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Thread: Post here for posterity's sake

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    Gone, but not forgotten
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    Post here for posterity's sake

    We did this last time, so let's do it again - it's always fun to look back.

    When you purchase T3 today, log the time, place, and price (if you want) here.

    This also means - don't post reviews, questions, or other comments here to clutter up the thread - there are already 50 threads on any other subject you could want to discuss - leave this thread as a roster of who got the game first today so we can log it away for future reference (for what, I have no idea, but some of us enjoyed looking back to the T2 thread on this topic).

    Awesome to be here 4 years later for this!

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    Heh that gives me an idea. Why not just save the entire forum onto a CD or DVD and bury it near ISA in a time capsule?

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    Gone, but not forgotten
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    Got it. 11:16am CST. Electronics Boutique - $39.99 U.S.

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    At 3:02 pm on 5/26/04 Fedex delivered Thief. Xbox version.

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    11:30 at Electronic Boutique...41.99 and that includes tax!

    First time through...anti-Ghosting.
    Everyone dies...period!

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    9:00 AT E/B....break over...must play

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    1:00 p.m eastern time, e/b, $42.79 with tax.

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    2:18p.m. Pacific
    Comp USA


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    No idea really what time... umm.. probably around 11am eastern time. EBX. Used a gift card for it. $42.79 says the recipt.

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    2:00 p.m. Pacific time, EB, $42.79...

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    2004-05-26 11:26 MST

    $42.49 (incl. tax)

    Electronics Boutique, Provo Towne Centre (I'm surprised they didn't add "Ye Olde" when they named that mall!), Provo, UT

    Lat: 40.217600 40:13:3.360N
    Lon: -111.659222 111:39:33.199W

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    Well postcount++

    Today 5/26/2004 at 5:32PM EST $42.39 with tax at EB store

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    Bought the game, twice.

    EG Games #101 11:54 AM. $39.99 ... Defective.

    Exchanged, same store, 17:02 PM ... Vendor damaged box.

    (Post edited four or five times to remove angry comments.)

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    Showed up at my house at 8:39 am(according to UPS tracking system) I was at work. GF brought it to me approximately 9:10, Talked to her and then made this post stating I got it.

    At first I thought I might have been the first to get it but it looks like larcener had it in his hands first

    Bought from EB games-ordered it at 2:17 pm yesterday, overnighted it and it showed up at 8:39. Pretty good

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    Wednesday 26May04, Gamespot, Millcreek Mall, Erie PA, 10:35 am...two minutes after it hit the shelf.

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    Purchased at Gamestop over here in San Jose, CA at approximately 4 pm Pacific. Had to go straight back to work because it was my lunch hour. Can't wait to get home and install this puppy!

    One thing though, I probably won't be frequenting these forums much while I am playing. One thing that ruined my experience while playing Thief 2 was constantly running into threads without spoiler warnings on this forum. This was mostly during the first two weeks when the game was first released. So ta ta! I am not going to let newbies ruin my experience this time!!

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    Best Buy, Crestwood MO, May 26 @ approx 4pm. PC Version. $39.99 + tax.

    First we went to the newer Best Buy in Brentwood, where T3's absence was conspicuous. After having to hunt down a clerk (that had never heard of Thief), he "checked the computer", which had an entry in the Notes column that said something like, "Arrives May 27". So he informed me it "doesn't come out until tomorrow".

    I told him, "Nope, comes out today. Can we check some of the other stores?"

    So he pulls up the stock screen that shows all the stores in our metro area, and oddly, it showed every Best Buy EXCEPT this one had 6 or more copies on hand. Brentwood showed zero. This is not the first time Brentwood didn't get day-of-release stuff on day-of-release. I'll hope to remember that next time I want something on day-of-release.

    So off to Crestwood, where, again, its absence was conspicuous. The nearby clerk knew it wasn't on the shelves, but wasn't sure if it was "in the back". So she went to check. And came out a few minutes later with all 6 store copies in hand. Yay! Now they only have five copies.

    I like the case. Thief is the 2nd game I've purchased that has a "DVD" case (first being UT2K4 DVD Edition). Too bad the artwork is identical on the DVD case and the outer cardboard sleeve holding it. Maybe that means that later it will only come in the DVD case, and the sleeve will be a collectors item!

    Time to install this bad boy, and see just how it runs on my non-state-of-the-art system:

    AMD 2800
    1GB 333 RAM
    On-board 5.1 sound (I have an Audigy 1 on hand if needed)
    Asus nVidia Ti4200 128MB
    19" Samsung SyncMaster 955DF flat-screen monitor


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    5/26/04 8:19 pm
    EB Games, Orlando FL
    39.99 + tax

    I'm currently installing and on the third disk. Crossing my fingers that it works.


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    Location: The Bardo
    (CANADA has not got this game yet )

    **I will edit this with my experience when it finally arrives. They are saying it will cost $49.99 CN plus TAXTAXTAXTAX.**

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    5/26/04 9:04 AM
    EB Games, Fort Worth TX
    39.99 + Tax

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    EB Games, Ft. Oglethorpe, GA
    $41.06 w/ tax

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    May 26, 2004
    6:56 p.m. EDT
    Brooklyn, New York
    $39.99 plus $3.45 tax = $43.44

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    I haven't purchased yet... but you all over paid.

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