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Thread: Is TCP still being worked on?

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    Is TCP still being worked on?

    It's been over a year since a news post on the project home page... are the devs secretly hard at work, or has the project been abandoned. I hope it's the former, because the bits I've played rock, and despite the potential, Deus Ex is seriously lacking good mods.

    So, any updates? Am I missing something totally obvious? And what the hell is with the talking car?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksun
    And what the hell is with the talking car?!
    haven't you ever seen Knight Rider? Talking cars are cool.

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    czech the previous thread started by Always Black-- it's been implied that TCP is still being worked on. clandestinely, and very, verrrrrry slowly..

    damn, KITT has nothing on Debbie's delusions and probable emotional problems.

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    Debbie would whoop that pretender's fender.

    Her sound system is also better.


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    Debbie is the sexiest talking car I've met in a Deus Ex Mod to date.

    Or is that going too far?

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    KITT was the old, Debbie is the new. Things have changed, sound systems have improved, cars and their personalities have become more sexy.

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    I'm sure she'd be frustrated that she can't snap her fingers, while saying "girlfriend!" Actually, she'd probably just open and close her windows rapidly.

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    Ok, thank you captians of off-topic! I too would like to know... what happened? Still alive? Need some more help? Dead? Huh? Answer?

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    what happened?
    Charlotte drempt it all.

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    No, the entire project appears to be the Narcissus Entity's dream and realisation.

    Perhaps it's a gag that after all the talk of the Greek Gods and Pantheon the only real and ultimate power is held by a Monotheistic 'God', the united and whole Narcissus Entity, and that all freedom is given out by a gruding master. And that even in the most emergent games the final say-so still rests with Developers ("Go on, defect to the NSF. You know you want to...").

    Pretencious and off-topic enough?

    I still got it!!!1!!!Q!!!!

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    Musings on ermergence

    I feel it's time to take TCP to the next level.

    The old is just the gameplay as an emergent entity from putting the game(-enviroment) in the players hands.

    The new is the game as an emergent entity in the hands of the players. Ultimately to take it to the next level TCP will consist simply of the DX SDK, from which the player experience can freely flow and form by itself.

    Certainly a good step to take for the Narcissus Entity. Radically deconstructing computer games is the way forward surely!

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