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Thread: An evil thought

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    An evil thought

    Just about bloody everyone will know of Duke Nukem Forever, the most ironically titled video game in history. Most people will no longer be looking forward to it, seeing as it has gone the way of Half-Life 2 and Doom III; development hell.

    Now... for the record, most of the time I'm quite nice. However, recently I've been feeling inherently evil and wish to express it. Glancing at some shiny new Unreal tech screens I remembered that DN4 (as Duke Nukem Forever shall hereby be known) was last rumoured to use Unreal technology. At the time, that would have meant second-generation Unreal tech (Unreal 2, UT2k3, etc). I've also been back into mapping with this engine recently (Unreal 2, specifically) and so the thought occured to me...

    Anyone want to try and make a Duke Nukem mod and see if we can get it out before DN4?

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    Sorry, I'm all outta gum.

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    There's too many ways that could be taken

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