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Thread: abandonment

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    hi all. i know that i have not been around much lately. it seems my job is taking its toll, 58 hours, 6 days a week and you really dont feel like doing much except sleeping. especially when you work at a lumber company in the winter.

    im not going to kid myself here. thief 3 is approaching, and there is no way i can release two fms before it gets here. which brings me to the title of this thread. i have decided to abandon work on the first of the two, Betrayal: Tailing Talon. This was to be a rather large city scape, the next morning after the events in "voices" the daylight has broken, and garrett works his way through the morning fog in search of the one who betrayed him. it was going to be that you had to hunt all over the city, talking to people along the way to gain clues and ultimately find the trail of Talon. at one point a keeper was to meet you and warn you of the dangers ahead. basically garrett was set out to do two things: find and kill Talon, and prove that the true master thief still lives, by robbing a city blind..... in broad daylight. this was such a huge project and after starting on it i realized i would not be able to beat the thief3 team on a release date. so im skipping this fm and plan to work on the final fm of the series. hey you still get to take out the baddies!

    for anyone that knows my previous work i say to you " im going back to my roots on this one" and you guys can guess what sort of fm this will be.

    just for kicks, im posting a link to two pics of the abandoned mission, so you guys can see how it was going to sort of look like. in one pic you'll reconize the area, in the other its a new area

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    It is too bad that one will not be finished ... it looked pretty creepy, and the idea of trailing Talon and taking him down sounded really good *whack!*
    Is the one that you will be completing have anything to do with Talon, or is it something else altogether, and we will have to wait for the surprise?

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    it will have everything to do with talon and his "voices". what was going to happen was you during the course of that morning pick up the talons trail. towards the end you meet with a keeper who warns you of the danger ahead, and points you in the right direction. the mission ends. the confrontation between garrett and talon wasnt supposed to happen until the last mission, so you're really not missing much except a morning of pure thievery(remember, garrett is retired and for him to go out and perform his magic again is a welcomed challenge). i wanted the mission to be very non linear, but depending on who you talked to the more clues you would recieve. and who doesnt love just playing through a big city and going from house to house and pinching some gold?

    so the final mission is called Betrayal: Consequences. it will begin that night, as garrett starts into the forest following the trail of talon in search of revenge. but he gets more than he bargained for....

    of course the briefing for this one will be very long like the one for hells motel was. alot needs to be explained since a mission is going to be skipped here.

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    Dagnabbit! Stop quitting, already! I guess I don't understand why the arrival of T3 should put you off. People will still be downloading and playing T1 and T2 missions afterward. Some folks are still designing T1 missions, fer cryin' out loud! I can see abbreviating the series because of time contraints, however. Sounds like you son't have a whole lot of time to yourself. Anyway, I will be happy to play whatever you choose to finish. Just put in more metal and I'm a happy taffer.

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    Just so long as there's a sequel to the great stress reliever KILL KILL KILL FM, it'll be okay. When I found this mission I was trying to stay awake during an all nighter, I didn't really do much but slaughter so I never beat the mission. I still thought it was awesome, though. I haven't played the first two though, (typical me, let's play the sequel first! ) but once I get Thief Gold I'll definitely play them, since I already downloaded them. BTW, you're only evil if you decide not to build this next mission.
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