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Thread: Con't get to ENG2if you have a heart HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Con't get to ENG2if you have a heart HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In single player there is an engeneering 1 level and an engeneering 2 level. At the end of the engeneering 1 level I go to the big door and hit the button and it starts loading the engeneering 2 level, But then it will just sit there and never load. It could sit there for a millenium until the computer finally explodes due to lack of matinence. I figured out that the engeneering 2 level is the file ENG2.mis, and it is on the sshock2 CD in the folder D:\SHOCK. My CD is scratched and i guess that is why it can't access the file, so if anyone could go into their cd, copy the file(ENG2.mis) and attach it to an email to send to me, I WOULD BE ETERNALY GREATFUL. My email address is

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    Post your message in the Shock 2 Hints and Spoilers forum.

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