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Thread: The Hunt for (legitimate) Daedric Armor

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    The Hunt for (legitimate) Daedric Armor

    I have collected both left and right Daedric gauntlets, the right pauldren, greaves, boots and have access to a helmet. Is there someone who has found either the cuirass or left pauldren? (...and perhaps a helmet so I am not forced to kill the head of "Boyant Armigers?".)

    I can offer information on what I have found and where I found it.

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    There's Daedric armour lying all over the place. Tel Fyr where you'll find much of it... greaves, boots, paldrons, gauntlets.

    Golden Saints sometimes carry Daedric Tower Shields, and you can find regular Daedric Shields on 'em occasionally. Also try Ibar-dad and Dren's plantation.

    The three Daedric helmets are a bit trickier. I found a Face of Inspiration in Ibar-dad, and I think I found another at Ghostgate. The Face of God helmet was a tricky bitch, so I'll not tell you where that one is because I'm SPITEFUL... I'll hint that it's in the same place as a longboat burial chamber. There's a Face of Terror at Ghostgate as well. Both the Ghostgate ones you have to get off Bouyant Armigers though.

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    Useful list here.

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    I appreciate the information... especially concerning the viking burial; I found that place as a low level character and never bothered to explore it completely. I knew about Tel Fyr yet dislike killing npc's who have a place in the thread of destiny.
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