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Thread: Returning a Favor (17/01/04)

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    The reason for the note about chandelier duty was that he said he could clearly hear everything from the garden when up there, thus making it a hint about what to do in order to listen in on the conversation. Sorry if it was confusing.

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    Don't feel bad about it. As a fellow FM builder I know that it is absolutely impossible to anticipate every player's thinking and playing responses. It was a good clue, but even good clues won't be picked up by everyone. Not that those who don't pick up on it aren't as clever as those who do. If someone gets stuck, that's what the forums are for.
    This was a terrific mission, and I can say I used the forums where I got stuck. It doesn't mean that you as a designer have failed in any way. Heck, the OM developers are professionals, and I used the forums where I got stuck there as well.

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    Thanks Uncadonego. I guess you're right. Still, it would be nice to get everything right, as impossible as that is.

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    Glad I saw this thread

    Jut wanted to say I played this FM a few weeks ago and LOVED it! The flavor and style of solving the mystery was awesome, refreshing and lots of fun. I hope that more of these 'mystery' style missions are made from you and others. Any recommendations?

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    Thanks, glad you like it! It was certainly fun to make a mystery mission for a change.

    Hmm, I can't remember any other missions with a similar mystery-solving story right now... But then, I've been too busy to play most of the latest missions (except for the contest ones). Perhaps someone else can recommend some?

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    Fantastic mission Morrgan! But I tried a search for Saint Thomas of Finlande on many different engines and came up empty, which doesn't usually happen. I even tried different spellings- St Tomas of Finnlande, St. Thomas of Finland, etc. It's driving me nuts! Is there any connection in this story to a real person?

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    You don't want to know, lonzboy, trust me
    He's not a saint...

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    Short on loot. As usual.


    As normal for me, I've completed all the tasks except getting the 850 in loot. I've been in every room in the joint, scooped up everything I could find, but I'm only at 797.

    Any loot items that are easy to overlook? I read uptopic about a ring and some coins on the floor near a "broken hammer," but I don't recall noticing those... any clue where they are? That could be just enough to put me over the top.

    Edit: Nevermind; I found the secret stash in the left-side engineer's room; that gave me 962, more than enough for the ghost.

    Still never found a ring or coins, though!

    One odd thing: when I went searching for the murderer (after discovering his identity), I found he had run downstairs -- headed, I presume, for the same place I was headed to look for him -- and had managed to get himself stuck against some barrels in the stairwell. I just walked up behind him and slugged him. Was that supposed to happen? Or was he supposed to end up in the obvious place?


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    Dafydd: The murderer can sometimes get stuck on the barrels, and that's not meant to happen - he tries to take a shortcut and gets himself wedged accidentally. This has been corrected in an updated version of the mission, along with some tweaks to the objective handling, which may get released eventually.

    If you're still looking for the ring or coins: look in the loft. They're stashed behind a painting.

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    Just got around to playing this FM and I must say it's Absol--taffing-lutely AWESOME!!! This one tops my Thief 1 FM Favorites List!!

    Oh, and Morrgan, I'm still waiting on TGG Part 2

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    i've been playing this mission and i like it a lot! came in here to get a hint about it and now i just wanted to say to the developer GOOD JOB

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    Just finest "returning a favor".
    Enjoined it a lot, many little details that heads a special atmosphere to the FM.
    Any way, I was missing 100 in loot, so I thought to go through the game again and make list of the loot so maybe you could tell me what I have missed. While doing that I found out that what I've missed was a box I forgot to pick open again after not saving. Since the list were already finished it accord to me that it may be of use to the few people that have not plaied this awesome FM yet. So here it is (in parentheses the value of the item and its category):
    Workshops first floor- gold stone (50 in gold) in south-east table
    Workshops second floor- gold spectacles in south-east corner (25 in gems)
    Attic, behind the painting- ring (25 in goods) and coins (130 in gold)
    Dining hall- gold candle stick on table (50 in gold) and bottle on shelf (50 in goods)
    Cold storage near dining hall- gold hammer (75 in gold)
    Library- gold cup (15 in goods) and battle (50 in goods)
    Chapel- 2 candle sticks (100 in gold)
    Master forger's rome- money bag (100 in gold)
    Guard's rome- conies (12 in gold)
    Engineers break rome- statue (20 in goods)
    Engineers east bad rome- coins (5 in gold)
    Engineers west bad rome- coins (5 in gold) and after use a switch behind the bad also gold hammer (75 in gold) and many bag (100 in gold)
    Infirmary- money bag (100 in gold)
    Priests bad rome- gold hammer (75 in gold) and after use of switch near window tiara (200-100 in gold, 100 in gems)

