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Thread: Thief III Technical Help FAQ

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    Thief III Technical Help FAQ

    Before posting about why your laptop can't run Thief III, please read the minimum specifications on the box or read them <a href="">here</a>. As far as any of us know, nothing else will run Thief reliably. If you find a workaround to any of the minimum requirements (Win9x in particular) we would love to here about it. As we get more common solutions, we will post them here.

    <a name="tooslow"></a><b>Thief:DS Runs Slow. How Can I speed it up?</b>
    Check out the <a href="">Thief 3 Tweak Guide</a>. If you're uncomfortable with that, check out the <a href="">T:DS Tweaker v1.1</a>. It's not a finished product, but it might give you the helping hand you need.

    <a name="remap"></a><b>I can't remap my keys!</b>
    Try unplugging your gamepad and reconfiguring your keys then. There seems to be some sort of incompatibility in between the two. MS Natural Keyboards also occasionally have problems.

    <a name="corrupt"></a><b>It says I have corrupted files.</b>
    Are you running Windows 95, 98, 98se, and ME?
    These Operating Systems are not supported (you should have read the box ;)). However there is a workaround, although the game may be unstable.
    See this thread for instructions.

    <a name="loadtimes"></a><b>Long Load Times / Using NOD32</b>
    If you are experiencing long load times (2min+) and using NOD32 try this:<ul><li>Open the nod32 control center (nod32kui.exe)</li><li>Disable AMON and Imon.</li></ul>Thanks to Myrmex + deadman.

    <a name="ATI"></a><b>ATI Cards - problems</b>
    Try Catalyst 4.4s. Least amount of problems, afaik. <a href="">Download them here</a>. There have also been reports that the <a href="">Catalyst 4.9 Beta Drivers</a> also clear up issues. Try these at your won risk. Thanks to Omega for the 4.9b link.

    <a name="nvidia"></a><b>GeForce Cards - problems</b>
    Try the 56.72 drivers. These seem to work for most things. <a href="">Download them here.</a> Mandrake has also reported that thte 66.93 drivers also work well with Thief III.

    <a name="flesh"></a><b>Flesh failed to initialize! </b> error message.
    It is almost certain your graphics card is not compatible with Thief III.

    <a name="toofast"></a><b>Game runs too fast?</b>
    Do you have an AMD 64 CPU? If so you need to disable "Cool 'n Quiet" while playing Thief 3. This can be done like so (BobPage's solution):
    Go into control panel and set your power management options from "minimal power management" to "always on" whenever you play Thief 3.

    More answers as they come!
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