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Thread: C5 Working the please?

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    I'll post it here anyway in case other folks get stuck. Sorry I was late getting here to post it but had to watch the finale of that damned "Survivor." (I hate the show but I just can't...stop...watching!)

    At start of the mines,:

    hit SOUTH (you'll go south, then west)
    hit NORTH (you'll go north once & stop)
    hit EAST (you'll go east, north, west, and south)
    hit SOUTH (you'll go south and stop)
    hit WEST (you'll go west, north, and stop)
    hit SOUTH (you'll go south, east, and stop)
    hit NORTH (you'll go north and stop)
    hit NORTH again (you'll go north, east, south, west, and stop)
    hit SOUTH (you'll go south and stop)
    hit WEST (you'll go west, north, and stop)
    hit EAST (you'll go east, south, and stop)
    hit NORTH (you'll go north, west, and stop)
    finally, hit NORTH again and the cart will travel into the new area.

    It's good to hit SOUTH now to get back to the first area, now that the whole mine is open, use the Explosive Room key, meet the funny guard ghost, and stock up on the infinite fire arrows. It's best to throw the TNT barrels at the ore-lined walls to conserve the ammo )and sometimes you get a free fire arrow after the 'ore explosions'.

    I still don't know who made the level so should head back to the Keep and find out...Thanks to the FM maker for creating such an original, fun mission!!!

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    Ok, playing this but the walkthrough doesn't help.......I cannot find the entrance to the mines.....there's an elevator which I cannott access.....

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    The mining cart goes a bit haywire to say the least when playing via Newdark, preventing you getting to the lower mines.

    This is a public script issue requiring players to install a couple of old folders. Download the old script module and place the script.osm and darkooks.dlx into the FM folder.

    Do not place in your main Thief folder, only in your FM/working the mines folder. Do not use with darkloader.

    Note: You do not need to restart the mission, once installed the cart works normally.

    PS. Do not follow the carts directions mentioned in Ricebug's walk, they are incorrect, only follow the directions on the scroll found in the mines.

    Thanks to Unna for finding the solution.
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