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Thread: Thief 3 - Tweak Guide

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    Registered: May 2004

    Thief 3 - Tweak Guide

    Please do not post in this thread.

    Many players have taken issue with a number of features and oddities in Thief 3, such as the atomic blue color that floods the menus and interface. This thread is a guide to tweaking and altering the game's configuration files to alter or remove these annoyances. Most of these tweaks involve editing the game's .INI files using a text editor such as Notepad, but some will require you to download a file that will modify or replace your game files.

    WARNING: Use these tweaks at your own risk. Always back up your files before you modify them, in case something goes wrong; in any case, at least you'll have a copy of the original settings in case you need to revert to them for some reason. The majority of these tweaks should be perfectly harmless, but we're not responsible for what happens when you mess with your game files.

    Since all the tweaks we've found will no longer fit in a single post, I'm opening a new thread. This way I can neatly archive all tweaks in one thread with multiple posts, and without any extra mess. Again, please do not post in this thread. If you have a request or contribution to make, please post it in the Thief 3 Tweaks - Requests and Discussion thread. This will help keep this thread neat, tidy, and easy to navigate, as well as preventing the discussion from being interrupted by a huge redundant post just because I needed more space.

    Finally, not all of these tweaks are mine- I'm just maintaining the list. If you have a question, you should ask the person whose name is credited immediately below the name of the tweak. For example, if you need help with the "Disable atomic blue frob" tweak, you should ask Myagi.

    See here for an introductory guide to tweaking Thief 3.

    Table of Contents
    Menu Tweaks
    Graphical / Interface Tweaks
    Gameplay Tweaks
    Performance Tweaks
    Miscellaneous Tweaks
    Editing Tools
    Tweaking Tool
    Minimal HUD
    Cheaper Items
    Covered Arms
    High Res Textures
    Custom Difficulty

    August 5, 2004
    Added replacing load screens, no pausing when reading books, ragdoll rigidity, remove back button from book screens, blackjack animation speed, removing blue glow behind weapons and items in the HUD.

    June 19, 2004
    Added Radeon lockup fix, game shows through pause window, remove bouncing arrow from briefing window, remove music and ambient sounds.

    June 13, 2004
    Biohazard added links to table of contents.

    June 7, 2004
    Added debug menu, disable eye zoom sound effects, information about AI difficulty bug.

    June 6, 2004
    Added retro menus, changing frob highlight colors, a new loot glint bitmap, alter loot pickup messages. Bug reports for menu blur, remove load zone confirmation, remove frob highlight, weapon/item HUD options.

    June 1, 2004
    Second update today. Here's what's new: disable load zone confirmation, remove the Thief 3 logo from the main menu, remove version number from the main menu, remove the load screen that appears when you start the game, moving saved game directory, S_Hole's Thief 2-style main menu.

    June 1, 2004
    Added the following: move loadscreen text down, disable motion blur, health bar always on, eye zoom tweaks, enhanced shadows, remove weapon/item selection text, diminished arrow trails, diminished loot glint, increased difficulty, links to DXTool.

    May 31, 2004
    All the tweaks from the old thread up to S Bodi's gear-clamp removal tweak are now archived here.
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    Registered: May 2004
    Disable opening movies
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    I'll start us off with an easy one that I discovered very quickly, and that others have probably already found as well. When you first start Thief 3, you are greeted warmly by five- count 'em, five- movies, introducing Eidos and friends. If you're like me, you don't like clicking through all that every time you want to play the game. Fortunately, it's easy to disable them.

    1) Open DEFAULT.INI, located in the Thief 3\System folder. [If you've never played with INI files before, you can open them in a text editor like Notepad.]
    2) Find the line that reads '[PCStartup]' (no apostrophes, of course).
    3) The very next line should say 'ShowIntroMovies=True'. Change this to 'ShowIntroMovies=False'.

    Now when you start the game, you'll be taken directly to the loading screen.

    Intro movie plays on startup
    Contributed by dhaelis
    Found a way to get the intro movie playing instead of all the corporate logo info at the start of the game. Initially, we find this in the default.ini file:

    d:\content\t3\VideoTextures\Copyright.bik;d:\content\t3\VideoTextures\nvidia.bik;d:\content\t3\Video Textures\eax.bik

    Replace that information with the following:


    Disable 3D Thief logo on the main menu
    Contributed by revelation2k
    To get rid of the Thief: Deadly Shadows overlay title in the main menu:

    In T3UI.ini, search for the section [MainMenuWindow], and comment out the following line:


    so that it looks like such


    Retro main menu
    Change the main menu to something more like Thief 1 or 2. Place the .bik file in Thief 3\CONTENT\T3\VideoTextures.

    S_Hole's Menu (disable the 3D logo first) (Screenshot)
    Kinger's Menu (disable the 3D logo first)
    Dave Angel's Menu (requires 3D logo)

    Change font size
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    If you think the font size for your objectives and the "Tips" on the loading screens are grotesquely huge, you can change them. Open DEFAULT.INI and change this line under the [FontMappings] header:

    'Papyrus14__tp=Papyrus_21,0.81,0.80' to

    Changing 0.81 to 0.61 (or any other decimal value) will scale down the font size. This will affect load screen tips, your notes and objectives, the help screen you get from right-clicking on your equipment, and confirmation dialogue boxes ("Are you sure you want to quit?").

    Modifying Papyrus12 affects the size of dialogue subtitles and the size of the text that appears below your item or weapon icon when you select it:

    'Papyrus12__tp=Papyrus_21,0.61,0.80' to
    'Papyrus12__tp=Papyrus_21,0.50,0.80', for example.

    This may leave you with blank lines at the bottom of the briefing window. Try out the following tweak to fix this.

    Change "Papyrus" font to "GoblinHand"
    Contributed by trouble_dart

    The VTCGoblinHand_18 font referred to in the [FontMappings] section in the Default.ini file looked a lot better, so I thought I'd subsitute every reference of "Papyrus_21" with "VTCGoblinHand_18."

    Voila! The resulting change makes the HUD menus look a LOT more like classic Thief. However, it also affects briefings, debriefings, load text, flavor text, et cetera. Also, it doesn't have lowercase letters to speak of.

    Some of it works, like the objective menus and the flavor text. Some of it won't, I think -- like the briefing and debriefing menus.

    Increase lines displayed in scrolling menus
    Contributed by Goboperlaminiki
    One thing I found annoying was that the scrolled text in the menus (for the mission objectives, mission briefing, etc.) only displayed in the upper part of the window, making you have to scroll a lot when the lower half of the window went unused. I found the settings to change this in T3UI.ini. The variable is NumVisibleRows, and instances of it are found under many of the window sections. I changed several of these to 14, and now the text is displayed down to just above the "back" button. Here are the menus I changed:

    [FenceWindow] (I only have the demo, so I couldn't test this one)

    Note that the number of rows you want to make visible will probably depend on the font size you are using for the menu text. I'm using 0.50 for my font sizes.

    Disable loadscreen tips
    Contributed by Mentalepsy

    "Stealth tip: Your opponents will search for you if they get suspicious. Avoid them, and they might not catch you."

    The "Easy Way"
    If you want to turn off those oh-so-helpful "tips" that show up on the loading screens, go to Thief 3 -> CONTENT -> T3 -> Books -> English -> HelpText.sch. Open this file in Notepad, and just erase the entire file. Don't delete the file, but delete all the text inside it. I'm pretty sure this is safe, as I haven't encountered any problems, but make sure you have the original HelpText.sch file just in case. This is much, much faster than the "Safe Way."

    The "Safe Way"
    If you're uneasy about the Easy Way, just change all the English strings from "Tip: don't let guards see you!" to "", an empty string (two consecutive quote marks). Voila, no more loadscreen tips. This can take quite a while, though.

