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Thread: Watch me play the game

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    Watch me play the game

    This video was cam-recorded by Saam as I played, and Jeremy (a.k.a. Faceless on the ION Storm Boards) watched and occasionally (frequently... almost constantly) commented. There may be other people talking in the background as well. The music you hear is not the game (it's an mp3 being played on a nearby PC); in fact, the game is making no sound at all, as we are simultaneously recording the footage onto a DVR which I hope to have in my hands any day now. In the mean time, to tide you over, here's the shakeycam edition, all pro-ed up by Lazarus!

    Appologies for the darkness and the poor quality.

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    Downloading! Thanks for putting this up! Let's hope we'll see some sneaking in this...

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    Getting it now....sllllooowwwlllyyy

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    Get it from, its up now, and faster

    Damn, not so bad...

    The video isnt that great of quality but I like it a lot more than the IGN one. You actually played how I would have experimented with stuff. The loot pop-up is finally how it should be, small and to the bottom left corner.

    Thanks a ton for making the video guys. It's nice to see a veteran play. I'm actually more interested in the game now.
    The guards probly don't make out that much, it's "all good" though, heh...
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    Whew! I'm glad you said the music was NOT the game, cuz i was beginning to wonder... WHAT THE **** is going on. LOL
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    Nice vid (despite the poor quality). It's great to see some 1st-person sneaking, rather than the constant 3rd-person escapades. And although the recording was dark, some of the shadows/lighting definitely looked amazing!

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    Yay, best shaky cam video ever

    Thanks Digi!

    And lol at the guard's shoulder pads.

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    I'd like to thank you for showing us the loading, even though it was probably by accident. Cause you know no other source would show this, and it's something I was rather curious about. The loading actually wasn't objectivly too long, but it seemed to take an eternity. Though afterwards I still felt like it was the same level, but the time is a deterant enough to make me think VERY carefully about whether I'm done with a zone before I move on to the next.

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    *finally manages to breath properly* I really should have read the post before viewing the video. That music drove me nuts! Glad to hear that isn't the ingame music.

    Really good to see a pure gameplay video, I'm really really eager to test the game myself.

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    I can't wait! That looked awesome; just the dark, gloomy thiefing we've all come to love and expect. I've preordered it and I'll have it in my hands in just a week!!

    Thanks for the vid!

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    Good show Dan. The water arrow effect made me drool. Literally.

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    Yeah, when I saw that a couple of days ago I said "TREY RATCLIFF WASN'T LYING OMG"

    When he said "The first time you see a water arrow douse a torch you will PEE" I thought "yeah, whatever, Trey... We have seen them before, you know..."

    BUT NOW WHO IS THE DINK? (Hint: me)
    That's a sweet water arrow effect, all steam and hiss and droplets.

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    Was it just me, or did that chandelier/light holder at the end move around when the water arrow hit it?

    I'm very impressed with the AI animations - much smoother and more life-like than I expected. Although the res was a wee bit "not good" (I think it is a combo of the montitor refresh rate v. video recording rate) I am blown away by the environment...

    *continues to work furiously to loosen the bands that hold him in the chair the wife tied him to until the game is released*

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    Gotta say it was a pretty cool video, though I thought the splash screen when traveling through the load zone was a little unnecessary (I was kinda hoping for just a loading bar along the bottom without any screen transitions).

    The atmosphere was great, sorta had this whole setup to the dirty parts of the honeymoon vibe to it.

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    Wow.. I could almost feel the thief-ness just from watching the movie..

    I think this will turn out to be an amazing game.

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    Thanks for the vid man.....excellent game-age.....the water arrows are awesome...way cool effects........*excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard*
    What the HELL are you doin????....

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    Who was that guy who said he was Dan...? You know, the one that "Digital Nightfall" text was pointing at?

    Cool vid.

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    What the hell is going on from 2:35 to 2:48 in the clip? It looks like there's a guard trying to walk through a door, but he gets stuck so he walks away for a second, then comes back and gets stuck again.

    If that's really the case, way to go Ion Storm. Bravo.......

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    Originally posted by aerelorn
    What the hell is going on from 2:35 to 2:48 in the clip? It looks like there's a guard trying to walk through a door, but he gets stuck so he walks away for a second, then comes back and gets stuck again.

    If that's really the case, way to go Ion Storm. Bravo.......
    Is he getting stuck against another AI?

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    Thanks for the vid, Digi!

    I have to ask one thing though. The AI. How is it that you describe awesomly aware AI's in your preview while in the vid you pick a lock standing one metre away from a guard? How come the woman in the last room doesn't notice anything?

    And also...
    What the hell is going on from 2:35 to 2:48 in the clip?

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    she/her ⚧
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    As Faceless notes at one point in the preview, "I think you're playing on normal." He's right, I was. I forgot to switch it to expert when I started up the mission for recording. If it was on expert, throwing the cup should have alerted the guard, but it did not, so I had to use the noisemaker arrow. (I was watching his shadow to see if he moved or not.)

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    very very cool
    Thanks for putting it up Digital Nightfall!
    I'm glad they fixed up the loot messages.

    THe metallic glowing doors seem to be still in though...but oh well...I can live with that.

    Looks GREAT

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    Downloading now on 56k I'm glad you said you were on Normal Dig or i would of lost it if i saw all that AI standing around doing nothing.

    Edit: Damn corrupted file!

    More editing: So theres's no way any respectable TTLG'er will be using normal or even hard then by the looks of it - expert all the way baby
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    Thankyou Dan! Ok, I am now getting excited.
    First person looks so much better than third, I really don't understand why they didn't release any official videos.

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    Anyone got the proper links? No sign of it at the one given here nor at

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