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Thread: Burrick riders and carryable torches released!

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    Burrick riders and carryable torches released!

    It has been about three years since I began dromeding. To prove that I haven't been wasting my time, I'm releasing my burrick riders and carryable torches. Have fun.

    The Burrick riders:
    So what is new about these, Sledge already released burrick riders with Inverted Manse? Well, these aren't like the riders in IM. In Inverted Manse the riders were static and only the burricks were active at first, but these riders are active from the beginning. The burricks attack with their gas attack and the riders attack with their weapons. They separate if you kill one of them and proceed to attack you even if one of them dies. They are very deadly.

    Avoid placing them close to each other. The demo is a bad example. Never allow two burrick riders to meet, no matter what. If the player kills one of them when they are close to each other, you will have big problems.

    The carryable torches:
    Carryable torches. You can pick them up and throw them around. The demo shows a few ways on how the AI can interact with the torches:

    1. Patrol with the torch: The AI patrols with the torch

    2. Investigating with the torch: The AI will pick up the torch from the wall when he notices that something is wrong. After things have calmed down the AI will put the torch back on the wall.

    3. Light up a torch: When you put out the torch the AI will relight it. If you put out the torch in the AI's hand the AI won't relight the torch anymore.

    You may use these files with your mission and you can also use the Jari.gam with your mission if you wish.

    Have fun. Please note that the torches are dynamic lights and they are also animlights! I imagine that they would work best if carefully used or in small missions. *cough* contest 5 *cough* Remember that the AI in Thief is a puzzle and some people wish to solve the puzzle without violence.

    (This is for T2 if someone didn't know)
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    Released WHERE, DA?

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    I knew I forgot to do something... like add the link to my post. (added the link now)
    I hope all the files are there. Maybe I should go to bed before I mess something else up.

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    EXXXXCELLENT DUDE! That's a great demo is that.

    Those Burrick riders are brilliant!

    Great work on the torches too. The torches themselves didn't have a texture though when i picked them up. They were Sir Jorge!

    Well done sire.

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    Well, I was wondering why it worked in my system. I have dedx installed and the texture I used was extracted already.

    Open up your obj.crf and extract Wdplnk2.gif to your Thief 2/Mesh folder (it should then go automatically to Thief2/Mesh/txt folder).

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    That sounds awesome DarkArrow, good work

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    Fantastic! I'll try to work the torches into my C5 entry if I have time, it would work beautifully.

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    Thanks for your comments.

    Schwaa: If you want I can put a separate .zip file for you with just the necessary files and the .3ds files for Low poly guild. Let me know, if you want them.

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    Hey... maybe I should pass you my seletonal burricks?

    email me...

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