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Thread: Welcome to the future

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    Welcome to the future

    For a while now, gaming companies and publishers have been porting PC titles to console, but the new vibe seems to be cross-platform simultaneous release... which means that as games like Deus Ex: Invisible War and Thief III hit the shelves, they're already designed with both the X-Box and the PC in mind.

    It's the start of a new age in gaming entertainment, lions and lambs, console jockeys and PC gamers together.

    So, welcome to the first of TTLG's hosted forums for the X-Box. As we draw new members and inspire existing ones, we'll expand this initial format to include game-and genre-specific subforums as they become appropriate.

    We hope you're as enthusiastic about this exciting new step as we are, and with luck TTLG will establish itself as one of the Internet's premiere X-Box discussion forums -- just as we have with PC game discussion.

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    I object to your blatant consolism by having forums for and only for the Xbox while speaking of console jockeys and PC gamers breaking bread together. FOR SHAME.

    Originally posted by Gingerbread Man
    ...they're already designed with <strike>both</strike> the X-Box <strike>and the PC</strike> in mind.

    Anyway, how about just a Console General Discussion rather than ignoring other systems? Eh? HOW 'BOUT IT GINGER?

    <3 <3 <3

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    With ya there, Maryanne. An all platform general gaming should be the way
    But I suppose this is a move to catch the wave early and build a forum up before moving everything together (if at all)

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    Actually, I sort of like it this way, as this really focuses the discussion. Perhaps keeping it as is (with an Xbox forum) and if it gets popular, and there is demand, then add a GCN and PS2(or PS3) forum afterwards. (And if you did that, maybe make a new forum category called Consoles and move all 3 forums there)
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    I think it makes sense in light of the fact that soon there will be 4 games which represent both the PC and the XBox (Morrowind, Arx, DX: IW, and T: DS).

    Since the XBox is essentially a PC without all the normal trappings (variants, upgrades, etc.) we'll see quite a few more titles go cross-platform between PC/XBox in the future (either as a port of the PC version like Morrowind and Arx, or as in co-developed as in the other two).

    I'd back support for PS2 and GC forums if there was a closer tie to the other topics on TTLG, but I don't see quite the same tie-in (though i'd not be apposed if our fearless leaders opened forums for those systems as well).

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    Was this a personal reaction, or did a lot of thought go behind this?

    Anyways I think the GC is the more embraced console in this community, followed by the PS2. I guess it would make sense to rename General Gaming to PC General Discussion.

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    I demand a Nintendo Entertainment System Forum!
    I won't rest until we can all discuss our favorite strategies for Goonies and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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    Welcome to the begining of the end.

    Originally posted by Gingerbread Man
    We hope you're as enthusiastic about this exciting new step as we are...
    I'm sorry but my enthusiasm was shot & killed when I played the DX:IW demo.

    But if TTLG has to have a console forum, it should not be centered around one console... especially the Xbox. I have nothing against the console personally, but seeing as it is near its last days... devoting an entire forum just to it is unwise & a bad move IMHO. After all, there are quite a lot of PS2 fanatics around here as well. Even more, Microsoft & Sony are already hard at work on the next set of consoles rendering the Xbox & the PS2 obsolete in a few years. So this discussion area should be a general console discussion forum & not just a Xbox forum.

    Hell, I don't even care for console systems at all but I do like some of the games that appear only on them & I'd be willing to chat in here as well about them. But all the games I'd be willing to chat about wouldn't be Xbox related.

    Just my $0.02
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    TTLG has been dumped down! Console-y.. move teh way of DX: IW! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...

    I do agree with what Nedan said. It shld be a console forum and not just XBox. What abt PS2? Gamecube? GBA?

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    I think this choice was not thought out properly. The OBVIOUS choice, if there is to be only one console worth discussing, would be Nokia's N-Gage, the newest console on the market. It clearly has the most potential. And let us not forget Bethseda has made Elder Scrolls games, cousins of Morrowind being discussed just next door, available for mobile platforms, which I'm sure includes N-Gage. Surely it would have been a more... appropriate choice, given the games more traditionally discussed on this forum.

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    Somehow I'm afraid that this "young Xbox generation" has better places for discussion than TTLG...

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    Come come now multi-console people. XBox and XBox2 are more likely to have simultanous releases of games that would have been covered in TTLG anyway.

    Not so GC or PS2.

    IMHO GC rules but I guess it's cause I have the PC for Arx, Morrowind, DX:IW and TS. On 2nd thoughts its cuase the games on GC are great.

    And please no-one mention GTA as it will show you cannot read or are dumb.

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    Umm... now that I think about it... the creation of this forum is not connected to TODAY'S DATE in any unusual way, is it?
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    Shouldn't this <strike>post</strike> forum be in General Gaming?

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    He he he.

    I knew right away when I saw David's Important thread in Comm Chat "A New Direction" that it'd be a joke, but... the more I read, the more reasonable it seemed. A Xbox forum, why not? I guess that just makes me more of a fool.

    Hey, remember that year they changed "Thief General Discussion" to "Thief Genital Discussion"? Ah... memories....

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    Re: Welcome to the begining of the end.

    Originally posted by Nedan
    I'm sorry but my enthusiasm was shot & killed when I played the DX:IW demo.

    But if TTLG has to have a console forum, it should not be centered around one console... especially the Xbox.
    I'd say, "DITTO!", except I'm assumning this is just one of the best APRIL FOOLS! jokes ever.

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    Great stuff.

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    As part of the New Direction, TTLG should rename itself to "ION Storm Fanboys Club" (what with LGS being a cold dead corpse and all) and champion the cause of streamlining games and making titles more accessible to a larger demographic. Dump forums like Arx/UW/Morrowind that aren't ION Storm related, including the perniciously aggravating Comm Chat.

    Potential forum topics could include a petition for ISA to develop "Flight Unlimited: Deadly Skies", or how to write Deus Ex/Metal Gear crossover hentai fan fiction (since fan missions are obsolete, yo).

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    If I'm wrong, more the fool I... but I should, at least, point out something you all seem to be missing: David's "New direction" topic was posted two days ago. GBM's post was yesterday...

    Of course, they might've just done that to build up to the joke, so...

    /me shrugs. Don't like X-box, so it probably won't affect me either way. Unless some of the more annoying kind start frequenting IRC...


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    I can't decide which would be funnier-- if everyone took this seriously, but it's actually a joke... or if everyone assumes it's a joke, but GBM is actually serious.
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    Anyone think it odd that no admin has posted in here after the initial post? I do.
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    Wasn't it created a bit EARLY to be an April Fools joke? Still, the timing is rather close, but 5 pm on March 31 is definately NOT April 1. If it is an April Fools joke, which is looking more likely, they need to get their timing down a bit better
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