    NOTE: Deleting the strings from HelpText.sch only disables the tips, such as "Put out torches with water arrows" or "Guards will hear you if you run across metal." The flavor text- quotes from Hammerite chants and so forth- is NOT affected by this tweak. They will still show up, but they will appear partway through the loading process, then disappear. See the "Loadscreen displays ONLY flavor text" tweak to fix this.

    Alternately, you can replace these tips with your own, or with flavor text from the first two games (thanks to Nupraptor for this idea).

    Disable loadscreen flavor text
    Contributed by Mentalepsy

    "There is nothing as promising as the opening of a book. There is nothing as final as its shutting. - Keeper Scribe Lessons, Part 4"

    If you want to remove the flavor text that appears on the load screens, repeat the above process with Thief 3 -> CONTENT -> T3 -> Books -> English -> String_Tags -> Quotes.sch. However, you'll have to replace each quote with a " " (a space) instead of an empty string, or you'll get a message about having no messages to display. NOTE: As Nupraptor points out, removing these quotes may cause you to miss out on certain details of the story, so keep this in mind.

    Loadscreen displays ONLY flavor text
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    For those who like the flavor text, you can set it so that the load screen displays ONLY flavor text, displays only one per load screen, and displays it the entire time the load screen is up. This is a good option for people who want the flavor text, but not the tips.

    Go to DEFAULT.INI and scroll down to the very bottom where it says [HelpText]. Make the following changes:


    Now whenever the load screen appears, you'll just see one of the quotes from Quotes.sch. Note that unless you clear the HelpText.sch file as mentioned above, you'll still see a tip pop up at the very beginning of the load screen- when the screen has appeared, but the load bar hasn't yet started moving. If you don't like the help text, I recommend clearing HelpText.sch manually. Again, flavor text is contained in Quotes.sch, hints and tips are contained in HelpText.sch.

    Lower the text on load screens
    Contributed by Mentalepsy

    You can add a blank line anywhere in Quotes.sch or HelpText.sch by inserting [p] into the string (with < and > instead of [ and ]). Adding one at the beginning of each string should be enough. Fortunately, you can do this very quickly by using the Replace feature of Notepad. Just run the Replace command, type in ' "' (that's a blank space with a " after it- no apostrophes, of course) for what you want to find and ' "[p]' (space, ", [p]) for what you want to replace it with, and hit Replace All. Fast, easy, and spoiler-free.

    Non-English Text
    Contributed by Erluk
    To see the French, Italian, German or Spanish texts in the game, edit your (Thief3)/System/Default.ini. There is a section called "Locale" around line 829 where you can comment out the line "Language=english" [Place a ; in front of it] and uncomment your target language [remove the ;]. Note: to actually save your changes, remove Default.ini's write protection.

    Disable lighting in pop-up windows
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    Some windows, like the item help screen and the load/save confirmation screen, feature a bright light in the center of the window. To get rid of the spotlight, go to the [LargePopupWindow] in T3UI.ini, and comment out these two lines (put a ; in front of them):


    However, this will darken the buttons in some windows, namely the "Are you sure you want to quit?" window.

    You can do the same with [MetaGameLoadSaveConfirmPopUpWindow] to tone down the glare when you load or save your games, as well as when you confirm that you want to leave the current area.

    Disable blue background fog
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    If you want to disable the swirling blue smoke that appears in the background of your save/load menu and in your mission briefings, just open T3UISoup.ini and set Active=NOT. You'll now have a pure black background, more like Thief 1 and 2 menus. You might want to raise the intensity of Metagame lights 1 and 2 (T3UI.ini) for better contrast.

    Altering the loadscreens
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    In default.ini, under LoadingScreen, you can turn off the Thief logo, the "Loading..." text, and the progress bar.

    To remove the logo, place a ; in front of:

    To remove the "Loading..." text, place a ; in front of:

    To remove the blue progress bar, set ProgressWidth__t and ProgressHeight__t both equal to zero. The thin yellow line will still be there, however; this is part of the background graphic.

    You can also change the position of these elements.

    dracflamloc has been able to get a black screen by editing the loadscreen graphics. By manipulating these settings, we could get a black screen with "Loading" in the middle, although transparent would be even better (just like Deus Ex). There's a bunch of "BlackScreen=TRUE" settings for the windows in T3UI.ini; maybe one of them controls the screen blank when you activate a loading zone.

    Disable startup load screen
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    Here's an extremely simple way to disable the startup splash screen with Garrett running across the rooftops. Just go to your Thief 3\Content\T3\PCTextures\DynamicallyLoaded directory, and rename to something like Now when you start the game, you'll see a totally black screen (no image, no logo, no progress bar, no nothing) while the game loads, and then you'll be taken to the main menu. This also seemed to decrease my startup time slightly. If you ever want to change it back, just restore the original filename (

    Remove version number from the main menu
    Contributed by Jahandar
    Remove Version number from Main Menu screen:

    In the file T3UI.ini under the [MainMenuWindow] section, comment out "VersionWindow__p=VersionText" by placing a semi-colon (";") at the beginning of the line.



    Game screen shows through pause window
    Contributed by Orkin Man
    I just found something that (IMO) makes the pause menus look a little better, and makes the blue background fog make a little more sense. Look for the [PauseWindow] section in your T3UI.ini, and put a semicolon before the "BlackScreen=TRUE" line.

    Now the game will show through the blue fog when you're in the pause menus.

    Remove "bouncing arrow" on briefing window
    Contributed by revelation2k
    To remove the bouncing arrow:

    In T3UI.ini:

    comment out the line:

    so that it looks like such:

    the lines can be found under each of the following sections - comment out each one:


    Replace loading screens
    Contributed by aldous
    you can also easily replace the level loading screens (these images behind tips, with garrett's head on the left) with the rooftop scene from initial game loading in hi-res, just by changing names of/deleting *.dds files [in "t3/PcTextures/DynamicallyLoaded" dir.]that refer to levels, e.g. to if program doesn't find them, displays that rooftop scene.
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    Registered: May 2004

    Graphical / Interface Tweaks

    Disable atomic-blue frob highlight
    Contributed by Myagi
    This will eliminate the electric blue corona that appears when you frob an object and replace it with a flat color of your choice. It looks very similar to the frob effect in Thief and Thief 2. You can download Myagi's patch here, here, here, or here. This patch also allows you to disable the loot percentage readout when you pick up loot, disable loot glint, and disable arrow trails. Download the file and extract the EXE into your Thief 3/System directory and run it. A menu will appear, where you can choose what you want to enable and disable.

    Mr. K. and Eep have provided some links to help convert RGB color to the zero-one color settings used in Myagi's patch.

    KNOWN BUGS: Garrett will "glow" in third person in your chosen color. Some items may become unfrobbable.

    Remove loot glint or arrow trails
    This can be done with Myagi's patch, above.

    Change frob highlight color
    See this post for a dull brown highlight or this post for a greenish one.

    Also see John P's misc. texture pack for the above three tweaks.

    Remove "Loot found so far" percentage readout
    This can be done with Myagi's patch, above.

    Remove lockpicking window

    Remove motion blur

    Diminished arrow trails
    Contributed by _gotcha_
    It is possible to replace the hideous blue trails with a weak small yellowish trail which is much less obtrusive.

    this info is based on this thread (thanks keeper_Silvas)

    1 - download XVI32 (see Editing Tools).
    2 - make a backup of the file ..\CONTENT\T3\Maps\Kernel_GFXALL.ibt
    3 - Load the file Kernel_GFXALL.ibt in XVI
    4 - do a search for the name "swooshc01" (which is the bitmap name with the arrow trail)
    5 - highlight the first letter: 's'
    6 - click on the menu "tools" and choose "bit manipulation", put a check mark for bit nr 7
    7 - the name should now read "wooshc01"
    8 - save the file
    9 - download this file (right-click, save):
    and place it in ..\CONTENT\T3\PCTextures\DynamicallyLoaded\

    If you want a different trail, let me know, but you are also welcome to try a bit of editing in Adobe Photoshop.

