<p>Now that <i>Thief: Deadly Shadows</i> has been released we think it is time for a little change here in the Thief forums.</p>
<p><i>ALL</i> Thief III Hints and Spoilers are to be posted the brand new Thief: Deadly Spoilers forum. </p>

<p>Tech Help threads are to be posted in the Tech Help forum</p>

<p>All other <i>Thief: Deadly Shadows</i> discussion is to be posted into the Thief Series General Discussion Forum.</p>

<p>Later on tonight, the Thief III Anticipation forum will be closed and archived. Until then it shall remain open to allow replies to existing threads so that they may run their course. New threads may not be posted in the Thief III Anticipation forum.</p>

<p>If you have the game you better scuttle off and play it! </p>