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Thread: Forgotten Forest

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    Forgotten Forest

    As promised earlier, I am happy to present a new FM, called Forgotten Forest, made by Timon, translated to English by myself. I hope English community will enjoy it.

    I have uploaded the file to Jason's server, so expect a link soon.

    I wish to thank Jason for hosting this FM, also in behalf of the FM's author.

    Enjoy playing Forgotten Forest.
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    Registered: Jul 2003
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    i hope it will be better than the last one you translated :-)

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    Registered: May 2003
    Location: Hesse


    Jason!!!! Wake up!!!! its late.....

    Jericho, gimme a download link and i will it host too!

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    Originally posted by redface
    i hope it will be better than the last one you translated :-)
    I hope too

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    Excellent , now sombody go and wake that taffer up !

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    Maybe if we all start chanting really loud ... JA SON JA SON JA SON JA SON ...

    Come on! I need a fix! Front me some man?

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    flying_hope - I will PM you a link, I'd appreciate if you can host this FM, too. Or let me know how I can FTP it to you.

    If anyone is willing to help with hosting this FM for the time being, please contact me, so I will upload it immeditately for the public.

    Folks, please be patient. Jason is always very good with releasing FMs to the public, so I'm sure he will provide a link soon.
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    jericho could you kindly provide us with a download link until Jason gets the FM on his site?

    how big is this mission? mission-wise will it last me a hour, 2 hours?

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    shadows - I'd very much like to provide a link, but I can't. I uploaded the FM to Jason's site, but nobody except Jason can download it now.

    Normally I host a server, so I'd be able to provide a temp link with a limited bandwidth, but unfortunately I don't have this option at the moment.

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    I'm playing this mission now and I must say it's damn good! I translated "blind", I had no time to play it. Not until now. Wow, Timon, great job!!! It surely has the atmosphere! And the
    looks super great! And the FM does remind me of Unfotunate Formulae somehow. I bet all the taffers will have a lot of fun with it!

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    Oh now you're just being like the kid who eats the fudgesicle in front of all the other kids!

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    OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, the utter tell us "it is there" yet we cannot reach it!!!!! what a terrible way to treat your fellow taffers.......or,'ve gone rogue...oh yes, i get it are going after the loot first....leaving us behind to pick up your leftovers, your bread crumbs.....yes,

    and jason is probably off somewhere enjoying the 3 day holiday and won't even know its there until he gets home really late tomorrow night!!!!

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    Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
    You ought to PM Komag or someone else who hosts FMs and try to arrange some sort of file transfer, maybe transferring the FM via ICQ so that they can upload it.

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: Cal-i-for-NI-a

    how about...

    put it on shareaza....i will leave my computer linked all day for others to get it too....

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    Location: Seattle
    *whimper* Need! Want! Waaaahh! Please....*choking sounds*...must FM. Gaahhh! *loud thump as body hits floor followed by gurgling sounds and spasmodic twitching*

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    the utter tell us "it is there" yet we cannot reach it!!!!!
    I feel your pain. Knowing that there's 3 FMs, 2 that are gonna be released this week and 1 that is just sitting on Jason's server.

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    Registered: Aug 2002
    Location: Greece
    [Haunt voice On] Give it to us, give it to us NOW!!! [Haunt voice Off]

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    Registered: Jan 2003
    Location: Cal-i-for-NI-a

    doulbe arghhhhhhh

    Shadows.......... i did not know about the other two!!!!!!!!! now i am in agony....i am trying so hard to play one of the worst fm's ever to stay in the spirit....but Garrett's BJ is getting soft!

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    Hey taffers, I'm doing my best, so you can have this FM asap!!!

    Moghedian offered her help and I have already emailed this FM to her. I got a PM from Moghedian a minute ago, I hope a link will be provided very soon. This will be probably a temp link till Jason comes up with a permanent link.

    Thanks Moghedian for your hosting help.

    So I hope you will see a link very very soon...

    Taffers, I wish to apologize. I had no intensions to irritate anyone, I just wanted to share my first impressions. In order to be fair, I stop playing this FM now and I will not play it until a link is provided here.

    In the future, I will wait for the link before I post anything. Lesson learnt for me.

    Once again, my deepest apologies. All I wanted was to provide the English speaking community with a good FM, which I hope will happen really soon now.

    Last edited by jericho; 9th Nov 2003 at 18:26.

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    It's already in Epithumia's site (thank the Builder)

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    Registered: Mar 2001
    Location: Houston, Tx., USA
    Jeez, if it's so important, let me know in advance when you're going to send me something. Or better yet, don't announce something until it's actually in the archive. I actually have a family and a life, so I don't sit at the computer all day waiting for new missions and I don't really consider a whole five hour wait on a Sunday to be any big deal.

    The mission is up now; the direct link is

    Note that I've removed the 10 downloader limit and all of the bandwidth caps, so everyone should see nice fast downloads. (Unless you're on dialup....)

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    Uh, I'm relieved...

    Thank Builder!!! Wheew...

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    Registered: Jul 2003
    I think we should all thank Jason for his time in putting up this mission.

    Thanks Jason!

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    Thanks, Jason. In the future, I will wait for the link first, in order to avoid all the confusion.

    I agree that we all have our lives apart from Thief. I was actually sitting in front of my comp for the last half an hour, trying to find someone with a temp server, instead of doing something else... So, please folks, don't be so impatient in the future.

    Anyway, the FM is now uploaded. I hope everyone will enjoy it.

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