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Thread: OMG! Attack of the Consoles!

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    is a Black Cat!
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    OMG! Attack of the Consoles!

    No more to say....

    Go TTLG.

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    Registered: Dec 2000
    Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
    hehe, nice site

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    Registered: Jul 2000
    Location: Colorado
    "...a console attack the likes of which even God has never seen before..."

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    I have the bow upgrade
    Registered: Sep 2000
    In before the wipe.

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    Oooh, good idea!

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    Location: Brittyland!
    Now just everyone's going to be doing a "X woz ere!" post, y'know. Such as me, for example.

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    One of these?

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    Location: Ohio
    Now if I can just convince Dalai to make the site...
    Richard M. Nixon.

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