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Thread: Best mission release practices

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelvyn View Post
    Two years later...

    Quote Originally Posted by Thelvyn View Post
    And what is wrong with recommending an open source/cross platform solution anyway ?
    Nothing. Honestly I don't know anything about MD5, and your points are valid, but most people here don't play Thief on a Linux machine. I've never used Linux (not directly) but it is used and required in some instances in our ham radio world.
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    MD5 is available for just about any machine you can think of. I say just about because if I said for everything im sure someone would point out the one machine it doesnt work on

    So I think that makes for a pretty good standard file compare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thelvyn View Post
    I say just about because if I said for everything im sure someone would point out the one machine it doesnt work on
    Ha! It totally doesn't work on one of those, umm... arithmetically incapable ones?

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    Question about Room Brushing?

    Well, i have strange question, but anyway i wanna ask it: How correctly i must make room in town?Town: its all -Fill Air- brush with size 200 200 200. Building: Brush with -Fill Solid- brush and -Fill Air- brush inside. But when i making room for town areas, it makes some or more bugs with EAX. If i hear Ambient sound of lamp post at entrance of tavern, and im going to corner of other building(with other room). When im entering corner's room, it stops playing lamp and wind amb.
    In other words:
    How i must correctly make room for town and buildings areas and what EAX better use?

    P.S. Please sorry if i posted it in wrong place, i had no idea where this write.

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    Did you by chance make a huge room brush first ? 200x200x200 ? If you did delete it, and make your room brushes by selecting the air brush, and use "Shift+Insert", then manually adjust the Room Brush down to the correct size. When overlapping each room brush dont exceed .20 over.

    I would advise looking at some OM's to see how LGS did it to give you an idea for proper sound propagation.

    The eax settings are for the size of room, and for the type of sound propagation you want.
    For small rooms, use "Small Normal" for Large Rooms use "Large Normal' and so on. For Doorways, you can use "Small Dead" if you want very little sound to pass.

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    I wanna ask smthing:
    In making of rooms i using Grid Sz 13... Sometimes 12...
    There's need to use 11 sometimes?

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    If you want to get into such detail. Instead of learning DromEd I'm still playing around with brushes and most of the time I put the grid size on 11.

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    Yeah, 11 grid size clamps on to the grid by every 0.25 brush... size... thingy. Anyway, I think sometimes it is quite worth indeed to polish some detail. Or if it's nothing specific and doesn't require the kind of percision the grid can offer, why not remove it altogether.

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    And this discussion relates to RELEASE practices how? Please start your own thread for discussion of other topics.

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    Release suggestion for making missions "Loader Friendly"

    I'm currently in the process of updating my mission loader. There are a few things that would make mission files more "Loader Friendly".

    Include a standard "LoaderInfo_en-US.txt" file in the root of the mission folder. The filename contains the culture code (language) of the file so you could create one for each supported language. The mission loader program could then go straight to that file for the info it needs to display. I suggest the format of the file to be:

    0:GAME CODE (T1,T2,T3,T4,SS2,DM)
    5:WEB SITE
    9:README FILE NAME (this is the file name of the file that the loader will display when the mission is selected)

    So the actual text in the file would look like this:

    1:Chuffy Train
    7:You walk around, open boxcars full of people, and kill them

    I will write a small app that will make creating this file quick & easy. Right now I'm looking for opinions and suggestions.

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    I'm getting ready to release my first mission, and after reading all this I still don't know who to email to get my mission hosted. Please add that information to this thread.

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    FM authors (and beta testers) should be aware of the graphical mods that exist because they can cause some odd effects. For example, EP2 has new crate models, with some indentations in their faces. If an author has replaced the crate texture only, it's quite likely the texture won't match the shape:

    There can also be problems if an FM has replaced the water texture. Eshaktaar's texture has 19 frames. NewDark has increased the frame limit, so the water in EP2 has 39 frames. The consequence is that some of us will see the frames that come with the FM, and then we'll see the remaining frames from EP2. At the end of the cycle we'll then see the FM's water again, and so on. It looks awful.

    Those are just examples, and similar things could occur with the NecroAge and HDMod.

    FM authors should also remember to unload NVDebug. When I start playing a mission it's annoying to get the 'no difficulty defined' message.

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