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Thread: Thief Dreams/Nightmares

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    Quote Originally Posted by dr. cello
    Not really a dream, but...
    I'd been playing Thief for a really long time the day before. My friend called me and woke me up, and I didn't get around to answering it. I said, 'I'll just reload the gamesave and get it when he calls again.' He calls later, and I was all expecting the call, but then he tells me he'd called before, and I was really quite baffled.
    I didn't understand a thing you just said.

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    I had a friggin terryfying dream last night. Dreamt I was playing the last level of Thief III but it took place near a castle or something. And I WAS Garrett, instead of merely playing him.

    Well anyway, there I was, outside the castle, and the FRIGGIN DOORS slammed open and out came this weird flying-demon-bat-like creature-thingie and yelled at me with a diabolical voice. I tried hiding in the shadows, but the god awful thing spotted me in the deepest of shadows and proceeded to slaughter me

    Woke up and was really scared, I mean REALLY scared, for real. A true nightmare.

    Also dreamt about Bafford's and stuff before but those dreams were far more phsycedelic than scary

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    Well, ive never had a thief related dream but I did dream the other day that i was a fugitive from justice being hunted relentlessely by friends and family, and Tommy Lee Jones for a crime I didnt commit.

    It might have something to do with a movie I watched.

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    Wow, eerie timing on this thread...

    just last night I had an extensive dream about the Cradle. It wasn't set up exactly like the Cradle, but it did have
    a "beginning" section which was creepy but unihnabited (and therefore somehow more frightening), and another section which was inhabited by the puppets.

    However, the main problem in this dream was that my flashbombs WOULD NOT WORK!!! Last time I played through that mission, just knowing that my flashbombs were available made it easier for me... but this dream was just cruel. For some reason, in the dream it wasn't a simple matter of tossing out a flashbomb. You had to press a certain button, and there were just too many buttons that had all these stupid options, like "small area flash", and none of them worked. I would toss them out and the puppets would get curious and go over and investigate, but no flash. And I realized I had a limited amount of these things and I was running out....

    The other problem was that I felt incredibly weighed down by all sorts of packs & pouches, which were filled with things like flashbombs and, I assume, loot. So it made running around very difficult, and getting out a flashbomb was more than a matter of pressing Tab or "F"; I had to root around through all this crap. I guess it just goes to show you, it would be no fun being Garrett in real life unless you had some of that mysterious equipment of his, like the limitless, weightless backpacks and insta-flashbombs.

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    My thief dreams are kind of boring, I normally have them when I go to bed right after playing an FM. I'll end up having a dream that I solved a particular puzzle that was annoying me or something like that. I KNOW I've had some freaky Cradle-related dreams.

    On a completely non-dream related note, right after I played Thief: The Dark Project for the first time (while I was still in high school), I realized that in my gym class there was a kid named "Garrett", and another kid named "Constantine". Not sure if there was a girl named Viktoria though...

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    (Hehe, cool error; "Thread Necromancy Warning: The post you're replying to is more than 30 days old." yeah yeah, I know. But this is the "official Thief Dreams thread, so here it goes)

    I realised this as I was documenting my last dream in my "Dream Journal", and would you beleive it, I didn't actually realise I'd had a Thief dream until I was writing about it.
    I'm sure it was inspired by Beverage_Man's cartoon. I had it the night after seeing it.

    I was at one of the Medieval festivals we have here, except the location was huge, grassy fields, in the middle of what seemed like an endless forest, with undulating landscape. (A lot of medieval stuff, performances, battle re-enactments etc. happened that's not nessecary to go into detail here) I was part of some comic releif group (like jesters) and we were charged with looking after all the kids of the re-enactors while they went to a big banquet, in the night. Our group and the kids were all in the entertainment room of a pretend single story 'mansion' that was made of tent and wood, but looked and layed out like one (but scaled down), complete with mood setting orange torchlight from 'torches'. There was 2 boys and 2 girls in our jester group, including myself. One of them was Kate, my ex-girlfriend and best friend in the world (in real life). After we had finished our show for the kids, only 2 of us had to stay and look after them for the rest of the night. It was Kate and I who decided to stay. The other two went back to their camp. We changed from our jester costumes into nobles robes.

