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Thread: hlaalu guards keep chasing me

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    hlaalu guards keep chasing me

    My son fought his way into the Hlaalu Treasury in Vivec and killed the guards. He then took a few things. Later he cleared the bounty with a guard but now the guards all over Vivec hunt him down and attack on sight.
    Is there someone to see in the Hlaalu group that might clear his name?

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    "guards all over vivec"

    Most guards in vivec are Ordinators, not Hlaalu. You're not wearing any indoril armour, are you...?

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    He said the he was wearing High Ordinator's armor when the attack took place. Now he is not wearing any armor.

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    The Vivec Guards (Ordinators) will attack anyone on sight if they are wearing indoril armour. This is because it is the uniform of the Ordinators and wearing it is seen as impersonation. Best to avoid it and find some other meduim armour.

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    Also, once the Ordinators notice you wearing Indoril (Ordinator) armor, they'll attack you on sight forever (it's a little more complex than that, but that's the simple explanation). There's a few ways to disable that; search on here and you'll find lots of threads on this topic. If you're impatient, you can check out various mod sites; one of 'em has a mod that fixes this.

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    ordinators armor

    What are mod sites? Also, where might I go to find a "fix" for this since it is on xbox?
    What if he gets new armor, will that help?

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    Ah, if you're on Xbox mod sites (internet sites with modifications for download) won't help. As it stands I believe the only way to stop them attacking you is to restart. But I'd get a second opinion on that first.

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