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Thread: What is the deal after you fall asleep in Casino's Car

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    What is the deal after you fall asleep in Casino's Car

    You arrive in this weird area with programmer's crdits flying around the place and talk to someone huge luminous being and then you are stuck there. Is that the end of the mod already? A bit nonsensical if it is as the game does not end and say to be continued after you talk to the luminous one. Please let me know if there is a way past it so I can finally test the weapons without turning the killswitch getting me straight away

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    It's the end of this episode. Casino tells you to save the game before heading off with him, and the gentleman you talk to explains, in his own fashion, what's going on.

    Have you gone to the training rooms downstairs in Cassandra? There's a number of challenges for you to try out all the weapons you desire in.


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    I have already been to the danger rooms but left unsatisfied. I had played the ANT mod before this which was all action so I guess I was suffering from adreneline withdrawal.

    Any idea when the next chapter is out. I get wait to actually get into the story in depth

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