    Diminished loot glint
    Contributed by The Rogue Wolf
    As a way of thanks, I've done a little tweaking of my own- on the loot glint. I've dulled the effect severely; this is loot glint you're not going to see unless you're a couple of feet away and looking carefully. Perfect for the folks who don't want to give it up completely but don't like the 'beacon in the night' effect either.

    It's simple enough to use, too- just grab my altered 'partlootglint' file here, open up DXTool, open up the 'Kernel_GFXALL' resource, then scroll down to partlootglint [about halfway down]. Click 'Import BMP', select my image, and voila!

    I think I've got it to the point where it's visible in light, but not obvious in the dark. I advise that you back up this file before overwriting it with mine (by selecting partlootglint and clicking "Export BMP" in DXTool, then choosing a spot to save it... it'll save both the sparkle and the alpha-map, which you don't really need to back up).

    _gotcha_'s version is a bit brighter.

    Disable load zone confirmation
    Contributed by Indigo (Ion Storm Forums)
    This will disable the pop-up confirmation message you get when you walk into a load zone. Download the patcher here (or here for the Thief 3 demo), and run it in the same directory as T3Main.exe. Remember to back it up first.

    IMPORTANT: This tweak may not work with version 1.1.

    KNOWN BUGS: Some load zones will not let you enter. To get through them, restore the original T3Main.exe.

    Increase mouse speed
    Contributed by Redearth


    change to:


    Snowmit has another idea:

    To increase your mouse sensitivity open default.ini and find:


    I raised mine to 70 and found that the turning was much more responsive. I also found that if I had my MouseLagThreshold set to =0 at the same time that everything was kind of twitchy. So I'm running with MouseLagThreshold=75 and MouseSensitivity=70 and it feels great to play.

    Disable First-Person Head Bobbing
    Contributed by Komag

    This tweak will remove the up-and-down bobbing motion of the camera in first-person mode. Note, however, that this also disables head bobbing in third-person mode, which will look rather odd, but in first-person mode you will of course probably not notice, unless you happen to be studying your shadow on the wall while moving back and forth.

    In T3PlayerAnims.ini:

    Find the "-- NORMAL GROUND MOVEMENT --" section
    Change all [Forward1] through [Forward6]

    Binding keys to walk forward / run forward / etc
    Contributed by NoCoolAlias

    Here's how to make "S" bind to "Walk forward" and "W" to "Run forward" (plus change "X" to "Walk backwards" and "F" to "Crouch") :

    Open "C:My Documents\Thief - Deadly Shadows\SaveGames\User Options\options.ini"

    The key is the "MoveForwardBackward" command.
    By default, the keys are set as follows:

    S=MoveForwardBackward -1.000000
    W=MoveForwardBackward 1.000000

    To match the original Thief bindings, do

    S=MoveForwardBackward 0.500000
    W=MoveForwardBackward 1.000000
    X=MoveForwardBackward -1.000000

    The animations do work correctly. However, the "Creep" and "Walk" keys ("Ctrl" and "Shift" by default) are a little odd: they do not multiply the speed by a fraction, they directly change it to a new one.
    So with the new bindings, "S" and "Shift+S" are exactly the same speed (1/2 speed), and "Ctrl+S" and "Ctrl+W" are both the same speed (1/3 speed).

    Ishtvan expands on this tweak:

    To set your default movement to walk, and run when you hold Shift...

    Step 1:
    Change the options.ini file in your My Documents/Thief3 personal settings folder. Set your movement keys like so, supposing they're ASWD:

    W=MoveForwardBackward 0.500000
    S=MoveForwardBackward -0.500000
    and the same for the strafing keys if you want

    Step 2:
    Now, in the Thief3 directory, edit the file: System/default.ini (you probably should make a backup first)

    In the section "[T3Settings]" change the following:

    You now have a default movement speed of walking, and when you hold down the WALK key, you run (haven't figured out how to toggle it yet). The animations look right, footsteps sound right, and AI respond right, so I'm guessing this is all there is to it.

    Kircaldy reports problems using WASD for lockpicking when this tweak is active. However, mouse lockpicking is not affected.

    Remove Zoom Overlay
    Contributed by Jahander

    If you don't like the weird tinted look you get when you zoom with your mechanical eye (I do, but it may annoy some people), you can remove this effect by editing you DEFAULT.INI file.

    Look for the [CameraOverlays] section.

    It looks like this...


    You can either set EnableCameraOverlays to false, or set CameraOverlay_0__t to 0. Both will do the trick, but the latter has the least chance of effecting anything else in the game.

    Eye Zoom Tweaks
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    Here are a few more eye tweaks. Open default.ini and find [MechEyeOverlay].

    You can change the tint of the lens by adjusting Tint_R, Tint_G, and Tint_B. They range from 0 to 1. Here's an example of a red lens tint, which I think actually looks pretty cool. I'm happy with the default sepia tint myself, but I thought some people might want to play with different colors.

    You can also raise or lower the amount of static on the display by adjusting the NoiseMin and NoiseMax values.

    And, as LittleFlower brought up on another thread, adjusting the Gamma will increase or decrease the "night vision" effect of the eye zoom. To disable night vision completely, set it to 1.0. This will essentially eliminate the visual static, however.

    Weapon / Item HUD options
    Contributed by S Bodi

    T3UI.ini in \system folder may be the key to managing UI annoyances...

    I'm running the demo and what's below worked for me, not sure about side effects tho

    The most obvious options are under [HUDWindow]
    To disable any option place ; (semicolon) in front of it

    You can completely get rid of the item and weapon cycles by placing semicolons in front of

    Doing the above gets rid of all weapon/item icons, though. May make the game unstable.

    The file T3UILights.ini has two objects in it which are the colour of those annoying full blue screens (you know when you get hints).

    they are [MetaGameLight_3] and [MetaGameLight_4]
    you can disable them completely by changing the Active flag to NOT rather than VISIBLE

    Adjusting the HUD colors
    Contributed by Nanol
    In T3UI.ini, [MetaGameLight_1] and [MetaGameLight_2] control the lighting on Menu titles such as Loading and Options. Changing the RGB values in [HUDLight_1] alters the HUD's colour (cogs and compass) and [HUDLight_2] mercifully changes the horrible blue lighting effects on it.

    [As S Bodi noted, Metagame lights 3 and 4 are the bright blue background on pop-up windows.]

    Disable Health Bar
    Contributed by S Bodi
    open \system\T3UI.ini

    you can disable the health meter completely one of two ways

    First Way..
    under [HUDwindow]
    put semicolon in front of the following

    Second Way..
    under [HealthMeter]

    And to disable health meter except for bars which are being gained when drinking potions
    under [HealthMeterPoint]

    Remove item/weapon HUD glow
    In T3UI.ini, change




    under NextNextItemWindow through PrevPrevItemWindow, and NextNextWeaponWindow through PrevPrevWeaponWindow.

    Also change




    under PickupPair1 through PickupPair5.

    Smaller light gem and health meter
    Contributed by Thera

    //In T3UI.ini
    //change the scale of the health meter
    //In T3UI.ini
    //change the scale of the compass
    //In T3UI.ini
    //change the scale of the light gem
    Health meter always displays
    Contributed by Philky

    Open your T3UI.ini file and go to [HealthMeter] section, change the settings to the following (i also scaled it down so it looks nice )



    No third-person death camera
    Contributed by revelation2k
    For the die-hard first person users out there, here's how to prevent the camera from going into 3rd person after death.

