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Thread: ONS-Dreamus released.

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    ONS-Dreamus released.

    Just finished an Onslaught level for UT2004.

    Step 1: Get UT2004.

    Step 2: Since my site is down, all download links can be found here:

    As well as screenshots.

    So hurry up smacktards! Download it!
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    Looks like the site is down, precious.

    *Sits and waits*

    Stupid fat hobbits.

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    <strike>Yeah... down... Hey Dario, how bout you mail me your map ( and I'll toss it up on Digital Nugget for the other TTLG'ers?</strike>

    Its back up
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    Make sure to put up the screenshots for lazy people like me, too.

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    Follow the link - always follow the link.

    There are screenshots there

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    Yeah, I know, but the site was down.

    The level looks rather...well...empty. I'll check it out though.

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    Thread Necromancy! Hah!


    Anyway, my map, Dreamus2 has just graduated into a Dreamus2.5...

    It has an online server reset bug, but works great offline against bots,... AAAND it's a beta... Im not sure if I'll ever find or be able to fix the bug though, so this beta can be considered a final release, because a fixed version may never see the light of day.

    You can get ONS-Dreamus2.5 at my site below:

    (see screens here)

    (download it direct here)

    Enjoy, if you've UT2004
    Dreamus2 won 4th place in the Make Something Unreal Contest - but this one, Dreamus2.5, is what I wanted Dreamus2 to be.

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    Uh oh, you'd better hope Daxim or ZylonBane doesn't see your site.

    <small>Here's a hint: if you want to text in your page, have text. Not a 800 x n jpeg file.</small>

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    I know, I know. I'm still working on it.

    I just put up the new layout a few days ago and am still in the process of compromising it's beauty for the incompetent low-res people.

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    On this day, just over a year after the post above this, I return to remember this thread, that has somehow remained near the top of the first page of this forum all this time.

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    You planning on doing any UT2007 work? Something tells me that the new physics engine will make designing new parts off the game very different.

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    Yeah. I'm working on a really big UT2007 mod

    Sorry, no resources are available online yet, unless you want to see the "small" version of the mod for UT2004. (this video is very outdated, but shows some weapons and gameplay)

    UT2007 version will have new weapons, vehicles, character models, maps, and gameplay. All of the content for it is already about 40% done.
    Something tells me that the new physics engine will make designing new parts off the game very different.
    I think the only "major" difference will be that they're raising the detail bar for mapping, so mappers will have a ton more modeling to do, and won't be using BSP nearly as much anymore, just because it doesn't look that good. But yeah, there will be lots of new features too, but most of which are just toys that take a few minutes to get the hang of. Physics will just be a matter of assigning a few properties to an otherwise static mesh, most likely, if it's anything like Half-Life 2 mapping (which is most likely the case).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dario
    Yeah. I'm working on a really big UT2007 mod
    That sounds like good news, Dario. I liked the look and feel of your previous work.
    Since I'm not following it ... it isn't released yet, is it?

    The quotes I got were a little ambiguous:

    is due to be released on PC and PlayStation 3 in the second quarter (April-June) of 2006.
    If history is any indication, though, UT2007 will be released in late 2006 to early 2007
    And of course the homepage for the game is just a .gif.

    What sorts of things can you really do (aside from planning the maps, etc, of course) before the game is actually released? Just curious.

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    Hey demagogue,

    Well, we can make the actual content now. What we're doing is making as much as we can beforehand, for UT2004, and releasing a basic version as a UT2004 mod, which will essentially be a warmup for the UT2007 version. As soon as UT2007 comes out, we're gonna move everything over, and that's where the new gametype, vehicles, and maps will come in (those wont be in the UT2004 version).

    If you wanna see some of the guns in action, you can look at this dev vid (its quite old, but is still a good way to preview them):

    For now it's just me and one programmer, but we're gonna get a team together for the UT2007 version, and tackle it one release at a time, gradually making it bigger and bigger.
    Ambient Sounds Pack (for FM designers)
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    Gunreal Beta Released (UT2004 stuff)

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