    Gold: 977
    Gems: 125
    Goods: 160
    Total: 1262

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    Hey, people still play this thing! \o/

    Thanks for the lootlist, Liz! I've been meaning to make one for, um, a year and a half, but it never happened. Oops.

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    Great mission! Thanks.
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    Thanks for the great FM from me as well, Morrgan!
    I'm really enjoying it...and the endgame is still ahead
    The St. Thomas of Finland book was a nice touch...those pious clergymen really are the worst, aren't they?
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    WOW, excellent mission!

    I particularly liked how the story unfolded piece by piece, and that you could clearly grasp the different agendas and motives that the important characters had.

    The "scene" with Brother Lukas was really well done. The "Builder, walk with thee." parting line at the end was perfect. I was getting Laura Palmer vibes here...

    Also, this mission has two things that have been neglected on many new missions lately:
    - pre-mission shopping (this is really fun for the first playthrough for an 'Iron Man' player like me. "Hmm, what can give me the best chance for a succesful no-reloads run?")
    - really good maps

    The one thing I didn´t really like was that one guard (wearing an essential key) showed up for no plausible reason. I understand that it was done to control the flow of the story, but it was still illogical.
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    The one thing I didn´t really like was that one guard (wearing an essential key) showed up for no plausible reason. I understand that it was done to control the flow of the story, but it was still illogical.
    I didn't had a problem with that. There is no way you will miss the guard, beause you'll have to cross the hallway next to him, and you hear the sound of the gate closing: he didn't apppear from nothing, he was just outside.

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    Only 7 years late this time..

    Finally got around to this one (imagine finding a Morrgan FM you hadn't played before ).

    This has one of the best & most absorbing storylines I've ever encountered in an FM - & one which fits in perfectly with the great design & gameplay. Along with the detail, AI dialogue & well-made readables / clues, I was thoroughly immersed from start to finish.

    IMO, one of the very best T1 FMs & I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

    (Very belated) Thank-You for this gem, Morrgan
    (This mission finally broke me out of a 4-month Thief burn-out: so big thanx for that too!)

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    Replayed this one too today. Basically you said it all SF - I totally agree with you.

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    Very suspenseful, albeit brief but fun mission! I love that classic hammerite temple/quarters feel. It took me 46 mins to get a max loot run.

    For the additional objective requiring you to place 3 pieces of evidence, I had 2 extras, only the fourth of of which was validated. I was surprised the burnt note didn't count? I guess there aren't actually any names on it

    Btw did anybody make use of the fire arrow found in the engineer quarters fireplace?

    Anyway, LOVED it - thanks alot I'm glad you spent your holidays constructively, it was much appreciated!

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    Bilingual mirror ... added a german version to this phantastic FM:
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    Just finished the mission on Normal in 34 minutes and with 782 of 1262 total loot. Loved everything about it. One of my favorite missions of all time! I am sure I will revisit it later on the other difficulties.

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    i stuck at the beginning. how can i get out of the sewer?

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    There is a secret door in one of the walls. I overlooked it several times myself when I played the mission, despite the fact that the door is even marked on the map.

    I have written nothing about a switch or anything else needed to open the door in my notes, so it should be fairly easy to open once the player discovers it.

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    I just came across this fantastic mission and it is well.. fantastic! It was so exciting to collect the clues and read the notes for hints to be able to find out who was the murderer in the end.

    I´m currently playing through all fanmissions from morrgan and gotta say so far I loved all of them!! Thank you very much, really appreciated!!

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