    In T3Camera.ini, search for the following lines:

    CameraMode DeathCam
    InheritsFrom FarThirdPerson

    and replace with:

    CameraMode DeathCam
    ; InheritsFrom FarThirdPerson
    InheritsFrom FirstPerson

    Remove "clamps" on item selection gears
    Contributed by S Bodi

    To get rid of the extra "clamp" in the gears,

    in T3UI.ini

    [ItemHilightWindow_1] and [ItemHilightWindow_2]
    [WeaponHilightWindow_1] and [WeaponHilightWindow_2]

    make all Active=NOT

    Remove the word "nothing" from item / weapon selection
    Contributed by revelation2k
    To get rid of the 'Nothing' messages for both items and weapons, open the UI.sch (in content\T3\Books\English\String_Tags)

    For items, search for the section titled T_ItemCycleNoItem, and under it you should see

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 "Nothing"

    replace with

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 " "

    For weapons, go to the section right below, T_WeaponCycleNoWeapon, and you should see

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 "Nothing"

    replace with

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 " "

    Remove the word "Loot" from loot pickup messages
    Contributed by revelation2k
    Additionally, the section under T_WeaponCycleNoWeapon is T_LootPickupLoot, where you can remove the words "Loot:" that precede in the message of amount of loot stolen.

    Remove the light gem and/or compass
    Contributed by revelation2k
    In T3UI.ini:

    search for the section [LightGem]
    and set

    To remove the compass:
    In T3UI.ini

    search for the section [CompassWindow]
    and set

    Scale down HUD display items
    Contributed by _gotcha_
    You can add scaling to make the HUD less obtrusive by adding


    to almost all windows in T3UI.ini, weaponcyclewindow, itemcyclewindow, etc.

    Enhanced Shadows
    Contributed by S_Hole
    I noticed that the ingame shadows are drawn by projecting a single bitmap across the polygons
    that's System\Data\
    I hated that the light is linear, so i made it a bit more exponential, which is a lot more realistic looking
    and it works great on surfaces where the light is near the surface, but not as well where it is far.

    I took a before and after screenshots.
    The difference is subtle, and darker.
    I'm not sure if it's even worth using, but i'll make it available for those who want to try it.
    Remember to backup the original first.

    Remove weapon / item names from HUD
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    Normally when you select an item or weapon in the HUD, the name of the item is momentarily displayed below the icon. To remove this, open T3UI.ini and find the [ItemCycleWindow]. Comment out the line "ItemDescWindow=ItemDescWindow" (put a ; in front of it). Then find the [WeaponCycleWindow] and comment out "ItemDescWindow=WeaponDescWindow."

    Alter Loot Pickup Messages
    Contributed by Garrett OneEye
    These changes will move the 'Loot found' message to the bottom center of the HUD and the messages will not 'scroll' when picking up multiple items in a short period of time.

    My Compass/Visibility Gem has been shrunk and moved lower, so this location may not be quite right depending on your compass size/location. Make Pos_Y smaller than 320 if you have a larger compass.

    These changes are done to T3UI.ini file:

    Change this section:
    Pos_Y=320 ;was 192
    Pos_X=230 ;was 0
    Scale_X=0.75 ;added to shrink message (not required)
    Scale_Y=0.75 ; " " " " " "
    Scale_Z=0.75 ; " " " " " "

    And change this section:
    ChildWindow_1=PickupPair1 ;was PickupPair2
    ChildWindow_2=PickupPair1 ;was PickupPair3
    ChildWindow_3=PickupPair1 ;was PickupPair4
    ChildWindow_4=PickupPair1 ;was PickupPair5

    Remove back button from book screens
    Contributed by revelation2k
    I killed the back button when reading notes and books while keeping the functionality (ablility to hit ESC). It's a bit of a hackjob (moves the button offscreen), but it does work. There are three steps involved - removing the words "Back", moving the button offscreen, and killing the button sound when hitting ESC.

    In UI.sch (found in content\t3\books\english\string_tags folder)

    To remove words "back"
    search for T_ButtonBack and under it you'll see

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 "Back"

    change it so it reads

    lang_english 2004-02-29 21:48:00 " "

    In T3UI.ini (found in system folder)

    To move button off screen:
    search for [FullscreenBackButtonForBooksAndMaps] and under it you'll see


    change it so it reads


    To kill the button sounds:
    under the same section [FullscreenBackButtonForBooksAndMaps]
    comment out the following lines


    so they look like this


    Optionally, to complete the effect, remove the blackscreen behind the book (hopefully you've already disabled the blue soup effect) and disable game pausing.

    S Bodi provides an alternate method:
    To get rid of the back button, open Kernel_GXFALL.ibt with a hex editor
    and change the first letter in the first instance of METAbutton_BACK to something else. In the full version (1.1 but should be the same as 1.0) it happens to be at hex offset 259ED. This will get rid of the back button once you've started a game.

    However before you start a game, the back button will still display as it is read from MainMenu_GFXALL.ibt, you can also edit the same string here at offset 2806E.

    It's still messy but you don't lose escape functionality. It seems to works on all screens with a back button, and it also automatically gets rid of the text as well. You might want to use the method by revelation2k posted earlier if you don't want to edit non-ascii files.

    I don't know about any side effects tho, as usual backup files before editing.

    Change blackjack animation speed
    Contributed by hillelr
    in T3PlayerAnims.ini
    there are these sections
    and in the setions
    change the speed form 1 to 0.5(you can change to find your own speed that your happy with).
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    Gameplay Tweaks

    Remove loot glint, arrow trails, or "Loot found so far" percentage readout

    Diminished loot glint

    Increased Difficulty
    Contributed by Sneaksie Dave
    I've had some success (I'd read elsewhere that this didn't work, so I put off trying it - but it definitely works) with changing the guards' visual acuity and hearing with the [Difficulty] section in default.ini. I bumped up visual and audio for Expert to 1.5 (up from 1.2 and 1.13 respectively) and it feels a bit more like the previous Thiefs. I love the new AI, however, prior to this change I'd had too many situations where I was JUMPING in half light, trying to get guards' attentions, and was failing to do so. A setting of 1.5 feels somewhat better. [If you load a saved game, this won't take effect until you restart the mission or enter a new one.]

    Important note: There is a bug in version 1.0 of Thief 3 that will reset all AI multipliers to 1.0 when you load a saved game. This does not overwrite the settings in default.ini, only the current behavior of the AI in the game. Restarting the current mission will restore correct AI behavior. To correct this problem, download the latest Thief 3 patch.

    Reading books does not pause the game
    Contributed by revelation2k

    In T3UI.ini (found in system folder)
    search for [ReadBookWindow] and under it you'll see


    change it to read


    S Bodi provides an alternate method:

    To stop game from pausing when looking at map or reading scrolls etc and to stop the game engine from chucking your camera out of whack which was a problem noted before:

    //in T3UI.ini

    under both those sections make
    PauseGame=FALSE ;game doesn't pause
    ListenForMouseClicks=FALSE ;when you move the mouse you look around

    The latter tweak also disables the cursor on the map/scroll/book screen. This doesnt seem to be a problem with multiple screen maps/books, because it seems you can just click the left mouse button to go through them.

    I think this tweak adds some challenge, especially if you enable the background fog (which a lot of people hate i know), because you can still be snuck upon by a guard when reading and all you can do is look around, rather than react for which you'll have to hit escape which I see as the virtual equivalent of dropping the damn thing.

    Better keyboard bow sighting
    Contributed by Fidcal

    Don't know if this has already been covered but it's for players who prefer the keyboard to the mouse. You may have found that compared to the mouse it is difficult to sight the bow because each keypress turns over 20 degrees so you keep overshooting. A similar thing happens when tightroping along a narrow been - the slight keypress to keep Garrett in line overshoots the other way. It's more sensitive than T1 and T2 which were also a little difficult.

    To adjust the turning speed of Garrett and bow sighting edit the following settings in a text editor. If you use a feeble one like Notepad then you might need to take care with the suffix. When opening in Notepad, set the 'files of type' to 'all files' at the bottom of the open dialog else you'll only see txt files. When resaving, use 'Save As' and type the name in full 'options.ini' else it will save it as 'options.txt' It's wise to make a backup of options.ini first anyway so if anything goes wrong you can restore it. Guess all that's been said elsewhere. Here's the file...

    My Documents\Thief - Deadly Shadows\SaveGames\User Options\options.ini

    The keys are listed in alphabetical order. Note that some values have a minus - sign.

