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    Count me as another who thinks the original looks better. The only thing it really needs is anti-aliasing.
    Thanks to the stylised visuals, games like this and Tron 2.0 only really need a technical pass to bring them up to date and iron out any bugs that may occur on newer hardware / operating systems.

    I think the thing that really stuck out like a sore thumb for me in the remake footage was the implementation of modern lighting. The baked-in lighting of the original suits the comic book look much more than the update's attempt at realistic lighting. I think that's them completely missing the point.

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    Maybe it's just a coincidence, but stylistically that trailer for the remake seems like a complete ripoff of the Deathloop trailers.

  3. #28 is quite funny.

    > Also is that Duchovny reprising his role in the trailer Shadowcat posted? Or did they get a soundalike?

    An earlier section of ^this^ video (from 4:10) demonstrates that they're almost certainly using the original dialogue.
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