the UDN Zip link.

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    Just thought I'd mention turbosquid - they seem to have a good number of free textures, you just have to register. They're also the right size. A lot of the textures you find online have to be fiddled with to get them into 256 by 256 and so on...

    the "Reference Image Archive" doesn't seem to be there anymore either.
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    If any one else has any additions, or amendments, please PM point filling up the thread with stuff which is subsequently duplicated/made obsolete in the first post.


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