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Thread: Official Unreal Development Environment Released

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    Official Unreal Development Environment Released

    Get it Here

    For those of you going 'huh?', it's a tool for writing Unrealscript, and it's based on WOTGreal, which, as many of you will know is a good thing. Especially if they've cured WOTGreal's crashing probs.

    Also just released:

    UT2004 UnrealScript Source v3186


    UT2004 Editing/Coding Optimization Guide


    Edit: For those of you struggling with UT4MOD files (that'll be me then, UCC umodunpack seems to have gone fubar), try the UMOD Tool for installation.
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    iT's only for UT2004 right?
    At least it didn't install with the UMOD tool, I have only regular UT and Deus Ex.

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    Yes, it's designed for UT2004. But looking at all the config files, I'm sure with some tinkering it'd work for UT2003 too.

    If you want an unrealscript IDE for 1999 UT, google for WOTGreal, it's what the official IDE is based on, and it supports numerous Unreal Engine games.

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    Yes, I'm actually using WOTGreal. I just thought maybe that UDE version of wotgreal would get rid of the splash screen and a few bugs.

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