    Set the turn left and right keys (let's say D and F) thus...
    D=RotateRightLeft -0.65000
    F=RotateRightLeft 0.65000

    Similarly, the up/down keys (let's say U and H)...
    U=RotateUpDown 0.650000
    H=RotateUpDown 0.650000

    The above keys are reasonable for turning corners when running but still fair for sighting the bow and tightrope walking a beam.

    If you want greater accuracy then you can set different keys for sighting, etc. and just reduce the 0.65000 to say 0.33000 or even 0.2000. 0.10000 is too fine in my opinion.

    Thiefy Movement Tweak
    Contributed by Mr. K.
    Ok, i got the demo and i really don't like the movement. Garrett feels more like Benny than a master thief with cat-like dexterity (save for the superhuman jumping).

    Here's a tweaked T3PlayerAnims.ini that tries to alleviate this. Always back up your original .ini files before taffing with them, you know.

    Changes made:
    - Slower head bob -> Less motion sickness, softer walking.
    - Faster strafe transitions -> Better maneuverability (not the best, though)
    - Slightly softer breathing when idle. -> Less motion sickness
    - Slightly slower weapon animations. -> Feels better
    - Faster leaning. -> More thiefy
    - Slower fall recoveries -> No fall damage sucks. At least this should make falling a bit more annoying.
    - Some other minor thingies.

    Overall i think it feels quite better. There are lots of tiny changes (overall, movement, leaning and acting are a wee bit slower while crouched, to compensate for the sneaky bonus to crouch). The only thing that bugs me is the strafing, it's not quite allright yet, and turning the transitions to 0 doesn't help much.

    Remove lockpicking window
    Contributed by kookoo and revelation2k
    [This tweak will remove the circular lockpicking display from the screen, forcing you to pick locks by watching the lock and listening to the clicks it makes, with no help from the HUD. If you think lockpicking is too easy, try this.]

    You need to alter menus from [LockPickHUDWindow] to [LockPickHUDStageWindow6],
    and change these options from them all:




    revelation2k adds:
    Make sure you comment the following line out:

    so that it looks like this

    Change leaning speed
    Contributed by Raven
    [This was originally tweaked by Mr. K, but Raven explains it for us in more detail.]

    To customize garretts leaning speed edit the below settings. This can be done to increase the over all speed of the lean or moddng each stage of the lean - I have stuck with 1.5, 1.5, 1.5 for start, mid, end, so as to walk the fine line between cheating and not falling asleep while checking around corners. To simulate Thief legacy, I suppose you would be looking at 2, 2, 1.5.

    Lean speed



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    Performance Tweaks

    Basic Performance Tweaks
    Obviously, running the game at lower resolution and lower detail will probably improve your performance, so try this first. In particular, make sure VSync is turned OFF, or you may be artificially limiting your frame rate. Also, note that for the Light Cutoff setting, a high value represents lower detail.

    Body Awareness?
    Near the top of DEFAULT.INI, there's a line that says 'BodyAwarenessMode=1'. I'm not sure what this does, but some people report slightly better frame rates by changing it to 'BodyAwarenessMode=0'.

    3D Options
    Contributed by Mentalepsy
    In default.ini under D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice, there are a number of options available regarding graphical detail. I didn't notice much difference when I adjusted these, but I'm not sure whether this is because they don't work or because I have a CPU bottleneck. If you're having performance issues, try disabling some features here.

    Disable motion blur
    Contributed by Dareczek
    This may improve performance.

    In default.ini, make these changes:

    ; TTP 26348 - set light and shadow intensity tolerances to zero will impede performance,
    ; but it will fix this bug. They were 10 & 30, respectively. Ian and John Talley will attempt
    ; some optimizations later.

    KNOWN BUGS: May make the game unstable.

    Radeon Lockups
    If you have a Radeon video card, especially the 9600 Pro, and are experiencing lockups during the game, this thread may help.

    Miscellaneous Tweaks

    Disable Mechanical Eye Sounds
    Contributed by S Bodi

    With a hex editor [such as XVI32].

    Do a free text search for "mechanicaleye", in the demo there are four instances of it. I just changed the first letter "m" to an underscore, or anything, so the program wouldn't be able to find the right sound file.
    Editing the first two instances seems to be enough.

    [Note: Do this for instances followed by "zoom" to disable the clicking noise when you zoom in and out, and instances followed by "activate" to disable the humming noise when the eye is active.]

    Debug Menu
    Contributed by Vexios
    I've figured out a way to enable the debug menu, its a definate hack method, but it works without to much hassle.

    Simply open up your T3UI.ini file and copy everything under [DebugMenu] (that is from Type=Menu to PauseGame=TRUE) and paste it over everything under [CreditsWindow] (none of the original stuff should be left under it) do this with [T3Credits] aswell.

    Then to access the debug menu in game just press escape and goto title menu and click on credits, you'll be put back in game with the debug menu. You have to use the arrows keys and enter to do stuff and after using it you'll lose your hud until you press escape but it works. You'll have to go back to the title menu everytime you want to use the debug menu, yes it's slow and annoying and you could probably replace the item/loot screen with the debug menu but this method works.

    WARNING: Do not enter the debug menu unless you have already loaded a saved game. If you are not currently in an active game, your computer may freeze or reboot.

    [Note: If you have the full version of Thief 3, you'll have to download T3Menu.ini from here or here and put it in your Thief 3\System folder.]

    Moving the Save Game Folder
    Contributed by Jahandar

    A number of you have said you dislike the way Thief: DS stores your saved games in your My Documents folder. Here are instructions on how to change this behavior. I'm running Windows 2000, but it should work on XP as well.

    DISCLAIMER: Registry editing can cause a lot of problems with your Operating System and software if you're not careful. Although, this is not a difficult tweak, you may want to backup your registry beforehand (its good practice to backup your registry periodically anyway). As always, tweak at your own risk. Blaming Jahandar for your mishaps is strictly forbidden.

    Okay, with that disclaimer out of the way, on with the tweaking...

    For those unfamiliar with registry editing, step-by-step instructions:
    1. Open the Registry editor. Go to Start, Run, type "regedit" then press enter.
    2. Navigate to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows" using the navigation pane on the left side of the window.
    3. Look in the right pane of the window for an entry called "SaveGamePath," right-click it, choose Modify, and replace the Value Data with the location where you'd like Thief to store your SaveGames folder (I'd suggest using the location where you installed the game. Default: "C:\Program Files\Thief - Deadly Shadows").

    For those who know what they're doing:
    Go to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows" and modify the path specified by SaveGamePath.

    Notes for Everyone:
    The next time you play, the game will create a folder called SaveGames at the location you specified. If you already have games saved or if you've already configured your standard game settings (screen resolution, key binds, etc), you'll want to move/copy your old SaveGames folder to the path that you specified in SaveGamePath. Until then, you will not be able to load your saved games, and you'll have to reconfigure your settings.

    Remove music or ambient sound
    Contributed by Eep
    A quick fix (thanks to SpammersDie via the newsgroup) to get rid of music and ambient sounds is to change "MusicAndAmbienceVolume=1.0" to 0 in default.ini under the [Cadence] section.

    However, if you'd only like to remove certain sounds (like the annoying suspense crap) while still leaving in the truly ambient sounds like crickets and other natural sounds, check out my Thief page.

    AI ragdoll bounciness
    Contributed by shadowthief
    Im sure Im not the only one who think the AI physics are a little shall we say rubbery? I figured out how to add some realism to them and make their bodies more real then rubber!

    Find and open your T3PhysicsSound.ini file

    Then find the listing as below and change these values:


    Editing Information

    Font Format
    Contributed by Srikandi
    On the font format: DDS is just a compressed bitmap format that also can store mipmap data. [Fonts can be found in Thief3/Content/T3/PCTextures/Fonts]

    There's a free Photoshop plugin that will let you edit it. Works with Paintshop Pro too. You can get it here.

