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Thread: - Campaign for T:DS Editing Tools

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    Registered: Jan 2001
    Location: Scotland - Campaign for T:DS Editing Tools

    OK people, thanks to the uber-l33t coding goodness of Subjective Effect, the campaign for editing tools for T: DS now has a website worth showing to the outside world. As before, you can find it at:

    Great job, SE.

    Also Great job to the taffers all over the world who sent Eidos letters, cards and gifts in our Easter letter campaign. I'm sure the Eidos folk are... aware of the situation now. Nevertheless, even if you're catching this news late, please show your support by signing the petition, sending a letter and spreading the word. Every little helps until we can coax a response out of Eidos, hopefully around release time.

    (Thanks to SE, deadman and GBM for getting us this far.)
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    Yeah, don't forget GBM and deadman. Hmm, both men. . .

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    SWEET! great job guys, i'm going to send mine for sure

    Edit* - I am sending it out today. I included the printed letter, with a page of screenshots from my first dromed project, a printed page from the petition's website showing the number of signatures, a printed page from jason's site showing the most recent fm releases, and page from the editor's guild forum showing that it is still intensly active. So, no chocolates from me just the hard facts
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    Looks great!

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    Awesome. I've been waiting for a real mailing address. Thanks Glaswolf!

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    The site looks great. I've really got to hand it to you guys for all the great work.

    Now to find the perfect Easter card to send away...
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    Made sticky for great justice.

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    Thanks Azal.

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    did you just start a new petition all over again?
    or are there really that few names ?

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    It's the same petition, but it now has a new site. And a sticky thread here and at the Ion Storm forums (it should get one at Eidos too!).

    Once again: great job, GlasWolf

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    After a little intervention on my side, the thread is now sticky at Eidos too

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    she/her ⚧
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    You've got a perminant link up at The Circle... hope it's visable enough.

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    Cheers Digi!

    (We're closing in on 1000 sigs...)

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    I'd like to point out that at the time of this post, there are 1115 signatures on the petition. I'm so happy! We may just have a shot at this...

    One point I wanted to raise, though, was the difference between a level editor and an SDK, as we've been asking for one or the other. With a level editor, like Dromed, sure you can create new FMs, but doing things like new AI is difficult if not out of the question. It's just for working on levels, really.

    With an SDK, we'd finally have the level of freedom to change whatever we want, FMs without limits. New models, new animations, new AI, and so on and so forth. I'm just concerned that if we do get some concession from EIDOS, it's going to be the lesser of the two tools, and that strikes me as somewhat tragic.

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    I've purposely tried to use generic language in the literature ("editing tools"), simply because I'd be happy enough with either. Besides, if they released a proper SDK what would GayleSaver do all day?

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    does it tell people somewhere to put their real names? - because i see quite a few forum-type names and such (which wouldn't mean as much (if anything) as a full, real name would)

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    Previously Important
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    Is it a good omen or a bad omen when Thief 3 developers sign the petition?

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    Good, I guess... Shows they care.

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    Let's look on the positive - if they knew there was no chance of success then I doubt they'd be encouraging us to waste our time by signing up and making the announcement a sticky.

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    Great idea such a petition. I signed it.
    There should be more thief fans in holland then those who are member of the forums
    I posted messages on some dutch game forums with a link to the petition recently like here If I look at the names, I believe there are allready some who signed it
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    Hmm, I've tried to sign it twice now, but for some reason it won't let me. Says something like it didn't originate from the petition. I suppose I'll try using another computer, see if that works.

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    Keep trying. From other machines, locations, whatever. Do not give up on this cause over some technical glitch. The online petition is temperamental. Took me me ages to sign too. Why do you think I'm not higher up?
    I am the 1st Subjective Effect, the other is a Doppelganger. I'm just so in demand. . .

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    Ahh, it worked. After trying three different computers with no success, I changed my name and used another email account that I have. All is now well.

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    Originally posted by Gingerbread Man
    Is it a good omen or a bad omen when Thief 3 developers sign the petition?
    Whaaaa..?! When was this? I tried mentioning it to Null several times at the ISA forums but was basically ignored (both about who we might send letters to and if any of the devs would unofficially support the endeavor and at least sign the petition). I also mentioned it to Emil in his recent thread, with no reply. You are joking?

    "I cannot see anything admirable in stupidity, injustice and sheer incompetence in high places, and there is too much of all three in the present administration." -M.M.Kaye, The Far Pavilions

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    Nope. It's true. Around 1000. Can't remember if its Null or not. . .

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