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Thread: simple unrealed question (i think)

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    simple unrealed question (i think)

    Hey, I'm new to Unreal Mapping, though I've done a lot with Quake3 engine games.

    So, I'm trying to use UnrealEd 3.0 for the first time, and I can't select anything like the tutorials say, by just clicking them.

    Left-clicking and right-clicking in the cross-section views both simply scroll the view. I can't select, deselect, or get the menu to place actors. The same is true in the 3D view. Do I have a messed up setting somewhere?

    Help is greatly appreciated.

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    Do you have antialiasing on?

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    What Renzatic said, I had the same problem which was cured by turing off AA. Strange, but true. I'd speculate that UED uses exact RGB values to work out what kind of brush you've clicked, and as the lines are so thin the AA makes them slightly different RGB values when against a grey background grid.

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    yeah, that was it. thanks a lot!

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