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Thread: Telvanni to Redoran

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    Telvanni to Redoran

    What's the easiest way to switch from House Telvanni and join to House Redoran, with minimal deaths and crimes?


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    Start a new game.

    Even if you are 'expelled' from a house, you still cannot join another. There may be a way to remove yourself from one Great house and join another using the console, but that may have other unexpected consequences.

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    Someone posted here the other day about that, didn't he? Somehow he'd managed to join two Great Houses and became stuck between the two because of his ranking in one. He couldn't finish his Redoran Stronghold. I wonder if he ever fixed it?

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    I've done that as well. There's a conversation with the Duke that advances you one rank in House Hlaau. If you're not a member you get made one at the lowest rank. Unfortunately there's no corresponding trick to enter Redoran or Telvanni.

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