    Then I remembered there was supposed to be a Thief re-enactor that was going to go around and ‘steal’ things in the evening, and everyone had to be on the lookout. I suddenly remembered, because while in a quieter section of the ‘mansion’, I heard outside the faint sound of the drawstring on a bow stretching back (you know the sound ). I heard it more than a couple of times, and I thought of the poor suckers playing guards for the other tents. They must be getting 'arrowed' and having to play dead. I went and reminded Kate to keep a sharp eye out for the Thief character, and help keep all our fake 'valubles' safe.

    Then, the strangest thing happened: it became real all of a sudden.
    The mansion was real, and was fortified with huge castle like walls around the outside, and had a huge portcullis for a main gate. The owners were out with their friends, we were looking after all their kids for them. I remember the sense of our relationship with the owners - we were essentially servents for them, but we were good friends with them, and dressed well, and were on a higher level than the standard servents in the mansion.

    I was making my way to the entrance foyer to remind the front gate people to keep an eye out for any intruders tonight. I went into a darkened hallway that lead to the front gate, and pressed my head between the bars of the intermediate smaller portcullis gate that lead to the entrance foyer, and called out to the servant in robes standing watch in the foyer, to be on the look out for intruders. It was dark in there, and the only light coming in was from the moon through the very high windows up on the front wall. They were placed so high, to make it hard for intruders to get in. There is no way up the stone wall outside. Banners hung either side of the windows (they were red with gold designs on them). The front wall was made of solid stone, over a foot thick, you could tell by looking at the windows. A safe, reassuring sight. A storm was coming outside, and the occasional lightning flash would cast light into the room briefly. When he didn’t answer, I thought it strange because I could see his silhouette standing in the middle of the room in front of me, and I was sure he was facing me. I called out to him again, and was then confused to see him slowly bending over, towards me. I peered closer, the lighting flashing again and again, lighting up behind him. The thunder was getting loud. As he continued to bend over, another flash of lightning lit up the back of his torso and the arrow shaft protruding from its center. I froze and another flash of lightning lit his back up again, as the reality set into my head and he finally fell to the ground. I ran back into the main room and frantically told Kate to get the kids to a safe place. She knew what was going on, and I grabbed all these important scrolls that had something to do with the kids and the parents, and shoved what I could into a small room I found, and realised it was perfect to hide us all, because it only had the one door, no windows, and a roof that was separate from the rest of the main roof. And the key for the door was sitting on the floor. (It was copper with two large loops on the handle bit) We could lock ourselves inside. I could hear some noises out in the main hallway in between the thunder claps. The Thief was doing something to a door, trying to get through. Like a quiet banging and picking. I called out to Kate and ran back to the main room. She wasn’t there of course, and neither were any kids. She had taken them all somewhere safe. But I knew how hard it would be to find a decent safe room. She was probably still looking, and I had one right here. I called out louder, but there was no answer. I called out again and again, running around to the adjacent rooms, wondering why she couldn’t hear me – there was a perfect room right here, if only I could find them all! The noises the Thief was making on the door were still going. Then the dream ended abruptly and I woke up.

    Yeah I was dissapointed too Well it was scarey at the time, I usually wake up if it looks like something bad is about to happen.

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    Sounds interesting Domarius. I usually never have dreams, and I don't have any about thief. I have been neglecting it for awhile now.


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    To be quite honest, I'm really proud of that dream. It was so movie-like, and realistic and atmospheric. The last dream I had that was like playing part in a movie, was way back in high-school. But I was just your standard Rambo character - Thief is WAY cooler. Even though I was just one of the poor scared nobles

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    I think I had a dream once that I had gotten T2 very shortly before I actually acquired it. I don't remember having any Thief-related dreams other than those, but I might have had one or two.

