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Thread: Everyone's too cynical

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    Everyone's too cynical

    Is it just me or has the jadedness of this forum increased? Right after Digital Nightfall posted his final Thief 3 impressions, it seemed as though most people's fears as to whether or not Thief 3 will be a decent game were alleviated. Recently however I've noticed a lot more negative posts. What's the reason? Is it because the game is so close to release? Or am I just imagining things?

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    Oh the irony.

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    No comprendo. Explain yourself, if you would.

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    Cynical? We just want to be like Garrett

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    Duh! I guess that's what davodeth meant by his terse reply.

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    What is the point of this post? Do you think we should all suspend critical thinking because it might lead to negative conclusions about the game?

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    2 more dayyyys :OOOOO!!!!

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    No. Skepticism is good, but it just seems somewhat imbalanced now. It's almost as if some people are wanting Thief 3 to sucks. As for the purpose of this post, hell, I don't know. I don't expect it to solve anything.

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    I'm not sure why "balance" is preferable. Generally a game is either good or bad on the whole, either way I suppose this constitutes an imbalance.

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    By "balanced" I was referring to the overabundence of negativity toward Thief 3 vs optimisim towards Thief 3. It would be a shame if Thief 3 succumbed to the same fate as Deus Ex Invisible War. Arguably all of the negative press Invisible War got from gamers hurt the game's sales and image. Although I didn't play Invisible War (played the demo though) I'm positive the game wasn't the abomination most people make it out to be. Now regardless of whether Thief 3 turns out to be a great game, can't you see it being hurt by the cynicalness of gamers?

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    The essence of balance is detachment

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    I'm definately not saying indifference is the way to go.

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    Things were much much worse a few months ago. Already many people have eaten their words. More will do so in the coming days and weeks. Or not as the case may be. To say more at this late stage is to flame unnecessarily.

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    I reread my original post and concluded it has kind of an accusatory tone to it. It's really serving no purpose. Therefore I end what I started.

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    Sorry gga_nate, didn't mean you by that

    I'm pretty pleased with the way things have brightened up, actually. For what has been over the years a thoughtful and positive forum things were getting rather nasty for a while, that's all.

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    If there is far more negativity toward TDS than optimism then perhaps it is because the game--given what we know of it so far--deserves it. Since a game is generally either good or bad according to most people's standards, their opinions of the game will reflect that and so be similarly "unbalanced." Most people who played Daikatana (I was one of them) agree that it is, on the whole, a bad game. Similarly, most people who played Half-Life agree that it is, on the whole, a good game. In each case I don't think the imbalance of opinion is a bad thing, it's simply what it is.

    As for the game being "hurt" I really don't understand what that means. TDS is finished, it's already on CD's in boxes ready for retail sale, so I don't see how anyone can hurt the game at this point. If it sucks then it deserves to be criticized, and if it's good then it deserves to be lauded. But it's dishonest to attribute negative opinions of the game to cynicism, as it implies that all normal, non-cynical people are happy with what they see of it.

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    Originally posted by gga_nate
    Right after Digital Nightfall posted his final Thief 3 impressions, it seemed as though most people's fears as to whether or not Thief 3 will be a decent game were alleviated. Recently however I've noticed a lot more negative posts. What's the reason?
    I dunno about everyone else, but my reason is that I found out Digi likes DX:IW too.
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    Yeah but the thing is, every single preview has been very positive, and every single negative comment I've seen has been, at least to a degree, speculative or unobjective. I'd call that a form of cynicism myself. The healthy sort, born out of 'concern for a loved one', but cynical all the same. I still expect it'll vanish once the game is out.

    Edit: except in the case of Mr. Barrel'o'Laughs above of course

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    Previews are always positive, since the previewers are at the mercy of the developer for (flattering) information. Now, Digital Nightfall's preview is really a review in my book since he got unmediated access to the game itself and evidently played at least several full missions. That review is positive, overwhelmingly so in fact, since it goes out of its way to minimize and/or dismiss all the concerns that have been raised about the game. Combine this with the fact that he was given an all-expenses-paid trip out to ISA and it becomes clear that it's not exactly an objective review.

    Anyway, here's hoping for a demo sometime soon.

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    When someone's invited to Austin to visit Ion Storm and given a personal tour of the facility, and get one's picture taken with the project manager, and then offered to play the game, one is not likely to give an impartial impression of the game. Unless one has the balls. One thing is for sure though. In a couple of days all of us can get our own impressions of the game. Hopefully we will find it every bit as good as all the previews have claimed, despite the fact that not all of us have a picture with Warren.

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    *raises his whiskey glass to Coffee *

    Well said.

    And Nanol,

    I don't think anyone on this board, no matter what side of the argument your on, has yet to eat thier words because of a few peoples impressions of pre-release "made for critics' build of the game.

    That buffet will be reserved for Wednesday.

    And, yes, I think Master Nightfall is too intelligent and shrewed to bite the hand that fed him. From what little I could gleen from his posts, he's far too much of a gentleman to spit in the face of the very hosts who took them into thier home.

    For now, I'll continue to voice my opinions like a free thinking individual. No matter how misguided.


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    It's all just a moot point. Negativity, optimism... whatever. It's May freaking 23rd. In not two hours, it will be May freaking 24th... then the 25th, then release day. We will all be playing the game.

    People can say whatever they want now, and half of them'll just end up looking like fools in a few days because everyone will know what turned out right and what was crap.

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    2 more days...

    SCREAM! OMG OMG OMG! Man, I'm glad I have Tuesday and Wednesday off..I'm gonna vegitate in front of the monitor when the game finally decides to get off it's ass and release itself.

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    I also happen to think that it won't matter who gets proven wrong after Wednesday: Everyone who had an opinion leaning to one side or the other will continue to hold fast to that idea.

    Think about the arguement "Which is a better game, Thief 1 or Thief 2?"

    These are both games we have in our possession now, and have had for years and years, and yet still, no one side will concede to the other.


    Because it's personal preference.

    So even if certain technical and artistic arguments are put to rest, I don't think either side will ever concede to other in terms of whether or not it is a good game.

    Once the hard facts of the game are made plain and put to bed, there will still be the abstract of whether or not it's any good.

    That arguement, like those presented for Thief's predecessors, will last as long as people have the ability to think for themselves.

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    I'm positive the game wasn't the abomination most people make it out to be
    You didn't spend £30 on it...

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