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Thread: C5 - The Adventures of Burrick Boy

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    C5 - The Adventures of Burrick Boy

    Well I just played this small fanmission!
    Actually its very funny. You play a burrick boy who has to keep an eye on four burricks in a stable. They've dissapeared through some portals and it's your job to bring them back home. Nice, but very short, fanmission with different locations and well known soundtracks from thief 2. Lacks thievery and not quite a challenge, but worth a try
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    Yes, it's a fun FM. It only took me just over 7 minutes to complete though when i first played it. I'll explore it thoroughly at a later date.

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    Indeed, a fun one. Such a cute idea. The woodsie bit is my favourite; it looks good and is quite fun to sneak through. It's a pity the mission is so short.
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    Yep , a neat little mission . Parts of this one remind me of komag's work .

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    hardly exatly hard work, but a good laff all the same!

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    Where can I download this mission? I can't find it anywhere.

    EDIT: I just hate the rule you find things right after you posted the question. Never mind guys.
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    A very cute game that younger players may enjoy. My trouble is finding the money. Came away with a grand total of 4. Katy, where did you hide it?

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