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    I think that I've had my first TDS dream, though it could not have been a very good one as I don't remember it per se, I'm pretty sure I had it though. What a shame, there's so much rich fare for dreams/nightmares in TDS.

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    I keep having dreams about the spiders and the big sipder locked up in Shipping and Receiving. In the dreams I am either being chased around by them, or their meat ends up in soup.

    Which is kindof funny, because when I was little my scariest nightmares were of spiders. But after I played thief, they were sometimes replaced by thief spiders.

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    i had a dream once ,that was around 1999 wen i played Thief The Dark Project ,i was stuck in the Haunted Cathedral for almost 3 months so i keep having dreams about that mission ,like me against spiders zombies burricks ><, well playing thief in those days was scary all that ambient sound ><, i used to hear those sounds when i use to come home late in the night , this game is really good

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    It's actually quite a spoiler, but after the end after Thief DS, my dream started:

    I was with the Pagans, I was a Pagan myself, and we saw Garrett run away from the ending point of Thief DS. So one of my companions shouted:
    "It bes Garretts! Now we bes killsie him!"

    So they both ran up to him, while Garrett ran away too in a complex I made in Oblivion

    After that, I ran back up to them, and the last thing I could remember is that we walked up to a shadow, with our swords drawn. And then my mobile phone rang...

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    You know you need to start going outside more when you dream that you are playing a videogame.

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    Lol. I thought it wouldn't happen to me, but it did! I had two Thief style dreams once, which I was Garrett and I was doing the Bonehoard mission. I was surrounded by zombies and just as they were about to attack me, I woke from my dream.

    Funny thing is that I thought those were the coolest nightmares I had, more cooler than the one being attacked by Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie.

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    I once had a really amusing dream.

    I was first dreaming something else, and at some point I was helped by a mysterious stranger, and then this stranger assisted me in teaching a score of young Keeper Apprentices how to shoot arrows... Not the normal Thief arrows, but liquid chocolate arrows. I remember demonstrating the effect these arrows had on opponents, which is an immobilising/distracting effect - the person struck by a liquid chocolate arrow stops to lick the dripping chocolate off themselves, forgetting about everything else for a while.

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    Around a year and a half or so ago, I had a couple thief related nightmares.
    Here is one...

    I don't remember how it started but at some point it seemed to me that I was in some sort of underground...structure. It's best described as a sort of underground colosseum. A large open area in the middle, not a circle but more of an oval shape arena. The place was four stories tall, and lit only by a large hole in the cieling, bringing in a large light shaft from the surface, although you couldn't see the sky, illuminating everything with a sort of dull grey twilight. The place was in ruins, some pillars were only half there and still crumbling. In the dream I was standing on the top floor, the open area to my left and looking down the long hallway to the other side. The place had one AI wandering around. An undead from the noises it was making. I remember hearing it skulking about somewhere on one of the floors below me. I never saw it but I could always hear the rasping breath and dragging limbs echoing off in the distance somewhere. I could see a sort of shadow move between the pillars down below occasionally, seen on random floors. (but never mine thank god) Dark doorways leading to various halls and rooms dotted the walls all around the colosseum but unfortunately I never got to see past them...I just remember standing there, gripped by fear, expecting that damn rasping thing to come through the nearest doorway and spot me at any minute. I recall something about frantically climbing up a rope arrow dangling from the hole in the ceiling to escape the shadowy thing standing below me (never saw it clearly). I tried to avoid looking at it as I was climbing but I new it was watching...just waiting for me to lose my grip... And I did.

    Luckily I woke up after falling a few feet.

    This dream inspired one of the missions in Drysil and I's upcoming campaign so hopefully I'll be able to make it as eerie as the dream. (doubtful but I'll try)
    I frob on the first date!

    My youtube channel. Songs and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poison Ivy View Post
    I once had a really amusing dream.

