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Thread: About Vampire Quest

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    About Vampire Quest

    Em....It's not about curing. but about journal.

    I'm not a vampire. And I got Galur Rithati(may be..)'s paper that's what about vamp-

    cured man. When I got that book, I had a journal entry, "A cure for Vampirism".

    I searched so many time, but every answers are about "cure itself".

    But...I don't need cure. Because I'm not Vamp.

    So what I should do to complete that quest?

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    You don't need to do anything. The journal entry gets put in even if you aren't a vampire.

    And into the spoilers forum for you!

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    Thanx Striker

    Thanx again

    But...And then I can not delete the journal entry?

    If I do that quest for the vamp, it doesn't work for deleting that journal?

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