Well, looks like non-NorthAmericans aren't SOL after all.

The demo for Thief: Deadly Shadows is -- barring horrific disaster -- going to be made available sometime on the 28th of May.

That's tomorrow (for me), probably three days ago for Australians... I have no idea how they do things, they're all insane down there.

RedLegg says it will likely be up sometime before lunch PST (GMT -8 or something, depending on stupid DST settings), will consist of the training level and the first mission, and will weigh approximately 450M.

When it is available, I will provide linkage. Hopefully mirrors will abound... otherwise we'll just have to kill time at Planet WaitingLine or something.

If anyone is able or willing, start thinking about BitTorrent and other sharing solutions now.

Official Demo.
Training Level & First Mission.
May 28th.