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Thread: T2 FM: Out for a Revenge (May 27, 2004)

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    T2 FM: Out for a Revenge (May 27, 2004)

    And it is now uploaded to The title of the mission is "Out for a Revenge" (I should have found a better title ), and the file you should look for is "", with a size of slightly less than 10 megabytes.

    Download links (added by nickie)

    Some story information is included below, but in general this is a city/mansion mission that can be played in many different styles and has quite a number of rooms to explore and also lots of AIs to deal with in whatever way you like.

    You may also download my older mission ("Retrieval of the Soul", in case you haven't done so yet - chances are that if you like one of the missions, you will like the other too; the design style is similar, but the new level is larger and more difficult.

    And now here are some screenshots (note: these are from the alpha version, but the final can only look better), and the story.


    "A week ago, Lord Ramsden offered me a job, that I refused - I did not want
    to get involved in his dirty business; that was not a lucky day for me, though:
    he already had plans on making use of me in a quite different, but still very
    profitable way, in case I do not want to work for him. When I was about to
    leave the pub where I met one of his men, several guards were waiting for me on
    the street; it was a well planned ambush, and I did not have much chance to
    escape. They brought me into Lord Ramsden's prison, to keep me there until
    Lord Ramsden comes to an agreement with the City Watch about the reward to
    be paid for successfully catching me alive. Fortunately to me, they had quite
    different opinions on the prize, giving me enough time to escape from his
    prison, which was really only suitable for keeping drunk guards and peasants,
    and not a person with my skills. As I quietly slipped out of the prison (a few
    of his guards will surely regret trying to imprison me), I already had some
    plans on a revenge.
    Killing him would be an option, however, I have a better idea; with all the
    attention of the City Watch on me these days, murdering someone would surely
    not improve the situation. On the other hand, if I could come up with some
    serious evidence about him, then not only would Lord Ramsden get what he
    deserves, but all the commotion about his case would divert the attention from
    me for a while.
    And, there is definitely something I can use against him: some lady has
    recently disappeared after a party in Lord Ramsden's mansion. Rumors say
    that the lady knew about Lord Ramsden's dirty secrets, and blackmailed him;
    she was probably murdered in the mansion, but no one has any real evidence, and
    the body was never discovered. And, the corrupt officials of the City Watch
    were not really interested in arresting a rich and influential person like
    Lord Ramsden. While they did investigate, they did not really try hard to
    find out what happened. However, it is quite likely that even the most corrupt
    official would no longer hesitate to arrest him once there is sufficient
    evidence ... and I will come up with that for sure !
    This night, I will break into his mansion, and search around. If I find
    something usable (a diary or a letter written by him, with details about the
    murder, for example), I will steal it, and, using my connections, pass it to
    the City Watch. Lord Ramsden imprisoned me, but now he will learn what it is
    like to be in a prison.
    Of course, while I am there, I will not miss the opportunity to grab from his
    wealth - he has much more than he deserves anyway, and there is the possibilty
    that I will not find any evidence; then, at least, I do not break in for
    nothing. I will take the Hammerites' prized gold hammer from the chapel as
    well: not only is it worth stealing for its value, but it may even happen that
    the Hammers will accuse Lord Ramsden for being involved in the theft ... and
    what those fanatics do to alleged thieves can make the prisons of the City
    Watch favorable in comparison. It is important, however, that Lord Ramsden
    must not know about the break-in, otherwise he would have a chance to escape
    from the law, or send his men after me to silence me like that lady.
    As soon as I have everything I was looking for, I will quietly leave the
    mansion, before I get caught or some evidence of my break-in is discovered by
    Lord Ramsden.
    I start on the streets of the City, and need to find a way to break into the
    mansion ... there are chances that it will not be easy (although the good thing
    is that I can loot a few houses on my way to the mansion; the City has many
    rich merchants, who will probably not miss a few bits of their wealth until it
    is too late). To make things worse, there are many guards on the streets, and,
    knowing about my escape, and the reward, they will not hesitate to catch me as
    soon as they spot me. I can only hope that at least the unarmed citizens will
    ignore me unless I threaten them or break into their homes.
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    Excellent. Well done on your release Istvan. Just gotta wait for Jas to put it up now.

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    Can't wait

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    Excelent, I have been really looking foreward for the release of this fm ever since you first posted screenshots of it. Excellent job Istvan.

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    Cool. I LOVE Thief 1-style missions done with Thief 2 editor. And I love Hammerrites. I'll keep an eye on this mission, I want it as soon as possibile. Thanks Varga!

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    Another good reason to neglect cleaning the house ...

    Downloading now...