    Irfanview is a free graphics viewer which will display and convert .dds files, and do lots more. You'll also need the plugin pack. You can get it here.

    Texture Editing Tools
    Contributed by Jahandar
    You can find various tools for viewing/editing textures and graphics in Thief3 at:

    Loot glint / arrow trails
    Contributed by Myagi
    With the latest DXTool arrow trails and lootglint can be removed. the relevant textures are in KERNEL_GFXALL.

    partlootglint - replace with black texture if you don't like loot glint

    swooshc01 - replace with a texture that is black in the alpha channel to remove arrow trails. it's important to get the alpha right or you'll end up with a black trail instead.

    Converting RGB color to 0-1 color (for Myagi's frob tweak)
    Contributed by Eep and Mr. K.

    It has the values both in decimal (0-255 range) and hex (00-FF range). Just translate the desired value colours to 0-1 range. (for example, mid grey would be 128,128,128 on the table, which is half of 255,255,255, so the 0-1 values for the frob patch would be 0.5 0.5 0.5) for a utility to translate between RGB and 0-1 color; it's for another program but will work for Thief 3's frob (and probably other) colors too.

    You'll need DXTool for some of these tweaks (specified in the tweak description). You can get it here, here, or here.
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    Tweaker Tool

    gazchap is making an easy to use tweaker for Thief: Deadly Shadows that will change some of the settings that are mentioned in this thread at the click of a button. You can read more about gazchap's Thief 3 Tweaker here.

    Download the newest version of the tool here.
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    Thief: The Minimalist Project

    Minimal HUD

    Originally posted by New Horizon in this thread.

    Been working on this over on the Ionstorm and Eidos Forums. Just thought I would post a link here for all those interested.

    Before the game came out, I planned to do a Minimalist Mod for this game. So many talented people have covered much of that ground already so the work is pretty much finished. I began the project by working on a Minimalistic Hud as a tribute to the first two games. I didn't want to completely remove the flavour of the new hud, but I did want to make it familiar.

    I hope you enjoy the Hud for what will soon be the Minimalist Project. In the near future I will make an installer available. For now, I'll simply provide you with the T3UI.ini

    Here is a screen shot of what to expect. The weapons and items are now located where they were in the first two games. Loot popups are minimized to 1 popup that fades quickly and appears just slightly above the light gem. Health meter stays on all the time. I'm sure there are a few more things...I'll dispense with the chit chat.


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    Cheaper Items

    Cheaper Items

    Originally posted here by Avalon.

    There's a post around here somewhere from a day or so ago where someone mentioned T3gamesys.t3u offset values to edit in order to get cheaper goods (arrows, oil flasks, healing potions, mines, etc) or simply be able to get more of them. This is something like that, only the changes have already been made and the file is available for your pleasure right here.

    Back up your original T3Gamesys in the Thief/System directory and replace it with the file in the archive. I did not create this myself, rather, it was a creation by ChaosLord that has been lying on my hard drive for about a week. I've been told I must post it or I will be murdered in my sleep.

    Here are the changes:
    All items cost 1gp each, except Fire Arrows, which are the normal price.
    You can buy virtually infinite amounts of any item. Woo.

    Cheers to ChaosLord, who will take his pen from my eye socket now that I've posted this invaluably awesome "cheat." I've started using it on my second-ish run through and so far it's been a laugh.
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    New Covered Arms for Garrett

    Covered Arms

    Originally posted by Zorodius here.

    I repainted Garrett's arms and hands to look more like what I think a master thief would wear. Arms reflect light better than cloth, and showing off his arms would make Garrett more visible to guards. I think Garrett would more realistically wear something like this, and, logic aside, I think this looks a whole lot cooler:

    This isn't just some ten-minute job, I spent over 20 hours completely repainting the textures and normal maps for Garrett's arms. As a result, they will dynamically reflect light from the wrinkles in the sleeves, just like the rest of Garrett's outfit.

    You can download the new textures here.

    You'll need to insert the textures yourself (step-by-step directions for doing this are included in the README file.) I will take a shot at making a stand-alone installer for this, but that takes time, and I wanted this to be available for you guys as quickly as possible

    Enjoy! If you have any technical problems with this, let me know.
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    Easy-to-Install High Res Textures

    High Res Textures

    Originally posted by John P. here.

    Not sure if anyone over here would be interested, but I thought I would post it here as well. I mostly 'hang out' over at the Ion Storm forums, and some of you may not visit there much if at all, so.

    Anyway - I have made a few high res. textures and gameplay and menu specific textures, and put them into installers that will automatically install them to your Thief: Deadly Shadows game, without any hex editing or the like on your part.

    I guess I can just quote my post from over at the ion boards:

    Quote Originally Posted by John P.,Jun 12 2004, 07:24 AM
    So - after some serious head scratching on my part, I finally figured out a way to make an installer that will both put the high res textures where they're supposed to go, and that will override the corresponding textures inside the .ibt files.

    These installers will NOT work with the demo.

    My (Thief) installers will create an uninstaller that will bring the game back to it's original state when you run it(when you want to uninstall my textures), but I would still recommend that you make backups of all your .ibt files(found in the Maps folder), just in case. This is in any case good advice if you're already tweaking the game. Worst case scenario would be that you'd have to reinstall the game(but if you backup those files, you can put the backed up ones back into the Maps folder if things go wrong, and so you won't have to reinstall the game).

    I have tested all installers on my own system though, both install and uninstall.
    But since we're talking PCs here, and multiple PC users/configurations, I'll be up for bug reports if there are any.

    I would also recommend that you use 'clean' .ibt files before you use my installer(s).
    By clean .ibt files I mean ones that are not already "tampered" with.
    Not that it should matter - just a precaution.

    There are further instructions and terms of use etc. within the installers themselves.

    So - here's the link to my Thief: DS textures:


    You will find some screen shots of how the textures look, but I would recommend looking at them ingame before making any judgement.

    To install a texture/textures, just download the installer for that texture and run it.

    Next time you run the game, the new textures will show up ingame.

    I hope you'll enjoy some of it.
    The uninstaller, should you want to use it afterwords, is located in the Thief - Deadly Shadows root directory.

    The original thread is here.
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    Hex Madness - Custom Difficulty

    Custom Difficulty

    Originally posted here by Saracoth.

    I, for one, would prefer few or no limits on equipment carried. If Garrett can technically haul around every single piece of loot stolen from day one 'til endgame, and even somehow smuggle it all into jail with him, I see little reason not to go higher. I hardly used anything my first game anyway, much less depleted my supply of anything. I had close to 50,000 gold to my name and was only short two noisemakers from absolutely maxed out equipment. It's just a flavor thing for me, really. A throwback to T1/2 if you will. More incentive to scour every inch of the city daily.

    Usual warnings here. Back up what you're changing, you take responsibility for whatever breaks as a result, etc. etc. etc. You'll need a hex editor. I still use Hex Workshop myself, but there must be other newer, good, free ones out there. Be sure to overwrite existing values, not insert new ones.

    These are in the System\T3Gamesys.t3u file. Lots of nifty stuff here, no doubt. Even references to ropes and rope arrows. Devs, we know you tried. *salute* Note that these are only maximums you may hold, not the amount you obtain when picking up items (though that might be there as well), and not a direct way to give you infinite items. The default value will look something like 1900 0000 in a hex editor, and the maximum value is FFFF 7FFF (roughly two billion). Also, note that having more than three digits looks sloppy, so you may want to keep the limits to 999 or less (E703 0000). If you want to set you own, you can convert a decimal number to hexidecimal with the Windows calcultor by switching the View to Scientific and clicking the appropriate radio buttons. Be sure to add 0s where needed. Due to the way the computer stores data, you have to reverse each pair of digits. So, two billion is 7735 9400, but you must put 0094 3577 into the hex editor. Likewise 999 comes out as 3E7, but you see the result in the above example.

