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Thread: New UT2004 Map: ONS-Torlanights

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    New UT2004 Map: ONS-Torlanights


    DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jk. ..ahem*

    I just finished an atmospheric/thiefy conversion of Torlan.
    You can download it at my sig - and dont forget to play with the music on.

    Download Links and Screenshots HERE <<

    And I do ask please to spread the word about this map - I would like to see many servers playing it. Very unfortunately I wanted to have it released with the CPB (Community Bonus Pack), but alas I was too late, they already finalized their maplist, and already had too many maps (whatever that means). So... this map will have to spread the hard, old-fashioned way.

    Anyway, download away

    And, what do you think of it? Any problems?
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    You should post pictures and post it at a site that doesn't require a registration, for us lazy types.

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    Done. The sig link now takes you to a screenshot page with a whole list of (free) download links.
    Ambient Sounds Pack (for FM designers)
    My Site
    Gunreal Beta Released (UT2004 stuff)

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    Weeeeee! Not exactly the place for announcements, is it?

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    I would check it out, but I don't have 2k4 :/

    I'm always on the lookout for nice maps for 2k3, though... Just don't seem to be that many good ones. I am very picky... I think there are only 4 or 5 that I actually liked enough to keep after a day or so.

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    I know..

    IMO, 2003/4 loses any/all thoughtfulness or thiefy slowness of UT classic. Now it's just faaaast, faaast, bang-bang>dead killing, aka "Overkill".

    So, to me, a 2003/4 map better be really something, or it just winds down to those usual fights that end within 1.5 seconds. I think that's why Halo is so popular (sexy, slow), and why 2003 took such a hit in poplarity (mindlessness).

    Well, whatever... all *IMO*.

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