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Thread: FM: Screenshot

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    FM: Screenshot

    Hello, This is a screenshot of my latest dromed work.
    This is a login office in a underground secret millatary base
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    Where is it mate? Just got a logo thingy

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    hmmm........ just goto My Website

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    Bah! You're not giving much away, ye taffer!

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    Oh my I find that looks so cool!! Thanks for showing us that John The begger. And good luck with your fm.

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    Very neat architecture John, thanks for the screenshot

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    I will post more screen shots up there and I will only put a one screenshot per mission.

    Im not going to show you the whole mission before you play it.


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    No new mission in development (see date of first post)!

    The mission john-the-begger announced in this thread, back in 2004, is dead and will never be released.

    Quote Originally Posted by john-the-begger
    2 or three years my computer had a fatal error i had to delete everything on the hardrive, even thief2 and everything i was dooing. I lost my thief2 cd to so ya i just got another copy of it like a month ago.
    The good news is that he recently returned to Thief, and is now working on a new mission.
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    Can you please stop resurrecting old threads just to say the FM is abandoned?

    Just make the necessary updates in your stickied thread.

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