    I was first dreaming something else, and at some point I was helped by a mysterious stranger, and then this stranger assisted me in teaching a score of young Keeper Apprentices how to shoot arrows... Not the normal Thief arrows, but liquid chocolate arrows. I remember demonstrating the effect these arrows had on opponents, which is an immobilising/distracting effect - the person struck by a liquid chocolate arrow stops to lick the dripping chocolate off themselves, forgetting about everything else for a while.
    Mmmmmmmmm. Liquid choclate arrowwwwws. *Gargle gargle gargle*

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    I recently dreamed that some friends and I had been placed in charge of making Thief 4. Of course, none of us had any sort of training, or any budget to work with. Not to mention that, as far as I know, only one of them even knows what Thief is (and he's not even a fan).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzambey View Post
    I recently dreamed that some friends and I had been placed in charge of making Thief 4. Of course, none of us had any sort of training, or any budget to work with. Not to mention that, as far as I know, only one of them even knows what Thief is (and he's not even a fan).
    Lol. Sounds like the production team who made T: DS.

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    These things seem to be on the loose lately. I had another Thief dream last night. More like a nightmare, actually.

    It started out well enough. Sneaking through some part of the city, dark sky, dark buildings. . .this cool fountain that was built rather spectacularily, though rather annoying because the water arrows kept returning just as I climbed down after fetching them. It was one of those odd dreams where I was Garrett, (funny, when I am a woman, not a man) but myself, and the perspective could not decide whether I was in his body or tagging along behind him. Hazards of the game, I get involved, but maintain a sense of yourself?

    Anyway, somewhere along the line, it sort of slid from being in this place sneaking around, to being in this place while my older sister (who I have not really had much to do with in 7-8 years) somehow got hold of the cds and came rushing in all upset. Now, mind you, she came into this dark part of the city that Garrett and I were trying to explore, and while she was trying to talk to me, perspective still kept flipping which made it rather odd. But anyway. She was all upset because she had gotten a copy of this game that she knew I was playing and played it today and went off into a big rant about how horrible and how evil it was and how I couldn't play it anymore. Which of course I wasn't about to listen to her and besides, those water arrows needed to be got! It ended when my mom called me in to and told me to bring my disks with me that we needed to have a talk. In that tone you just KNEW the family was going to tell you to give up this 'evil' thing and get back on the straight and narrow.

    It bothered me so much I woke up rather irked with them all. Though of course as soon as my head cleared, I realized how silly it was, though scarily accurate at the same time. Not that they could tell me to stop playing - I'm not only an adult, but my computer and my Thief games were in no way purchased by them. But I can see my sister doing something of the sort (she's ten years older than me and has a 'she's just the baby sister who needs someone to set her straight' complex about me). My mom would probably just make lectures about how its affecting my behavior or my life, but she wouldn't force me to give it up. Nor do I believe its evil. (got some nasty stuff in it, but most good stories do!) But it sure got me awake!

    And no, I don't bother letting my mom - never mind my sister - know what I am playing, or overly into if I don't think they'll approve. And since neither of them understand the gaming thing anyway. . .no sense in letting them get a glimpse of this. But darn, I wish I could go explore that city place again. It was interesting and had the perfect 'feel' of Thief, only it was new. (and real)

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    Alarm clocks are evil.

    I've been wanting to see a Thief dream really badly lately... And tonight I started dreaming one.
    I was walking in the city and when I reached Garrett's apartment there was a piece of paper on the door that read something like this:
    "Welcome to Garrett's house. If you've come to visit me, knock. If I'm not at home, hang around, do some stealing and try again later."

    Hilarious... XDDDDDD

    And THAT's just where the alarm clock woke me up for school!

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    Whats the go with the fetish for putting XDDDDDDD in every one of your posts ivy?

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    What's wrong with the go with the fetish for putting XDDDDDDD in every one of my posts ercles?

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    "XD" is the most annoyingly effeminate emoticon ever. so unless you're female, or your name is bridget, don't do it.

    actually, don't do it anyway.

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