    Prices are at least 1 gold per item when you actually go to buy them, even if set lower here. Also note that at really high maximum values and really low prices, stores get a little...slow. The purchase slider is the issue. Expect long pauses as it counts through hundreds or thousands of items when it's used to counting only a handful. Even clicking on a specific location rather than dragging will cause a pause. They will pass, however.

    Most of these are untested (except for water/broadhead arrow max and broadhead price), but since I was surprised to even see what looked like the price for climbing gloves (given my elemental arrow problems), I pointed it out specifically. I'm about as confident in them, however. Likewise for practice locks. I suppose that the elemental arrows (and only these) have prices stored elsewhere. Holy Water flasks, being unavailible for purchase, have no price.

    I have since become aware that someone on the Ion boards has posted some of these offsets and defaults (for item maximums, anyway). I'm not ripping off that work (didn't even scour the boards until after doing my own research). It's just that finding this stuff is about as low-level, script kiddie-ish as one can get in this area--so very simple with knowing just the basics, really.

    Also, though this sort of goes without saying, these offsets can and probably will change when the patch comes out.

    Offset - Item, Default (decimal)

    2531D - Water Arrow, 19 (25)
    2618C - Moss Arrow, 14 (20)
    26382 - Fire Arrow, 0F (15)
    26D36 - Flashbomb, 14 (20)
    2924C - Noisemaker Arrow, 05 (5)
    2B0B8 - Gas Arrow, 05 (5)
    2BC21 - Explosive Mine, 05 (5)
    2D11C - Holy Water, 05 (5)
    2FD8C - Broadhead Arrow, 1E (30)
    351BA - Gas Bomb, 05 (5)
    41847 - Oil Flask, 05 (5)
    53ACD - Health Potion, 0A (10)

    291F6 - Noisemaker Arrow, E1 (225)
    2A6F5 - Water Crystal, 64 (100)
    2FD37 - Broadhead Arrow, 64 (100)
    34EFD - Practice Lock (Fancy, Gold), E803 (1000) - untested
    35088 - Practice Lock (Square, Silver), EE02 (750) - untested
    35307 - Practice Lock (Shield, "Default" ... Iron?), F401 (500) - untested
    354AA - Practice Lock (Diamond, "Default" ... Iron?), FA (250) - untested
    3DC07 - Fire Crystal, FA (250)
    3F239 - Moss Crystal, 7D (125)
    3FAAE - Gas Crystal, 4501 (325)
    46C4E - Oil Flask, AF (175)
    50F48 - Gas Bomb, 7701 (375)
    53A7A - Health Potion, C8 (200)
    4F850 - Explosive Mine, 1301 (275)
    4FC29 - Flashbomb, 64 (100)
    98858 - Climbing Gloves, D007 (2000) - untested

    Somewhere I read someone requesting different loot percentage requirements. I would agree with this, especially on Expert. I routinely got over 90% loot anyway (and plan to do so even on my second, Easy, killing spree playthrough), but there's one mission where playing on Expert means you're forced to be a bastage (because one item you might want to skip is worth over 10% of the total loot), depriving you of a potential lesser reward and warm fuzzies later on. These are also 4-byte sets, in the same file. For obvious reasons, you probably won't want to set any of these higher than 100% or higher than 3 special loot items

    Better yet, I saw a lot of FFFF FFFF flags in the T3DifficultyInfo section which turned out to be gold. Just see the list below.... Remember, though, some of these may be impossible in certain missions (like completing in one minute, blackjacking more than the number of BJable AI, etc.). There is no counter for how many you've blackjacked or killed, or times caught, and the time limit always shows 0 remaining so there's no easy way to know how close you are to that limit, but it does indeed work otherwise. I haven't gotten the Minimum blackjacks and kills to appear on the pre-mission screen, but those objectives WILL be added once you've started the mission. Note that minimums are objectives. Everything else is a restriction. Kind of thought that area of the screen was blank, didn't you? You can have both minimums and maximums, and the cap on time limit seems to be 100 minutes. Set a maximum to zero for not at all (like, "Don't get caught at all").

    I can say this, the bodies discovered is indeed based on the body. So if two AI discover the same body, even at different times and places, it only counts once. Bodies you are carrying count as discovered if you get caught. An unconscious AI that dies on its own torch does not count as a kill for you, but if you directly attack a dead body it will. I'm not sure about, say, tossing an AI into a damaging area of the level (pre-existing fire, etc.). Likewise, I'm not sure if non-human or non-living kills count towards minimums and maximums.

    1877C - Easy Percentage, 1E (30%)
    18783 - Easy Special Loot, FFFF FFFF (-1, a special flag saying "N/A, and no objective")
    1878A - Easy Minimum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18791 - Easy Maximum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18798 - Easy Minimum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    1879F - Easy Maximum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187A6 - Easy Maximum Times Caught, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187AD - Easy Maximum Bodies Discovered, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187B8 - Easy Time Limit, FFFF FFFF (-1)

    187CC - Normal Percentage, 28 (40%)
    187D3 - Normal Special Loot, 01 (1)
    187DA - Normal Minimum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187E1 - Normal Maximum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187E8 - Normal Minimum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187EF - Normal Maximum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187F6 - Normal Maximum Times Caught, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    187FD - Normal Maximum Bodies Discovered, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18814 - Normal Time Limit, FFFF FFFF (-1)

    18881 - Hard Percentage, 3C (60%)
    18888 - Hard Special Loot, 02 (2)
    1888F - Hard Minimum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18896 - Hard Maximum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    1889D - Hard Minimum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188A4 - Hard Maximum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188AB - Hard Maximum Times Caught, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188B2 - Hard Maximum Bodies Discovered, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188C9 - Hard Time Limit, FFFF FFFF (-1)

    188DD - Expert Percentage, 5A (90%)
    188E4 - Expert Special Loot, 03 (3)
    188EB - Expert Minimum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188F2 - Expert Maximum BJs, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    188F9 - Expert Minimum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18900 - Expert Maximum Kills, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    1890B - Expert Maximum Times Caught, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18912 - Expert Maximum Bodies Discovered, FFFF FFFF (-1)
    18925 - Expert Time Limit, FFFF FFFF (-1)

    The awareness, combat speed, and damage dealt is stored in Default.ini, of course. Number (and locations) of opponents is almost certainly stored in each mission's map, so no easy edits there. Yet.

    I've found traces of other things. Spawn points, for example. Nothing, I don't think, which can be done here, but it seems to match up with my impressions of the city areas. If you cause a lot of havok one day, the next day is likely to have more guards walking around (ParanoiaSpawnPointLow, Medium, and High). They appear to be mostly just markers, similar to those in T1/2, so there's very little data and probably nothing that can be altered without tweaking the maps or some other aspect of the game. I'd like to see at least a little delay...greater distance (so you're even less likely to see people popping out of thin air, as I have).

    The only difficulty I can think of in finding the value of pieces of loot is having a list of what they all are and their values for reference purposes. That's a lot of tedium is all, but that information is definitely stored here as well, ripe for editing.

    Now if someone with a little more time and ambition wanted to put together a little application to tweak these values in a user-friendly manner, I'm sure everyone would appreciate it. Things like bulk adjusting all prices, maximums, and/or loot values by a percentage (rounding to the nearest multiple of 5 or something). Maybe integrate it into an ini tweaker.

