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Thread: Problem with Thief Cutscenes!

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    Problem with Thief Cutscenes!


    I reinstalled Thief today and I was wondering if it was possible to fix the cutscene problem I have. The visual and audio shudders and I don't know why. (I have XP and I've looked at the FAQ on this site, but nothing).

    Please help!

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    Try making a bat file, like suggested in the tutorial and running it each time you start the game. I know that isn't specifically meant for your problem, but it could still help. Also, try reinstalling the indeo drivers from the cd.

    There is that XP patch as well that could possibley help. I think it is listed in the tutorial now aswell.

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    If you're talking about what I think you're talking about, I've got the same problem! Allow me to elaborate for the rest of you. Basically what we've got here is that the cutscene videos will stutter (both audio and video) every few seconds. So if this were a cutscene, aaaaaaaas I am talking you'd have to deal with ttttttthis.

    It's certainly annoying, and affects the videos even if played directly from the CD. I'm running 2000 instead of XP, and I've got the bat file solution--but it doesn't solve this problem. TMA videos run normally; I can't say whether or not this problem occurs for TG, however. I still need to try reinstalling the codecs, but if anyone knows for certain how to help it'd be appreciated.

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    Does this happen if you move them over to the hard drive?

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    When I move them to the hard drive, the movies don't play at all!
    I don't know what's going on, I don't like XP!
    I have GeForce 4 MX video card. Played Thief on Windows ME (no problem), XP (all this)


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    I just have a couple of questions:

    1. What kind of processor do you have?

    2. Have you installed any codec packs lately?

    The reasons:

    1. I Have a Pentium 4 with XP, and Thief has a hard time with the way my proc handles processes (however, it doesn't have hyper thread tech ). So to remedy this I place the Thief process on above normal or high priority. This smooths everything out. Of course, I don't recall have your peculiar problem, but it might help.

    2. Codec packs are know for messing with people systems. Most of the time, the codecs conflict with other codecs, or one another, and can cause crashes, hissing, audio crackling etc. It could cause stuttering in your movies as well. Some other Codec might be conflicting with the indeo codec, or with the player.

    i'm not saying this is definitely it, but it's just a guess.

    good luck.

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    David, my apologies for the delay.

    Get this, though: the cutscenes work just fine when copied from the CD to the harddrive. I trust you had something in mind when you suggested that. Care to let me in on what's up?

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    Yeah, I suspect your CD ROM drive isn't particularly fast.
    If you copy the movies into the /Movies/ directory in the Thief install directory and then open up install.cfg (and darkinst.cfg for Thief2) and alter the line refering to movies so it doesn't have a +d:\Thief\Movies part to it.

    Actually I think just copying them over to the /Movies/ directory should be enough...

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    My CD-ROM drive is a 40 speed CD-ROM drive.
    I have an Athlon processor.
    I haven't installed any codec packs recently. The voodoo ones didn't work, so I uninstalled them.
    Please I need this fixed!

    Edit: Thanks I copied the movies over to the folder and edited the install.cfg and it worked! Yeah!
    I realise the problem may have been because my CD-ROM drive hasn't been reading CDs too well for a long time now.
    But thanks again!
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    I have a similar problem with the videos, but the problem affects not only thief but all videos, that are encoded with the Indeo Video codec.
    When I watch a movie it begins to stutter and the cpu load gets up to 100%. It seem that the direct show filter is the problem but I have no idea how I can solve this problem.
    Can anybody help me?

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    Ok, so I've been having a problem watching videos as well. I've done EVERYTHING suggested on HERE and ALSO HERE. The first is the Tech FAQ for Thief games on these forums, and the second is a link off of the forums to, where someone posted a useful guide with similar solutions.

    I've gotten my Thief to run in 1680x1050 on my quad core machine using Vista with a little tinkering, but now the only problem is the cinematics are not working at all.

    The cinematics load and play fine the very first time I start the game up after installing, after that they do not work, not even trying to run them with Windows Media Player. I tried everything suggested at the two above links and this thread, and finally got the videos running out of the folder, but I'd like to see them running in the game too, if possible.

    Can anyone offer me any ideas whatsoever? I love Thief, and I want to get the whole Thief experience again, in all its glory.

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