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Thread: Reviews about reviews

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    Reviews about reviews

    Hello just to keep things rolling i thought i should start such a thread. Since we can all gain by reading only helpful reviews (i.e.) reviews that help you to come to a descision.

    also when replying please dont forget to rate the article [1-10]
    and your comment in about 10 words.

    Google search for ThiefS Reviews

    Please pardon my bizarre experimentation with the vB code toolbar.

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    1 st reply

    Indications of a gamespy review shortly

    A link to the usa today and cnn review
    Rating : 1/10
    Dont bother reading it its about a para long. and both the usa today and cnn reviews are IDENTICAL.

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    2nd reply


    Rating: 4/10
    Succinct and standard. Has 27 pictures.
    Some images are quite intriguing. I don't think I've seen some before.

    Check these out: no.3 / no.6 / no.12

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    That was a pREVIEW.

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    reviews about reviews about reviews

    I found Blackrats review of a review to be so brief that I was unable to assertain any critcal analysis or other reasoning behind the authors writing. I do not consider the fact a review being identical to another review that I havn't read to be a suitable proposition for avoiding it alltogether. After checking the review I found it to contain five paragraphs; Blackrat's argumnet for dissing the review hung on the innacurate claim that the original review contained but one measly paragraph. Also, I believe that Blackrat has not played Thief: Deadly Shadows and is not well place to comment. Futhermore Blackrats review was a double post which is a bit shit.

    review of a review of a review of a review
    Blackrat may be right to slam down Spix for a review of a preview in a thread clearly marked Reviews about reviews but I can't help but think that it was a little petty and marked by unusual use of capitalisation. At least Spix took the time to post some links to pretty pictures; which was nice.

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    someone should do a similiar thing as rottentomatoes
    = average rating

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    *walks out*

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    The Gamespy Review

    A good Review . Its what weve all come to expect from a site like gamespy detailed, succint and fair, hopefully indicative of other reviews to come.
    The first TRUE review to hit the net IMHO.All 3 pages of it.
    Well worth your time.

    from the review
    Excellent story, sound and voice-overs, good level design for linear missions, great lighting effects.
    Awful graphics, NPCs look like wax dummies, problem with directional sound in third person mode.

    And far as graphics go heres a bit from the gamespy DX:IW review
    Great Deus Ex gameplay, trimmed of fat; excellent amount of player freedom; good graphics; unrealistic but fun physics. Smaller in scope than original;
    disappointing AI; streamlining may initially turn off vets; high PC requirements.

    you be the judge because as far as the graphics are concerned thiefS seems better.
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    Was the Deus Ex and TDS review written by the same guy? I know they are both Gamespy, but doesnt mean its the same writer. If it IS the same writer, then he needs to be fired. But if different writers then one guy likes Ion's graphics and one guy doesnt.

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    The gamespy review leaves me very hopeful and very interested in buying the game. 9/10

    The quibbles he has with the graphics I can deal with. We've seen the screenshots. The fact that the missions are as good as any in T1 or T2 is fine with me.

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