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Thread: Preliminary Recruitment Feelers

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    Preliminary Recruitment Feelers

    <small>*taptaptap* can I get a bit more in the monitors?</small>


    Hallo, peeps. It is me with a rather interesting (I hope) opportunity. But I have caveats...

    I don't want to be That Guy. The one who jumps in and says "LOL DUDES I HAVE A GREAT IDEA FOR A GAME AND I WANT TO FIND A LOT OF PEOPLE TO DO ALL THE WORK FOR ME!!!"

    I know you know, but I say it anyway: I am skilled and proficient writer, concept designer, interface creator, texture artist, and UEd mapper. And I sling a pretty mean 3ds Max / Maya for a novice. So I don't want people to do all the work.

    I want some people to work WITH.

    Here's the deal:

    For a few months now, I've been sketching, then inking, the design docs for an FPS Survival Horror game built on the Unreal Engine's 2k3 iteration. I'm not averse to the 2k4 iteration (except for the uberghay interfaces) except I don't have 2k4 yet. So all the ideas are built on my understanding of the 2k3 version.

    The greater part of the plot and world docs are written down or swimming in my head waiting for a collaborative partner to help me hammer them out. So the first thing I'm going to need is help with that end of things... But really it's a question of "Can we design scarier / better monstas?" and "What other map themes would be really good to include in the flow of things?"

    But I want to do this with a very serious eye to shopping it to a publisher (olol he dreams he dreams) and that means getting something damned impressive together in a fairly short timeframe. Ideally, I'd want us to have a small playable demo ready to show around by sometime in earlyish summer.

    Without giving too much away (because I am a fan of the secret like dat), the general vibe of the gameworld is cyberpunk, with the film noir aspect pumped up high. Closest example would be Deus Ex, except without the heavy reliance on skill levels and with more of a Blade Runner meets SS2 kinda feel. (Yeah, yeah, it sounds very lame like that, I know...)

    The story is based on a rather frightening and fertile mythos told by homeless children in Miami, but tweaked and twisted a bit by the horrible mind that lives in my head. Semi-linear (unavoidable with Survival Horror, but the idea would be to speckle the action with player-decisions that have gameplay consequences), combat - noncombat ratio probably something like 60-40 (with non-combat aspects being things like infiltration, clue / pseudo-puzzle stuff, and the like)

    So, at this point I'm just sending out feelers. I know all too well the mortality rate of ambitious games / mods, and I really don't want to start something that won't get finished. I'm very serious about this, I can't stress enough. I'm looking for creative and reliable people more than anything else... Well, and skilled at whatever it is you're skilled at. Cutting-edge not necessary... just a willingness and ability to learn the really interesting stuff as we go.

    Is anyone interested in this? Let me know, and I'll get in touch via email and we can discuss more. Remember, there's still some work to be done at the conceptual level of things, and I could really use some input there as well.

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    I'm incredibly interested.

    My knowledge of UnrealEd is really very basic, so I wouldn't be asking to work on that at all, however, I have read your writing before and I'm a huge fan. I'm very curious to hear your ideas, and as you said, 'hammer them out', that is, if you have any use for me. Maybe we can talk on ICQ this week?

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    I've been wondering what happened to your other game plan...

    I'm not sure about survival horror - but I'd be interested in your plot angle. I tend to like a bit of world-building, so I'd enjoy working on background material perhaps.

    I certainly have the ability to contribute in a technical manner. Graphic arts is not really my talent. If it's a Cyberpunk atmosphere, I could probably produce bits of music, but that's for a more advanced stage, no? It would be nice to have some parameters to work with musically.

    So yes, it's down to you to provide something to start us off...

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    My only UnrealEd experience is Deus Ex, and I can't even make a functional door... (yeah I know )

    I can help with plot and all that goes with it though (conversations, logs...), and perhaps at least some level layout, even if not design.

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    What news, Mr. Pearson?

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    News lurks.
    I prepare it.

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    I'm temped to throw in my support, but I still feel like I'm too much of a newb at 3DSM to really do any good with Ued.

    If I use it like any other radiant style BSP editor by using and carving primatives I'm fine with it and can build just about anything, but I know that isn't exactly the most efficient way to make static meshes. I've been practicing making architecture out of a single, multifaced object, but I haven't gotten the hang of it just yet.

    If you're willing to work with someone that's still learning the ropes of high end level design I'll be more than happy to sign on.

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    I don't have the time nor skill to help but this certainly sounds interesting. I'll do the website, you just design it :P

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    Assuming this is not one of those jolly april fools japes... (I don't put it past you GbM)

    Like others posting here my time is quite restricted and my practical skills are rusty - I have not done anything adventurous with unreal ed since UT 1999. So I suspect that I can only be of not much use getting something out for early summer (thats damn close GbM). I'd like to help out in some way though, so if you've got some donkey work needing doing feel free to give me a pm.

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    you've gone quiet again...

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    I told you I would, didn't I?

    *kicks the email machine

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    Just checking...

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