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    i played the old version and liked the potential it had, but i must admit i love the challenge of this one, especially not letting lord catch me, took me a second attempt after failing the first time lol. although this time through i couldnt find 290 loot, or 3 of the secrets, got all them pickpockets. must try expert next. then even though you said it was easier. well done

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    I'm playing this mission and I'm enjoying it a lot. One thing thoug...Birds during the night?? In which world? Terribly out of place, ruin the nighttime atmosphere. For the rest, it is almost delightful

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    Great FM. Just like playing Thief Gold again, only this is for T2!

    I do like your arches, more rounded than they usually are in FM's, and i love the Ambients down in the
    Caverns with the Spiders!
    The atmosphere is great too.

    I also liked the use of the old textures, mainly seeing all the old AI again.

    I was enjoying this FM until something happened. For some reason, when i quick-saved and loaded again, that chappie became aware of something in the Library, even though there was nothing in there, and the mission ended! I hadn't done a proper save so the only thing left to do is start again! (I hate it when things like this happen!) I rarely play FM's more than once as i have other things to be getting on with like my own FM or now, learning Anim8tor.

    This is a great FM and is a classic in my books. Well done!

    One last thing...
    Is there anything to find in the Chapel per chance? I searched high and low but didn't find anything! None of the Banners can be slashed! I at least expected a hidden door or something behind one of them!

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    golden hammer on alter

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    Oh! Well apart from that one item!

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    Ooh!! Downloading now. Thanks Istvan Varga

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    Not that I have found. I'm now looking for the

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    there is a secret that goes from the ladys bedroom to the library, in the library be vary careful that lord is super tweaked, the safe of importantance is in library, and takes timin so lord dont get jumpy, and you fail the mission

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    Yeah I found it and no matter what I try he seems to catch me even when I'm no longer in the room, maybe he sees the little door open. I've also had it crash to desktop 2 times. Frustrating as hell. I know this level from top to bottom because I alpha tested it and the changes he made are well done. If you have any tips on how to get the evidence please let me know.



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    wow! with all these fm's out i feel like this month was my birthday instead of last month!

    thanks taffer!

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    Haven't played this one yet, but wanted to say to Fallen keeper that real nightbirds do exist. We have them here, they swoop around eating night flying insects, and they have a very mournful call. And then what about the black-crowned night heron? You can't expect him to start mucking about during the day, now can you?

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    maloo make sure you use the
    button to turn the light off by safe, hide in crouch right next to safe and corner, now unitl he makes his loop and heads back around the corner to go down by his office, then pick with first pick till you get a click, then wait for him to make another loop till he heads to the office then pick again, now the third time you must be fast pick, open safe fast, close safe, close outer door that you picked, then on his next loop, hit the lights and scuttle back to the corner you entered the library secret. DONT PICK any where on his loop till hes bout to turn the corner to go to the office.OR it will fail.

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    I really enjoyed this mission Istvan. A very good little town mission followed by a cracking mansion. Heaven!!
    Thanks again

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    Got a fresh start this morning and I finally got the book without him spotting me. Now on to the loot!

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    If you are blackjack-crazy like me than the fact that blackjacking someone once and he/she doesn't go down is not amusing...

    what is this blackjack made of? feathers....???

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    The blackjacking attack was changed so you must hit them on the head to make to fall down

    Even then it does not work every time as I found out

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    Excellent mission Istvan Varga in classic theif style. wild_inferno9 I tried what you said to open the safe without him seeing but where ever he seems to be he notices when he passes the safe. The light is off by the saf so it is in shadow but this still doesn't work. How did those who have finished do it?

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    Nice mission. Good layout, good architecture, not too wild about the tweaked AI though. I understand why you'd want to do this as the default AI are pretty easy especially with being able to lean forward and conk em' on the forehead. I just wondered if I was playing a different game in few places as things didn't work the way I expected them to. Definately not wild about the light switches that don't work anything like you'd expect. Overall a good mission marred only slightly by a few little annoyances.

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    about AI and blackjacking,
    I think, that, except two or three guards with
    extra-hard helmets, all humans can be blackjacked, if their
    alertnesslevel is exactly zero. They do not get audibly
    suspicious immediately above zero - there is a certain
    alertnesslevel-range between zero and the point, where
    they start to talk suspiciously. And in this range they
    also cannot be blackjacked. For me it always worked,
    when I was sure, that they couldn't have heard a bit
    and when they were talking to themselves. In the case
    of the thieves, I also had to be in darkness (even after I
    was already sitting behind them for minutes.)

    Yeah, I love these AI-tweaks - and I love the huge number of
    AI (I played on hard, for getting more AI,
    while I normally always play expert)
    This mission is hard in a nice way - no boring slalom-running
    around guards in too many shadows. To beat this mission,
    one has to be really awake - thank you, Istvan Varga

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