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Thread: About the forums, now as Thief 3 is released soon...

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    About the forums, now as Thief 3 is released soon...

    With Thief 3 being released very soon it's obvious there'll more discussions about it, and a ton more spoilers. Wouldn't it be a good idea to split this forum into one for general talk about the game, and another which allows talk of spoilers? I'm required to wait a bit longer before I get the game since I'm in Europe and I'd kill myself if I ever get anything spoiled before I even get the game.

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    David took care of that in this thread:

    Basically, the spoilerless T3 general discussion forum will merge with the other Thief general discussion forum and there will be a new Hints and spoilers forum for the game, just like for the previous two thief games.

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    Ah, nice. Thanks for the info, I must have missed that other thread.

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    Yeah, we're one step ahead of the game.

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