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Thread: Lord Rothchest... oy

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    Lord Rothchest... oy

    I feel really, really dumb, but I cannot for the life of me find the sewers necessary to complete the last objective.

    Are they in the catacombs, together with the golden skull, or near there?

    I can't find any place down into anywhere below the ground floor inside the mansion itself.

    By the way, Purah, you should know that this winderful first effort is still being played and enjoyed. Thanks

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    Evidently, everybody but me was able to whisk that sword away without a fight. But I'm totally flubbered. I can't get into the belltower without being spotted. I don't have enough water arrows to put them all out. And even when I run up to the sword (as a test), I can't even seem to frob it.

    How did other people get it? Is it a trick? Or am I just a clumsy putz?

    Edit: All right, I figured out how to ghost the Sword of Constantine*... but at a cost of four water arrows. Ouch. That leaves me only three.

    I already cleaned out Rothchest's room in a knock-out dry run, and I can't see how it's possible to ghost it. Unless maybe he leaves from time to time? I was unable to put out the candle in there before, and there seems to be light from some undetermined source as well.

    Does Rothchest ever leave his room? Is it worth hanging around waiting?

    * From the roof where there is stairway access to the bell tower, I waited until the patrollers were gone, then shot a rope arrow into the side of the large beam that sticks out of the top of the bell tower. Climbed up and onto that beam, then around the backside of the bell tower. I shot a rope arrow into the beam that sticks out of the window, climbed up and jumped into the tower. I hopped down to the lowest set of beams, and from up there, put out all four torches. I found the darkest side of the pedestal with the sword, and shot a rope arrow into the beam directly above that side. Then I went down slowly, grabbed the sword, and shimmied up again, mantling onto the beam into which the rope arrow was stuck. I went out the way I had come in but continued around the backside of the tower to the wall over the stairs; I traversed that, then hopped down to the wall next to the stairs, and from there to the roof again.

    The only problem is that the stupid patrolling guards have gotten themselves stuck in the ladderway that I would normally climb down, blocking it completely. I'll try the chimney, and if that doesn't work, see if I can hop down, glancing off the edge of a roof to avoid taking damage.

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    It's nice to see a post on this rarely-mentioned classic. It's been a while since I've played it so I won't be of any help right now. When I go home later I'll run this again and try to help, but by the time I get back I'm sure someone else will have your answer(s).

    If you like big fun rare missions like this, try "Lord Binclair" too.

    BTW- This mission is nigh-impossible to ghost. I'm not saying it CAN'T be done, just that I've never been able to do it. There's a taffer by the name of Klatremus who has a website describing his 'Ghost' exploits for every TG mission. You may want to post over at Eidos and see what they have to say over there. A LOT of ghosters post there.

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    I think Dafydd is well-acquainted with the ghost threads at Eidos.

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    - I don't know Dafydd well; Just his name from this forum. Excuse my ignorance, D!

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    Well, if you looked over at the Ghosting thread at Eidos, you might notice a familiar name showing up over the past year and a half or so...!

    I've cleanly ghosted through the sword objective, and I'm standing in a corner of Rothchest's room, where the idiot is pacing up and back. I'm trying to figure out whether I can follow him around, unlocking the chests on the first pass, opening them on the second, and escaping on the third. I dunno, but I'll give it a whirl!

    Edit: Okay, I successfully ghosted Lord Rothchest's chests. All I have left now is the crown in the "burial ground," wherever that is -- where is that? -- and getting out via the sewers.

    I have two water arrows left, and I'm totally out of moss. I know there are some moss arrows in the room above the spinning, stationary guard by the table loaded with money and cups (the room that has the balcony), but I don't know if I can ghost past him to get up into that room.

    Edit2: All right, I ghosted the mission. But I won't be satisfied if there were more objectives I could have gotten but somehow missed. Do any other objectives ever show up other than the first four -- get the Sword of Constantine, rob the room of Lord Rothchest, steal the skull, and escape out the sewers?

    Anyway, my ghost writeup is here:

    As usual, it's spoilers galore! If you don't want to be spoiled, don't read it.

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    Yay- I can help! Thought I wouldn't make it back in time!
    Loaded this mission up again and...the crypt can be accessed 2 ways...through the basement of the tower (where all the barrels are...shoot a rope arrow in the ceiling by the hole in the floor) OR through the crypt/graveyard. Move the lid aside and climb down. Follow the underground maze and you'll come to 3 (possibly 4) rooms with stone cryptlike buildings. One of them leads downwards to the scary area with the crown. Another leads to the sewers.

    Here's how to get to the sewers:
    From the bottom of the ladder, in the underground crypts, check your compass. Go north...then west till you have to turn north again. At the intersection go west...then north into chamber one. Behind the stone crypt building is the passage to the sewers.

    Nice to meet you Dafydd!

    PS- Let me know how the ghosting goes down there...there's one part that's tough...HOLD ONTO THE LAST TWO WATER ARROWS for when you go for the skull!
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    Easy way to get to the Skull and mission end (if lost):

    From the starting point, you can go left, to a pool of water with a water arrow, or right...Go right and keep going that way. On your left, eventually, you'll see a gated door that can be lockpicked. This is the basement where you can get to the 'Skull' and the sewers. OR you can keep walking past the gate to eventually find the graveyard. You can access the underground maze from here, too, and follow my above instructions to get to the exit). When you rope arrow and climb down from the basement there's a ton of small crates in the way back. Toss them aside and pull the lever on the other wall to open a hidden hatch to access the 'Skull' area quicker. getting back is a little tougher, though. Not recommended if ghosting (boulders make noise!).

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    PS- Let me know how the ghosting goes down there...there's one part that's tough
    Er... I already ghosted it. I think I linked to my ghost writeup in my previous post.


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    Sorry Dafydd- I hope I didn't offend you. I was just happy (and overeager) at the chance to help with a mission. I only read the first edit on your reply and had no idea you would finish it so quick. I'll read your walkthrough later (the ghost part I referred to was the spider at the bottom of the ladder...there's a lot of light in that area). I certainly didn't mean to look like an idiot.

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    Where is the sword ?

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    wally -
    Head up to the roof and there's a small tower over in one corner. The sword is in there, in the chest that is sitting on the center pedestal.

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    Just wanted to say that this was a finely done mission. Not too difficult and very well balanced. Rated it a '10' on TTLG.


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    Is there any way to get back out of the tomb area? I went down there through a secret hole in the basement, behind some boxes, and followed tunnels all the way to the mission's end, apparently - except I just started, and haven't done the other objectives. So I guess I have to start the whole mission over, unless there's some way back up? Any help? This is the Thief 1 version, btw.

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    Nevermind, found a way back up in the catacombs area.

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