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Thread: I Killed a Redoran Councillor

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    I Killed a Redoran Councillor

    Early in the game I realized you can get what you want from someone by taunting them and defending youself, and then looting their body.

    I saw this Redoran guy who had this great set of Ebony armor, so I pissed him off and defended myself and took his armor.

    It turns out that he was the head Redoran Councillor. Now that I'm doing the main quest, nobody wants to make me Hortator (doh!). It's funny - I did not get the message that I had created a "doomed world." Trust me, I was looking for it.

    So now I've been running searches through the threads to find a listing for the code to bring people back to life, but I can't find it.

    Please either let me know what it is or how to find it. If you know, please let me know if bringing him back will fix this or if House Redoran will still be pissed about it.

    Thanks much.

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    I'm guessing that you're talking about Bolvyn Venim... IIRC he's the only Redoran councillor outfitted in a full set of ebony.

    Hmm... strange that killing him would Doom your World, given that you have to kill him anyway in order to be named Horatator.

    Don't know if this will "fix" the Doomness of your current game, but you can try resetting him by going to his house, to the room he used to be in, and type "ra" (no quotes) into the console, which should reset every NPC in that area. If that doesn't reset all characters, try typing this into the console (punctuation must be correct, too):

    PlaceAtPC "Bolvyn Venim",1,20,1

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    I’m experiencing Déjà vu with this thread. I even ran a search to find the ‘previous’ thread on this topic, but (like you) I couldn’t find it even though we used different spelling of the word ‘counselor’.

    It’s not going to be easy, but live without challenge is boring. I’m not certain which of the Redoran counselors you sent to a better place. The one that will ultimately name you hortator is Athyn Sarethi, but the one outfitted in ebony is Bolvyn Venim. You can resurrect either one easily by typing at the console…
    PlaceAtPC “athyn sarethi”, 1,1,1 or PlaceAtPC “bolvyn venim”,1,1,1 as appropriate.

    Even though you just brought them back to life, neither one of them is going to be very glad to see you, if you were responsible for his abrupt departure. To calm him down enough to make necessary arrangements to complete the quest will be very difficult.

    Another way to make it happen would be through journal manipulation. If you have already killed Venim but legitimate means, it is a bit petty to keep you from becoming hortator just because it didn’t occur in the arena. I wouldn’t view it as a cheat, but a convenience. I don’t know what journal entries are required to complete the quest for Hortator of House Redoran, but it can be found if you think that is the path you want to take.

    *I must have been working for a long time. Zaphod beat me to the punch

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    Respawning will not convince the other councilmembers that Venim was killed in a duel and thus they won't vote for you. Since Venim will only accept a duel after every other councilmember has voted for you you're more or less stuck.

    Unless you cheat your way around it by adding the journal entry for becoming Redoran Hortator by using:
    Journal B5_RedoranHort 50

    That should fix it.

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    Thanks much

    Thanks to all who helped. And honestly, thanks for showing the how to spell counselor the right way. I was hitting my head against the wall over that one.

    I better go try those console codes. I doubt that I can still be named Hortator since three counselors have told me to take a hike, resulting in three journal entries that say that I definitely won't become Hortator. A funny side note: one of them said that it is MY fault that he attacked me and was killed because I taunted him and he had to defend his name and honor. Those Besthesda guys knew what they were doing.

    I started up a new game because this one I am playing was a "little" too unbalanced. I had made my own race that did not start with any bonuses to any skills and did not start with any powers. I made him start with 5xINT in mana instead. WAY to easy. I'm starting up again as a more cautious Dunmer.

    Maybe this will teach me to listen to authoritah (Eric Cartman voice).

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