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Thread: Red Sun 2020 released

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    Red Sun 2020 released

    Hey all

    The largest Deus Ex FM to be done for Deus Ex 1 so far, Red Sun 2020 was released today after several years in development.

    I`m downloading it myself at the time of my creating this thread but it appears to be the equivalent of an expansion pack. And should keep any Deus Ex fan busy for quite some time.

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    Registered: Apr 2004

    I never thought this mod would see the light of day.

    I don't think the creators did, either.

    Many thanks for the head's up.

    Downloading now.

    Edit: i think it's pretty self explanatory, but make sure those of you who grab this bad boy also grab the TITAN texture patch (especially GOTY version players), and the 1.01 patch. Apparently, they had problems immediately after release. The patch came 24 hours later...not bad!
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    which one do u download

    pls forgive my ignorance but which one do you download???

    The Installer the manual installer or do you have to download them all separtely? I want to go to a Cyber cafe and would like to download it in one go so I can burn onto a disk and take it home



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    Download the 116mb "Redsun Installer". You`ll also need to download the "Titan Texure Package" and "Patch v1.01".

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    Thanks for that

    Thanks for that man. I will only need 3 disks then

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    Played it over the last couple of days (gaming time was apparently 8 hours to the minute), although technically I havent finished it, as one of the many bugs seems to stop me from finishing it.

    Unless I just cant find Redsun. I found his two agents, but they wont talk to me

    Of course, this problem could be linked to another - namely an accumulation of uncompleted objectives (about 5 I think), although I actually have done all of them, apart from
    finding TGM building #1 in Otemachi
    I believe this is because it is possible to do some of the objectives around the warzone city (can't remember the name) in any order you want, apparently. For example,
    I went to the bank first, before being told to... thus I had the conversation telling me to and the objective remained afterwards. I also met the woman in the Aqua Grill before being told to
    Elsewhere, there are a couple of Augmentations canisters that carry no augs.

    However it's an excellent game visually; the atmosphere (helped no doubt by the excellent music), in my opinion, is easily equal to that of Deus Ex. The dialogue manages to be both informative and funny (unintentionally in the case of the typos in the Kabuki Cho). The only area that significally lacks behind Deus Ex is the narrative/characterisation, in that much of the story seems like irrelevant side-tracking and that there is virtually no characterisation.

    I have to say I found the
    Lost City
    General's house map
    deeply unsettling. I have no idea why .

    Anyway, it's absolutely stunning in certain areas (especially Tokyo, the Kurosuma bases and Otemachi-Ku) and never dips below satisfying. If the obvious bugs in conversation, aug canisters and dialogue are sorted out in a patch, it will definetly take its deserved place at the top of the Deus Ex mods list.

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    Meeting RedSun in the Train Station

    The objective is to meet Redsun in the 2 train stop area.
    I am not sure if I have done this right but I come accross
    2 guys in the train station, one of which looks like Paul Denton (but is called Alan) and another guy with a mustache called Kaneko. Nothing happens when you try to talk to them so I tried to kill them and got an error msg "cannot find URL exro1.dx. What am I supposed to do here? Surely there is a last fight or something

    Also what is with JC Denton running around in certain cut scenes. Is this suppposed to happen or is this another bug.
    Is he part of the story

    Some help would be appreciated.


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    Is the site down now? Every time I try to go there I get some messed-up stuff.

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    Location: Ottawa
    Anyone have the webspace to host it and/or mirrors? The site is indeed down.

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    Ok after alot of searching I`ve been able to find a mirror for the files.

    Redsun 1.12 Installer:
    Titan Texture Package:

    For anyone who already has the mod but is currently having problems there is a 1.12 patch available also which you can grab here:

    I got the links from here:
    in the "latest files" section.

    I`d recommend grabbing these files ASAP as the site is only mirroring the files from

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    icemann, you kick ass.

    Is the "Patch 1.01" you mention above still necessary with the 1.12 installer? That is, does it patch the mod or the texture pack?

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    Icemann, I have only one thing to say to you...


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    ignatios: version 1.12 + the titan texture package should be all that you need as far as I know. Considering the fact that the installer now comes at version 1.12, there should be no need at all for any earlier update patches.

