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Thread: mini preview

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    Registered: Apr 2000 mini preview

    T'won't be there for long, but check out the main home page for CNN under "technology"

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    wheeeeeere ?

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    Why not just provide a direct link?

    Not much there. It's a starred "review", so I guess that means they actually played it. Maybe.

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    Originally posted by sethL
    Why not just provide a direct link
    ...just thought it would be cool to see it on the -main page- for the one and only time that will ever happen -- that's all.

    Thanks for the -real- link!

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    I'm sure it's not a review.. the language doesn't sound like it was played, but merely read about. Besides, if he (the writer) had played it, he wouldn't have had a screen shot of Bafford's library as being from DS!

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    lol the good ol Baffords screenshot.
    Still remember seeing it on the back of TDP box.

    It is a bit weird they put that picture there but's neat that they mentioned it.

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    Silly bastards.
    I have poked them in the eye about it.

    Let's see if they change it.
    ($10 says they wouldn't know how if one of us told them)

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    Thief Deadly shadows preview at AVAULT

    Also wait for some 12 hours to get a cool review from the guys at gamespy

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    and the Cnn thingie is the same as the usa today one.
    I hate it when people give short reviews.
    especially when it comes from large media corporations.

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    Ah, but does have an editorial page, to correct mistakes:
    Perhaps we should all submit corrections about the caption, letting them know that they can't just let this one go?

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    The similarities between the various reviews almost certainly means that these are press pack write ups. A gaming company, movie studio, record label...whatever, sends the magazine a big envelope with pictures, background, contacts, even prewritten releases (reviews). The Arts Editor tweeks it a bit and goes with it. Like most situations, laziness wins over every time. Hey, at least it's better than nothing, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffin
    Hey, at least it's better than nothing, right?
    I prefer nothing, as opposed to BS/prefabed "reviews" set up by the publisher.

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