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Thread: Interested in Elder Scrolls Lore?

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    Interested in Elder Scrolls Lore?

    Want to learn more about the Battle at Red Mountain?
    Why is Vivec half-grey half-gold?
    Dwarves are Elves? Whatchu-talkin'-bout-willis?
    What exactly ARE The Elder Scrolls?

    The answers to these questions, and much much more, can be found at The Imperial Library.

    To get you started, read through this Lore FAQ thread from the Official Forums.

    Just thought I would make everyone aware of this great Elder Scrolls site. (regardless of the fact I'm a staff member! ;P) Hopefully it will spark some interest in the Lore of this great series of games. Feel free to post any questions you have, especially since the more you learn, the more questions there are!

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