    (Edit) Actually, prices for elemental arrows are stored with data for the crystals (WaterCrystal, etc.), not the arrows. Added their offsets above. (/Edit)
    (Edit) After playtesting, I've realize that equipment works similarly to arrows--maximums in projectiles, prices in stationary items (exception for healing potions, which of course are not thrown). Changed offsets and updated program accordingly. If you're paranoid, you can restore the default values for the incorrect offsets below, but they've had no impact on my game anyway. Only a few of the maximums were incorrect. All else, thus far, has proven right.
    Old/Incorrect Maximum Offsets (no in-game effect).
    46C90 - Oil Flask, 05 (5)
    46D9B - Holy Water, 05 (5)
    4F897 - Explosive Mine, 05 (5)
    4FC6C - Flashbomb, 14 (20)
    50F89 - Gas Bomb, 05 (5)


    I decided to make a simple program to edit the offsets I've found so far (still currently too lazy to pinpoint loot values). You can download it from here, a 28 KB zip file (if anyone else wants to help host, please feel free). Coded in VB.Net (so you'll need the .Net framework installed via Windows Update if you don't already have it--a 23 MB or so download, unfortunately). Only minimal testing has been done, so definitely back up your gamesys file first. It stores a few settings in the registry (price rounding for scaling, default tab on startup, and the location of the gamesys). I just included them with TDSs: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows

    Like the help message says, difficulty objectives are enabled/disabled by double-clicking on the appropriate number box. Don't freak if you do it on accident; they're not technically disabled (just the color changed to seem that way), so just keep clicking arrows or whatever you're doing to set the value and enable it when you're done, if needed/desired.

    Also, nothing is saved until you click the appropriate save button or use the option in the file menu. The former saves only the settings on that page, the latter saves them all. So Restore Defaults, Reload Values, etc. do not write to the gamesys--they only change the values displayed in the program.

    Currently there's no checking of anything except whether the file exists or not (not size, date, or anything else). I won't even bother until I become aware of alternate versions of the file.
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    Mentalepsy, can you help?

    Is there any way I can toggle the Mechanical Eye and use it as nightvision? LIke, I can run and jump with it turned on? I like to play DS with the brightness all the way down, but I've been ambushed by guards too many times!

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    Mechanical eye nightvision

    I also would like a night vision. In fact, I am working with a mod for Thief and I want to put a night vision in it. I haven't suceeded yet in creating this night vision, but I know where to start: At the file "engine.t3u". At fourtunatley, it doesn't work...yet.


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    If you figure anything out, email me at

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    Quote Originally Posted by durtbag123 View Post
    Is there any way I can toggle the Mechanical Eye and use it as nightvision? LIke, I can run and jump with it turned on? I like to play DS with the brightness all the way down, but I've been ambushed by guards too many times!
    Heck, mate, just "swap" your ingame brightness with your desktop's gamma.

    It takes a little experimenting. . .
    But you can have a nice looking gamma level, while getting much smoother looking game graphics, and still not burn-out in the bright spots.

    And to me, in some games that do not have gamma setting, it looks "more real", much cooler and its a lot faster then AA, Anti-Aliasing.

    (Konami's Silent Hill 2 had it, btw. So, maybe they knew its "secret power"?)

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    Figured out half of it


    I think, when they said "night vision", a night vision you can turn on and off during gameplay. That's what I'm looking for.
    Vy the way: Engine.t3u can let zoom stay while jumping, but it does remove the overlay while jumping... so it's no use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by durtbag123 View Post
    If you figure anything out, email me at

    I figired out. I have sen you an e-mail. I have made a night vision in my mod. The idea: Whenever you equip your blackjack or dagger, you'll be able to see in the dark. More info is send to e-mail.

    E-mail me soon at to tell me what you tink about it.

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    Well, congrats and good luck with your tests, Tony Ayalew!

    (You mentioned in other threads about wanting some sort of fixed-view?)
    I have used FOV, Field Of View, in some UnReal engine games that gives me a rather permanent "fixed view". (It will be fixed at that setting until you reset it to "normal" with either a key or with a console command.)

    (UnReal game and the keys don't matter, here.)
    Up=fov 02|say Telephoto 02 LOCKED
    Left=fov 05|say Telephoto 05 LOCKED
    Right=fov 10|say Telephoto 10 LOCKED
    Down=fov 20|say Telephoto 20 LOCKED

    N=fov 90|say Telephoto 90 NORMAL
    In "C:\games\thief3", I can see three places for this kind of FOV work.
    options.ini, user.ini and user_patch.ini

    Heck, something as simple as Brightness might be key-selectable ingame?
    So, I am going to go and experiment a bit with that idea in options.ini.
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    T.W.Ayalew's MOD - Thief 3 DS.

    Quote Originally Posted by durtbag123 View Post
    If you figure anything out, email me at
    Hello again,

    It's me, Tony. A few changes I made now. My MOD is completely done. AND YES: NIGHT VISION SUCEEDED!!!
    These ar the final changes (more explaination now):

    >Night Vision (a "noshadow" light that AIs cannot see, attached to blackjack and dagger)
    >Third Person Animations in First Person Perspective.
    >Third Person is just normal.
    >Improved Body Awareness (i.e. new headbobbing, more natural movements, etc.)
    >Minimalist Improvement: New Play Style.
    >Minimalist Improvement: New Food.
    >Minimalist Improvement: HUD changes.
    >Elemental Arrow Light (each arrow has it's own light color, but it's visible to evryone).
    >Changes with Default.INI. (default changes).
    > Most of John Ps Textures.
    >A few Textures of my own (garrett's textures).

    I's like to give screenshots, but I don't know how to put them in this forum...



    P.S.: Does anyone know a good upload site for something of 300 MB?


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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Well, congrats and good luck with your tests, Tony Ayalew!

    (You mentioned in other threads about wanting some sort of fixed-view?)
    I have used FOV, Field Of View, in some UnReal engine games that gives me a rather permanent "fixed view". (It will be fixed at that setting until you reset it to "normal" with either a key or with a console command.)

    In "C:\games\thief3", I can see three places for this kind of FOV work.
    options.ini, user.ini and user_patch.ini

    Heck, something as simple as Brightness might be key-selectable ingame?
    So, I am going to go and experiment a bit with that idea in options.ini.
    Like I said, I've made a smipler solution: Attach a light source to Garrett's blackjack and dagger. With the weight=0 propery, AI's won't see the light or Garrett.


    Tony Ayalew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mentalepsy View Post
    Any chance to get this back online?

    Or if not, does anybody know how to minimize the 1st person idle breathing view bob?
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    Headbob backwards


    I would like to know if its by simple value-change somewhere possible, to turn headbob around, so that its stronger while sneaking/crouching and less while running, like in the original Thiefs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LEGION669 View Post

    I would like to know if its by simple value-change somewhere possible, to turn headbob around, so that its stronger while sneaking/crouching and less while running, like in the original Thiefs?
    Have you tried Sneaky Upgrade ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan_Key View Post
    Yeah, Im using it, but you have there only headbob-factor to change.

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    The SU headbob tweak could do with some improvement. Having a separate value for crouching would be easy, making it apply to creeping too would be harder. The main issue with the headbob tweak is that lowering the value will slow down your footsteps until they disappear, which makes the tweak useless for completely removing headbob. If I get around to looking at that, I'll consider adding a separate value for crouch/creep too.

    If you want to manually set different values for crouching and non-crouching, first set the headbob tweak value to 1.0, otherwise manual edits would be ignored. If you have the MP Gameplay mod active, then change the value on the MP Tweak Overrides page.

    Then you need to edit a bunch of values in the T3PlayerAnims.ini file. Because some mods override that file, make sure you edit the active one. So if you have the Garrett animations mod active, find it at C:\ProgramData\Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade\Installed Mods\Garrett Animation Tweaks\System. If you don't, but you have MP Gameplay active, find it at C:\ProgramData\Thief 3 Sneaky Upgrade\Installed Mods\Minimalist Project\Gameplay\System. Otherwise, edit the one in the game install. Better make a backup first...

    You need to change the Speed value in a lot of the sections in that file. The SU value is a factor but since all the original values are 1, the factor becomes the value. So if you've found, say, that a SU tweak value of 0.8 is alright except for crouch, then change the value to 0.8 in the following sections: Forward<N>, Backward<N>, Left<N>, Right<N>, PSForward<N>, PSBackward<N>, PSLeft<N> and PSRight<N>, where <N> is a number, 1-6. If you want to also customize the crouch values, the sections are CrouchForward<N>, CrouchBackward<N>, CrouchLeft<N> and CrouchRight<N>, where <N> is 1-2.
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