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Thread: Demo Download Links

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    Demo Download Links

    This thread is to be used to for download links to the Thief III demo only.

    No chat, no comment, nothing else because it will be deleted. - Requires free registration.

    Eidos FTP - Very busy - appears to be corrupt, not recommended.

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    Note that the direct links from Giga are just temporary. Better you registrate an account for free.

    German users may find this link useful. Gamestar offers the demo for Gamestar Premium Users, or you can pay 1 Euro through 'Firstclick' to download the file:

    Download @ Justgamers
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    Frans, from 3D Gamers, dropped a line via email to tell us the demo is now available on the site! They have a bunch of mirrors including a Bittorrent one.

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    More mirrors

    FilePlanet (Probably not worth it unless you are a subscriber)

    GameSpot (Again, subscribers fare best)


    It's probably best to wait for a few hours, mabe tomorrow, if you want to get good DL speed.


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    Quote Originally Posted by David
    That ActionTrip site just seemed to lead me around in circles forever. Gave up and torrented it.

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    BitTorrent and Direct Download links
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    It has now been posted to the binary newsgroup.

    For those who don't know how to use newsgroups go here to learn.

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    A large number of mirrors can be found here:

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    For Australians on Bigpond Broadband

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    Thief 3 Demo Download

    Here's a good site for thief 3 demo download, lots of mirrors.

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