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    Odd, shortly after I start the game, it crashes to the desktop comeing up with a weird message *No, I'm not about to go and find out what it is. The thing is 4-5 lines of pure gibberish, as far as I'm concerned. Looks almost like directory listings though... alot of > in it*

    This is with 1.12 version, and I put the Titan.utx into C:\DeusEx\Redsun\Textures *That IS where it goes, right?*

    EDIT: Nevermind, after I asked, the stupid game finally decides to work.
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    The installer is bitchy on me. When I start it, all I get is an error message saying "noDX".

    I suppose that this means "no Deus Ex" - as in, the installer looked at my registry and didn't find any key stating the DX install path, hence it quits. I've carried my DX installation over from like five Windows installs ago, hence there probably are none of the original registry keys present.

    Request #1: please make the installer work even when no DX path is found in the registry and poke the user to enter the path manually.

    Request #2: could anyone tell me which reg key contains the DX installation path so I can manually create it?

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    Location: Germany
    I can't help you with #1, but here is my registry key for Deus Ex:

    You should copy & paste the text after the "---" into a file with the extension ".reg".

    Note: I play it with Win XP Pro SP1a - hence the "5.00". I recommend exporting an example key with your registry editor to compare and modify if necessary.

    After this you have to modify the path to the game - obiously.

    The "Version"-Key could be a problem for you - it's from the German multiplayer patch so you'll probably have to modify this as well.

    After you have modified the file you can simply double-click it to incorporate it into the registry.


    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Unreal Technology\Installed Apps]

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Unreal Technology\Installed Apps\Deus Ex]

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    Just wanted to give a little positive feedback.

    Cool architecture and level design and pretty solid gameplay. I'm having a blast going through this. I just got to the Tokyo metropolis area and I was very wowed byt he convincing look and feel of city, would've been sweeter if more of the buildings were open and if there were less limitations on the numbers of chars that could be on the map.

    A few things however:
    all of the guards seem to be mute.Their dialogue appears but they're not actually saying it. Because they are mute it seems that they are unable to call for help anymore. I was beating the crap out of a guard with a baton and he said "oh my god" and "i need backup" However the guard in the same room standing 5 feet away just kept staring out the window like nothing was happening.

    Plus while the maps and gameplay are great it seems this mod would have been greatly helped with more plot/character interaction as xenomorph stated before. Most of the dialogue so far is there for humour purposes while all of the more important info is on data pads/books.

    Anyways, good stuff, I'm gonna finish this mod once i get the chance.

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    Yeah nice one, but even once patched, do not dare to enter a level without saving, if you screw up the right sequence you wont get any progress.

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    Should I download it now, or would you guys reccomend waiting for further patching?

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    Location: Melbourne, Australia
    I`d recommend grabbing it while its still available for download on the mirror site.

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    Thanks for this mod!
    I haven't actually PLAYED any Deus Ex in a very long time.
    Although I did enjoy it, Invisible war didn't quite scratch where it iched..

    "Ich bin ein rache Gottes."
    You are God's wrath?
    This reminded me of the old Blues Brothers line "We're on a misson from God."
    Is it an attempt at translating a Japanese war expression?

    What is this phrase auf English bitte?

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    Sounds german.

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    Very good mod

    I'd encourage anyone who enjoyed Deus Ex to d/l and play this mod. It's very well done, very funny, and has some great levels. I've played it most of this weekend and really enjoyed it.


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    Sorry to bump this, but I'm playing this mod now, but I don't really know what to do next. I am in Tokyo, and just found out that
    the JR rail admin has been killed. I needed to find the murderer, and killed a thug near his office. Was that the murderer? He didn't carry anything useful (keys, for example) and nothing happened when I killed him. I went to the roof, then down to the bookshop but can't find anything relevant to the mission.
    Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Funny that nobody has any remarks on how hard this game-mod is..
    Took me hours to just get the info to advance beyond the inital levelstart.

    Untill now it seems to be more of an exercise in how to figure out the correct
    steps one at the time than engaging gameplay. But we'll see how things evolve beyond the start.....

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